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Day: August 29, 2018

How to Be Elegant

Secrets of Self Confidence, Poise and Gracefulness

"To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence."

There are two parts of becoming elegant .

The following article speaks about an inner and outer elegance, starting from inner elegance because I believe true elegance starts from within.

Everyone knows somebody who we think is elegant.

She could be a celebrity. That girl who sees to have it all together. The one with all the designer clothes and bags. The soft spoken girl who speaks eloquently.

She could be who you want to be.

We express this hope in many ways. We buy the nicest things, dress our best and carry classy designer goods. Does that mean we are elegant? Not necessarily so.

I've been trying to define the elegant woman for as long as I can remember. Dictionary.com defines an elegant woman is one who is pleasantly graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.

She is so much more.

For me, that woman is (but not limited to), Audrey Hepburn. She moved gracefully, never sloppy, never tired, always bright and sparkly yet pleasantly quiet, thoughtful. She is full of love, graciousness and compassion. She is always on time, works hard at whatever she finds in her hands to do, whether it was coming to the set with all lines memorized or to give a moving speech to thousands with her work at Unicef.

After her vital life, her heart and values ​​were always with her family. She also enjoys fashion and good clothes, but they were never a priority over the feelings of others. She preferred a quiet life but worked hard and saved to provide a comfortable and normal life for her children. When she felt she had enough, she stopped working and relished in her role as a full time mother, only flying in to give an interview and flying out the very next day to return to her home in Switzerland.

Her very elegant essence could not even escape the character she portrayed in movies.

In Breakfast At Tiffany's, the character Holly Golightly was a social climber, who often used men and sometimes get compromised with her value for money and connections. Yet, when Audrey embodied the role, she took it to a reality where it made her audience believe she was simply a lost country farm girl, silly and innocent and very much lost, like dove and caused everyone to have compassion on her character.

She made Holly Golightly a more tasteful character. I was determined to find out the essence of elegance from the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. In my research, I constantly asked, what was "it" that made her so?

It is possible that I have read every book and documentation about her. Who was she? What was she like? In reality, I've stumbled upon a woman with imperfections, insecurities and yet had a resolve made of steel to remain true to …

Money Mastery – Three Easy Steps to Mastering Your Financial Destiny

When I was a kid I was constantly told, "We can not afford that; we can only get this; ask your dad if you can have that; you must save your money for a rainy day; start saving now for retirement." Do not get me wrong, I understand the intent of some of these messages and that they may even hold value for some people but I also have learned that these statements can lead to potential financial paralysis.

By hearing those statements over and over again, I developed what could have been my Money Destiny. That Money Destiny led me to believe I would never have enough money, that I must always save and never spend, and that I was not financially safe. These messages repeated themselves in my mind every time I needed to make a money decision or anytime I thought about money. Soon thereafter I found myself resenting the "mean green" and at times wanting to rebel against it. Thank goodness I realized one day that should I continue down this same Money Destiny road, I was destined to have just enough (not plenty) or none at all for that matter or worry about money constantly, and stay in the middleclass.

When I noticed how I was making decisions that would keep me in the same place and never propel me forward financially, I knew it was time to bust my old patterns, break debilitating money-habits, and create a new money system, a new Money Destiny. Doing this was going to take some mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical work, oh yeah, and financial work as well! It meant I was going to have to stop listening to what I had been told all my years growing up as a child as well as stop playing the "tape recording" of these messages over in my mind. It also meant I was going to have to buck this old system every time it flashed before my eyes! My intention in sharing this article with you is to help you break down your conditioned mindset and build it up with a new one that actually works with you and not against you. This is a mindset that YOU are going to create, nobody else will be creating it for you. Is not that exciting?

So what does mastering money look like? Mastering your money literally boils down to one thing: your mindset. Have you ever noticed that when your bills are paid off for the month and you have some extra "bread" in savings, you are just bouncing around the planet like you are rich (even if you are not)? However, on the contrary, have you noticed that when you do not have enough to make ends meet and you're struggling to figure out where the next dollar will come from to pay your rent or mortgage, you never seem to see the light ? And, have you ever noticed that you actually decided, either consciously or subconsciously, which …