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Using ClickBank to Make Money Online

ClickBank has become synonymous with affiliate marketing in the past couple of years. This website offers a valuable service to both those with products who want to sell and those who want to sell but have no product.

As an affiliate, signing up to an affiliate network will make things very easy for you will not need to manage multiple usernames and passwords for each product you promote. You can simply use the linking structure provided to you by the network to link to any product website that you choose. Then, when a sale is made the affiliate network takes care of the payment processing and makes sure that you get paid your responsibilities.

ClickBank is the most easy to use, and highly effective Affiliate networks available. All products are digital in nature and can be immediately delivered over the internet. Although ClickBank is very easy to use and we highly recommend using it, there is a low level of fraud protection provided. Although the refund rates of many products are very small, some people have taken advantage of the guarantee available for all CB products.

Let's look at selling your product through them first. If you have any type of informational product, you can set up an affiliate program through them and have hundreds of vendors selling it for you in no time flat. The setup fee for placing a product on ClickBank is $ 50, but once you have your account set up, you can add as many products as you wish. They charge you a percentage for each product sold through their affiliates.

The advantage to using them as your affiliate program organizer is that you do not have to apply for an expensive merchant account, the website handles all payments. They also organize your affiliates so you can make sure that you pay your vendors on time, and can see at a glance how many people are selling your products.

Also, ClickBank has a pool of about 100,000 affiliates, so you do not have to struggle to attract two or three sellers to your site; they are already there, browsing for new opportunities. It can save the average webmaster a lot of time, as opposed to setting up your own affiliate program by writing your own code and then trying to find people to sell the products.

Now, if you are interested in becoming one of those 100,000 affiliates that ClickBank boasts of, you can sign up for free. Everything on the site is an information product, so you can download them immediately once you pay.

The data base on the ClickBank website is massive, with thousands of products to choose from. Each one has vital information such as the price and the percentage that you, the affiliate will receive. Becoming an affiliate for any of these products is extremely easy; you simply need to plug your ID into the code given for each product! The ID works with any product in the data base and …

90 Day Personal Growth Boot Camp: Day 27 – Three Feet From Gold

Studies show that 5{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of people reach all their dreams of success, the reason the other 95{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} do not found in the true account of RU Darby.

During the Great Depression Napoleon Hill started a mind revolution with the publication of Think and Grow Rich. Hill was given access to 500 of the richest people in the country, having been mandated to glean their secrets by the richest man in America, Dale Carnegie. Hill opened his book with the story of Darby.

Darby had an uncle who was a gold prospector. Sure he would strike it rich he came up with a plan to mine gold in Colorado. After weeks of searching the uncle found gold, but was unable to move the soil to get to it.

He marked the spot and returned to Maryland where he convinced Darby to help fund the purchase of equipment and the removal of the gold. With new machinery Darby accommodated his uncle back to the spot where he first found the gold. Sure enough they found the treasure and paid off all their debts. However, they had not yet struck it rich, and before their initial celebration was over they could not find any more gold.

They then did what many people do when they hit a wall, they quit. They sold their machinery to a local man and went back to Maryland.

However, the local miner had been looking for such machinery and a lead like Darby offered. But unlike Darby this man hired an engineer to inspect the area where Darby had been digging. The engineer explained that gold ran in veins and Darby had possibly been digging on the wrong side of the vein.

Following the engineer's advice the local miner began to dig and found a huge reserve of gold, only three feet from where Darby had searched.

The story does not end there. Darby found out about the man's discovery. He was devastated. However, he determined to learn from his mistake of giving up. He pushed himself to never give up again and become a wealthy businessman. More than that, he traveled around sharing his own story of how he kept up on his dream just three feet from gold.

He learned as Napoleon Hill would later teach as well, learn to deal with challenges, do not give up when they hit. Instead, expect them to come, and know that when they do come, you are not further from your goal but actually closer than you ever imagined. Why do 95{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of people not reach their goals? They give up before they reach them.

Do not let setbacks stop you, instead embrace them as a chance to learn and grow. Never quit, you never know just how close to the finish line you really are. Indeed, it might only be three feet in front of you. …

How To Control Bits That Flow In And Out Of Your Personal Computer – Lan Or Wan Environments

The Internet is too big and complicated to monitor activities and since it's mostly an open public ground, organizations and individuals are responsible for their security issues. The question is; are we safe behind anti-virus software? Do we consider what goes on when those LED's on our ADSL modems blink? Or how many of us really check security or system logs on Windows or network devices? I guess not many people do that.

But we do not acknowledge the Internet as something complex and tough. So maybe we can continue assuming it's as easy as it was and keep ourselves secure at the same time. There's a simple way to do that, called "packet filtering" which comes by with most of the network devices having a WAN interface, including ADSL modems. It basically stops all inbound traffic from the Internet unless you allow it specifically, or open a 'path' by sending data via a specific port which is blocked for inbound by default. Take port 80 for example, nobody from google.com can connect to your computer by default, but when you open your browser and point it to http://www.google.com you simply begin a two-way traffic, and this allows inbound data to your PC.
It's a simple and effective way to protect many PCs connected to the Internet. Such that you'll know what can not get into your PC.

On the other hand you can even monitor all of the traffic, inbound and outbound, any protocol and any port connection using an expensive but effective solution called "ISA Server" . You can even block any program or traffic that can be potentially used by a program with it. But this solution mostly is for organizations that have to maintain security for many PCs.

As the conclusion, security is an important topic, and there are many web pages that can give you detailed information on what to use and how to use to maintain secure connections. You can check manufacturers' pages, like Microsoft, Cisco, US Robotics, LinkSys etc. You can also check my web page http://techpilgrim.awardspace.com for a brief entry on that topic.
Until next time, stay secure. …

Make Money Selling Digital Downloads

Contrary to popular notice, selling products online is not that difficult. It is not exactly easy but it is not too daunting too.

There are many things that you can sell. As long as it is software (legal), you can sell it.

Some of the files that you can sell are:

1. Software programs

2. E-books

3. Stock photographs

4. Templates

5. 3D digital models

6. 2D graphic images

Of the list of files above, e-book is the easiest to create. It is also one of the most sell-able. Creating an e-book will not cost you any thing apart from the time and effort. The most common format for e-books is PDF. The best free software for creating PDF ebooks is Open Office. Open Office can easily rival the commercial Microsoft Office in terms of functions and features.

Once you have finished writing the e-book in Open Office, you simply need to export the document as a PDF file. The appeal of e-book lies in the fact that it is easily accessible and does not require physical space when compared to physical books. This reason alone make them quite easy to sell. Many people are after information only and are not so concerned about whether the product is physical or not.

Beside, e-book the other very easy to create product is stock photo images. You will need a good digital camera and an image editing program to create the photos. If you do not want to buy commercial image editing software, you can download free ones. The best free image editor is Gimp.

I can go on rambling, but I think I will stop here.

The bottom line is this: It is not that difficult to create and sell your own digital products. And there is no harm in making some extra recurring incomes from these sales. …

Solar Power Kits For Home – Generate Electricity and Save Money

Solar power and other forms of renewable energy are gaining popularity for a couple of reasons. The first is that traditional ways to heat and light your home are getting more expensive. People are feeling this cost in their wallets and it is motivating them to look for alternatives. Solar power kits and other types of renewable energy systems offer an alternative.

The second reason that these types of systems are becoming popular is because of the environment. A renewable energy system is exactly that. If you use the Sun's energy or wind power, you will not deple it. It will not diminish the more people use it. Indeed, we are wasting the energy that can be gained from using the sun or harnessing the wind everyday that we do not use it. And using these types of systems does not damage the environment and promote global warming as much as burning carbon based fossil fuels.

Solar power kits can take a number of forms but principally they are about providing more heat or more electricity to the home.

You need physical warmth to keep the home warm and habitable. You need heat for water to take a shower or bath. And you need electricity to power many things in your home. You may cook using electricity, you may warm the house using electricity. You almost certainly provide light to the home using electricity.

Solar power kits for the home can provide hot water by passively heating water with thermal solar rays. This water is then passed to the home plumbing system. However, the most common form of solar power kit is the solar panel.

The solar panel is made up of a number of photo voltaic (PV) cells. PV cells turn photons or light energy from the Sun into direct current (DC). The principal behind it is that the photons cause an electron to be displaced in the silicon compound that makes up the PV cell. When the PV cells are linked up, this causes a current to flow. This current can be stored and used to power many common appliances. If it is converted to alternating current (AC), it can be used to power the appliances in the home that we take for granted, like lights, TV, cooker, fridge and many others.

Many people can set up a solar power system or a combination of systems but are always reliant on the Sun. This is one of the drawbacks of solar power and is another reason why it is always recommended to have a contingency plan should the sun not shine or the day is cloudy. Most people have the utility company as their contingency plan but if you really want to take renewable energy to heart you should think about wind power.

Developing a wind generator is easy to do in the suburban home as the natural resource, the wind, is likely to be there to some extent. If you install a solar powered system and a …

Make Money Online With Social Networking – You Can Really Make Money by Chatting!

There are lots of people spending lots of time chatting online. You can turn all this chatter into Cash. Teenagers sit at the movies texting and checking in with their buddies on Facebook. For the over thirty crowd this may seem a little extreme but the trend isn’t slowing down. All this chatter can create a steady stream of traffic for you.

If you have a website that you would like to create traffic for or a product that you are selling online then social marketing can be gold mine and a corner stone of your marketing strategy. It is particularly effective for those of you who enjoy chatting on line and connecting with lots of people. If this is natural for you then you will enjoy marketing with chatter. Your hours in the chat room will no longer be a waist of time but an opportunity to promote your product.

Here are some Quick Tips

Send Out Notices to Your Mailing List regrading Special Deals

This is old news. Everybody uses their mailing list to create traffic. The problem is that everyone including me is tired of getting junk in their mail box. You must learn to use this tool effectively. Only send out a blitz when you have something really great to offer. Also include something for free. People love free tips, free advice or free product offers. If your customers consistently open their mail and like what they get then they will keep opening it. If not you will soon be sent to the spam folder.

Subscribe to Chat Rooms and Forums that are related to Your Product or Web Site

If you are marketing dog toys then you need to be chatting with the dog lovers. The more you can socialize in these groups, the more you are going to build your customer base. Join as many groups as you can and chat regularly.

Start your own Blog or Join One

There are lots of Blog tools online. It is best to use a Blog area that already has traffic such as Google groups. Use Dog Blogs as a search term and you will find plenty of options to promote your doggy widgets.

Take a Sincere Interest in People Online

If you don’t like people then social networking isn’t for you. Don’t join a chat or start a blog just to sell. Be sincere and offer real tips and answer real questions. People will be impressed by your sincerity and be ready to accept a product offer from you.

Have your Link Ready

When the topic comes up that relates to your product or service then write a reply and include your link. Offer more tips, information or video that is available at that link. Forum readers will be interested in what you have to say and follow your link.

Don’t Spam the Discussion

There are lots of marketers who will send the same marketing message over and over to a group without being involved in …

A Money Saving DirecTV HD DVR Review That You Can Really Use

Satellite television is rapidly gaining in popularity, and DirecTV is one of the major suppliers of satellite television. They mix together basic, local and premium stations, provide it in a digital format, so that even the toughest critics will be pleased. As if that was not enough, DirecTV has entered the high definition television market in a big way, incorporating digital video recording. So now you can receive the clearest, crispest visual images in television broadcasting, and add to that the option of freezing, saving, replying or rewinding any movie, sitcom, sporting event or other program.

When it comes to reviewing DirecTV HD DVR (digital video recording), you have to give a thumbs up to their selection of basic programming. You can access as many as 125 channels just through basic DirecTV. This includes all the important local channels, which are broadcast by DirecTV in most major US metropolitan areas. You also have access to around 30 premium movie channels, 36 commercial-free radio channels, and 60 pay per view movie options each month.

If you're into sport, then you can add DirecTV's dedicated SPORTS pack. This has something for everyone from a diehard sports fan to those interested in less prominent sports. You have a choice of more than 25 regional and specialty sports networks, which covers all the action in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and most other major and minor sports league.

With the addition of a high definition (HD) receiver, you can experience television magic. Your satellite system will give you the best possible HD experience. Why not turn your living room into a high-tech movie theater, so that you can sit back and enjoy incredibly crisp images and the clarity of digital surround sound. With HD television, the images are so clear that you can see every wrinkle on your favorite actor's face, the beads of sweat on your sporting heroes, and the dimples of a golf ball in flight- well, almost!

It's no wonder that there's so many raving DirecTV HD DVR reviews. Now that you can access HD satellite broadcasts, nearly all of DirecTV's programming is available in HD, including premium channels, pay per view movies and sports channels. A lot of local channels are also available in HD, but it varies from region to region. …