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Enjoyment of Business

Being in business is like living itself. When one is in business, one encounters many things, including a few moments of enjoyment, pleasure, or happiness. Many times there is destruction, panic, desperation, or confusion. The majority of business consists of not-so-exciting, repetitive, and half-pleasant daily experiences. Some people become successful in business. They become rich because business is mostly about making money. These successful businesspeople have basic and common ground. When asked how and why they became successful, they always answer that they are lucky.

Of course, they were not just lucky. They put a tremendous amount of effort into studying, researching, and experimenting. They reached the point where they had gone through thick and thin. They all had embarrassing failures. They all share in common that when they failed, they did not give up, and they did not run away and disappear. Instead, they thought, analyzed, and built the next step.

There seems to be a pattern or cycle in business experience. It consist of three realms. The first and bottom is the "Lower Ground." The second located above "Lower Ground" is "Water." The top of the structure above "Water" is the "Higher Space." The structure is shown below:

Higher Space (Solutions and Experience)
Water (Devastation and Desperation)
Lower Ground (Problems and Suffering)

Someone starting a business stands on the "Lower Ground" at the bottom. He has lots of problems. He is suffering. He does his best to address and solve problems, but his situation does not improve. He goes up to the "Water" process, where his problem gets worse. He is devastated and desperate because he can not breathe. He feels like he could suffocate to death.

Most people give up at this stage, therefore, they can not be successful. Only one who has continued to maintain effort and struggle to survive will find himself in Higher Space. Oddly, this happens suddenly. This person finds himself breathing normally and no longer suffocating. He finds himself with solutions and experience.

After one has reached this stage, there is only one process left. It is analysis. The individual needs to consider, analyze, list, and record the successful process in a business journal or personal article. This also must occur when a person fails. He needs to know exactly why and how he succeeded. If one does not run this analysis process, he will go down to the Lower Ground, just like one loses all his skills if he had not practiced his favorite sport for a long time. …

Unfriendly "Phishing" Expeditions

One of the main concerns about anyone who does any kind of business, personal or otherwise, on the internet is identity theft. For identity theft to work, a victim has to provide the scammer with their social security number, bank account number, mother's maiden name, PIN number, other financial account numbers, or any other sensitive information so that the scammer can use that to pose as the victim and clean out existing accounts or get new accounts in the victim's name. This method of tricking victims into providing that information by pretending that they are someone they are not called "phishing" (PHony identity + fISHING for information = "PHISHING"). Here are some things to beware of in your attempt to protect your self from these phishing expeditions.

Beware Of "Phishy" Looking Emails

By far the most common form of phishing is fraudulent emails pretending to be from a financial institution, the government, or a legitimate business. The scammer sends this email out asking to "confirm" your personal or account information. They can use any type of reasoning from verifying your identity because you've recently won a settlement or lottery to exceeding your account will be closed without you providing this information. A popular avenue that phishers use is to claim that they are from the fraud department of an established company and they want you to verify your information as they suspect you may be the victim of identity theft.

If you have received emails like this, do not click on any links in the email. Scammers have the ability to make websites that look amazingly like the actual website of the company they are pretending to be. Clicking on these links will take you to these websites where you will be prompted to enter in your personal information. If you are in doubt if an email from a legitimate company is real, call them or go to their website (the best way to guarantee it is their site is to type their name into a search engine and click on it from there).

If these emails contain attached files, do not open them. Most legitimate companies do not send out attached files unannounced in their emails, but rather have you download something directly from their website if that is what they need you to do. Attached files from scammers or phishers could contain programs that install them on your computer and then send personal information to the scammer.

Beware Of "Pharming"

Pharming is one of the latest versions of online ID theft. Through the downloading of a file a malicious program is covertly planted on your computer and takes over your web browser. When you attempt to go to a legitimate web site, you're instead taken to a fake copy of the site without realizing it. Then, any personal information you provide at this phony site you are in essence handing straight over to the identity thieves.

Closely associated with "pharming" is the practice of prompting for information in …

No Win No Fee Explained

The term no win, no fee is often banded about but what exactly does it mean to you if you want to bring about a personal injury claim. The term came about in the late nineties and is often associated with the conditional fee agreement (CFA). This is where the solicitor is only paid if they win the case.

You may have seen the television adverts of listen to the adverts on local radio about how you can make a claim for a personal injury. Solicitors work on a no win no fee basis for personal injury claims, whether it be an accident at work or because of long term exposure to dangerous materials such as asbestos.

The conditional fee agreement or as most of us know it no win no fee which means if the solitor loses your case you do not have to pay a fee. So how can a solicitor afford to take on a case if there is no guarantee of winning. A good solicitor will advise you if your claim has little of no chance of being successful. In this case you should be advised not to proceed and it will be explained to you the reason for not taking on the case.

There are many reasons a case is not taken on, on a no win, no fee basis. If it is clear that the injury is not the fault of someone else then there is clearly no point in starting a case as there is no one to legally blame. There may also be circumstances where there is little or no proof to make a claim. If there are no witnesses or if medical reports are not final then a claim may not be taken on.

Whilst it is understood by much of the public that no win no fee means that you never have to pay anything. This is not entirely true, not all solicitors work the same and not all cases are the same. You need to ask your solicitor what you will be expected to pay for and if you will get all of any compensation won. All of the charges and fees will be in the paperwork you sign so make sure you read the small print otherwise you may be in for a shock.

It is often the case that an insurance policy will be taken out to underwrite your personal injury claim. This is because there is a chance that your case may not be successful and you will not end up with any compensation. An insurance policy will pay for the cost of the solicitors fees and other associated costs should you lose your case. You will need to ask where or not you will have to pay for this insurance or donate towards it's cost. …

Is Every Bill a Reminder?

Every time you go to the mail box do you cringe when you see your bills? The reason is they remind you of the money you do not have, the shortfall in your personal finances. If it's any consensus you are not alone, many people have the same situation these days.

Bills are here to stay some due to necessities, some due to our own wants. Either way you have to deal with them. You have three options when it comes to debt pay, do not pay, or negotiate. If you do not pay the lenders will exercise their options to make you pay so lets not make this an option. You want to have control over your personal finances so look at the remaining two options. Being in debt, deep debt can be an emotional situation and can cause you to make bad decisions.

The first thing is approach debt when you are calm, thinking clearly. To do this get all the information about what options are available and know exactly what condition your finances are in. You will find that most debt programs require fees and you can do the same things yourself. Also, consider if making more money would fill the gap in your finances without killing you. These are the decisions you will have to make after you get your finances under control.

Age, severity of problem, future increases and any other factors that pertains to your situation will determine what options you take. You may be surprised, with a few financial adjustments you circumstances may not be as bad as you think. If this is not the case at least you know where to start.

Do not let these financial burdens linger on forever, get the information and options you need. Choose the right one that best suits your circumstances. If you need extra income or debt relief options. …

Buying Insurance for Your House

One of the most important things any homeowner needs to do is purchase insurance for their house. House insurance is also mandated with almost all mortgage lenders if you are financing your home through their services. House insurance is sometimes referred to as home insurance, and generally reiterates to any type of insurance that is used to protect your house in the event that it is damaged or has any of its contents stolen. It is cruel for everyone, whether you own your home or you're just renting.

Insurance policies and costs will vary between the different insurance providers and are dependent on the contents of the house and the total value of the house with its contents. The premium to be charged on house insurance is also usually determined depending upon the risk that is involved in insuring the property and the likely hood of an event actually occurring. In states like Florida where floods and hurricane occurs often the property owners have to pay large sums of money as premium to the insurance companies to cover their property.

A home insurance policy gives coverage to all the belongings of the house, that include the house, the various contents of the house, loss of goods in the house, any form of damages that may occur to the house, damages that may occur due to the regular use of the house etc. This is spelled out in the home insurance policy, which can be a very long document and lists all the contents of the house and the all things that the person wants to insure as part of the insurance for their house. Most homeowners choose to buy a house insurance policy to cover the cost of rebuilding their home should disaster strike. A good homeowner's insurance policy will also cover the possessions in the home against theft and damage.

You can use the power of the internet to research a variety of house insurance policy companies and obtain free quotes. Get at least 4 free quotes to compare and be sure to compare pricing and coverage with your current homeowner's policy to see if you can save some money for the same amount of coverage.

Matching your home insurance coverage with your personal needs is also important. Since the largest part of homeowners insurance is coverage for the house itself, many people refer to homeowners insurance as house insurance. But whether you call it house insurance or homeowners insurance, its valuable protection and you should check your coverage at least once a year or more often if you make changes to your home such as remodeling or putting on a new roof. And you should always shop and compare for the best value for your homeowners insurance needs since rates can vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company for the same coverage. …

How to Shave Your Penis

So, you want to know how to shave your penis? Well, you won’t have any regrets when you are done. Shaving your penis can be done the difficult way, or the easy way. Let us look at how to shave your penis the easy way;

The first thing you need to know is that razor blades are out, and special electric shavers known as “personal shavers and trimmers” are in. Why? Well, because personal shavers are a lot easier, less messy, painless and safest method of the two.

So, let’s take a look at how to shave your penis;

You can start by pulling out your personal trimmer and personal shaver. Remember, a high quality personal shaver and trimmer makes all the difference between a smooth shave and a “I wish I bought a good quality personal shaver and trimmer” shave ;-).

Before you begin the shaving process, make sure that your penis and surrounding area is completely dry. It is best to shave before you shower or at least 1 hour after your have had a shower. A great way to get maximum results is by applying some baby powder on the penis and surrounding areas just before shaving. This helps to absorb any oils your skin has produced in that area.

The first thing you need to is trim your long pubic hair down until you are only left with stubble around and on your penis. This is where the personal trimmer comes in handy. Most personal trimmers have the shape of a toothbrush. However, instead of brushes, there are little teeth that are so close together, it would be almost impossible to cut or bite your penis in anyway. So, go ahead and hold the personal trimmer at a 45 degree angle and start trimming away.

The best way for your personal trimmer and shaver to effectively shave loose skin is by using your other hand to pull the skin tight.

Once you have trimmed all your pubic hair down to stubble, you can start up the personal shaver. Most decent personal shavers have a rotary blade and thin foil. When using this combination the right way, you will be left with a smooth shave and no bumps or razor burns.

In order to get the best result from your personal shaver, you need to hold it at a light angle (anything but 90 degrees), pull the skin tight in the area you are about to shave, and move the personal shaver in small circular motions on the stubble you wish to shave. Continue this process until you have a smooth shaven penis.…

Five Actions To Achieve Personal Success

So what are the five actions you can take today to achieve personal success?

Action 1. ASK! I've been reading a book called The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. The largest part of it deals with asking for what we want – in life – in business – in relationships. Read it – it will change how you look at independence, as opposed to interdependence. Covey, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People talks about the three stages of development – dependence, independence and interdependence. I do not know about you, but I was brought up to believe independence is the highest stage of development. It is not. Interdependence, working with others in so many ways, gives us leverage in our lives. If we can not ask for the sale, for help, for advice, for checking our handshake – if we can not do that, we can not reach that highest level of development. Read this book – do the exercises – ask. It will change your life. Do it today!

Action 2. Check your handshake and eye contact. Yesterday, I met a person who I will describe as impressive, until we look hands. Left me cold with the fish grip and no eye contact. What a first impression! It's amazing how many people, male and female, give the limp shake. The limp shake gives the impression of low energy, of lack of interest, of lack of confidence. At the same time you're checking your grip, check out how you make eye contact. A limp shake with little eye contact is a sure turnoff to successful people. They may respect your technical talents, they may respect your accomplishments, but I guarantee they will not want you to represent their organization to other organizations, to "A" player candidates, or to any other important person or organization. Use a mirror to practice your eye contact and your words of introduction – and make a habit of repeating the name of the person you are shaking hands with. Practice your handshake with a friend – preferably someone with a good, strong, non-finger – breaking grip, and make a firm, brief, full hand shake a habit. And use it with both men and women. Do it today!

Action 3. Be a "Fast Walker." Stride with purpose. Be in a hurry to get everywhere. Check your pace today. If you find yourself walking slowly, speed up. Nothing says low energy like a "Slow Walker" Nothing communicates energy and purpose more than a fast pace.

Action 4. Speak with conviction. Have you ever noticed how people will listen to and believe people who speak with conviction and with a direct manner. Are they necessarily correct, or the most expert person on the subject? No! But most people find comfort in conviction – they want to believe they are listening to an expert. So if you're always looking for more knowledge before speaking out – or speaking speaking out and qualifying what …

Redefining the Meaning of Success

For the longest time, I always thought that success in life meant financial success. I mean, most of us would love to live in a huge home located on a sunny beach and do not have to worry about finding enough money to just to pay the bills each month. I soon realized that that fame and fortune does not dissolve away the problems associated with a troubled life. With suicides and drug problems associated with some high-profile people, I had to rethink my former notice of what success exactly is. This fact was further brought to light by a client of mine who was a self-made millionaire at a very young age and had a tremendous amount of success in business, but as I soon found out, his personal life was littered with drugs, adultery , and alcohol.

So I began to think, "Well, maybe money has nothing to do with success." This idea lead me to an old gentleman named Carlos, who in his 60s, was a happy and friendly person, but also very poor by most standards. Carlos had a large family and was the proud grandfather of six beautiful grandschildren. Carlos unfortunately passed away a year after I had met him and despite he lead a happy life, I could not help but feel a sense of loss for his family who now struggled to make ends meet. Although Carlos led a happy life, the absence of money in his life brought a level of stress and pain to his final legacy and for his family. I determined that the feeling of happiness alone, just like money, was not enough to qualify as being successful in life.

So what is success then if it is either feeling happy, nor wealth alone? I had to discover for myself that success involves not only completing the things that you plan on doing in life, but also planning on completing the things in life that are important to your values ​​as a person. These values ​​are made up of:

o Physical health

o Professional growth and development

o Spiritual growth

o Financial security

o Happiness

o Personal development

o Relationship maintenance

o Love and romance

I have found that success does not require vast wealth, nor does it require you to have a fitness model body. Success in life, means that you have achieved your own optimal balance between all of the above-stated components. In this model of success, one can not focus on just making money because it would cause the other components to significantly drop. This model of success means that the person does not focus solely on money, but instead shares a more bountiful marriage, or establishes better relationships and leaves this world a happy person.

So as a Personal Development Coach, I recommend that you should assess where you are at current with respect to the above-stated components of your legacy. It's natural that some might be higher or lower than others. It becomes your …

5 Major Insights on Long Term and Short Term Loans Discussed Honestly

Loans like the short term and the long term have a league of advantages and disadvantages, and most of these depend on the requirements of individual borrowers. Both types of loans provide legitimate access to financial route, but each one has their respective alcove and function. Knowledge on these loans will create a noticeable difference as the borrowers can make the right decision at right point of time. Moreover, it is going to be useful to save capital for personal purpose and help in the financial growth.

Insight on Merits and Demerits

Insight # 1

Long term loans are paid off in small amounts, with time extending to long periods. In most cases, this time period can range from a few months to more than two decades. These loans are processed by traditional banking sectors, financial institutions as well as credit lending agencies, with an essentiality of full financial background analysis. In addition, this financing offer has a very cumbersome process, and this is time-consuming. Here again, you need to check with the trusted broker.

Insight # 2

Long term loans combine mortgage payments, school loans, and vehicle loans, providing a reasonable amount of money that is easily repaid over a period of time. Beside, the interest rate and fees associated with such loans, which is directly proportional to credit approval, work history, assets and several inter-connected factors. Affordable interest rates are only possible in case the credit history of the prospective borrower is impressive and he or she has the stable employment.

Insight # 3

One of the major drawbacks associated with long-term financing is that the application processing is time-consuming, and most often, has to be supported with comprehensive documentation and paperwork. There is also need for the guarantor at the time of applying, especially since there is an unstable economic environment.

Insight # 4

Short term loans, also known as payday loans aim at providing quick cash to the borrowers. These loans are functionally opposed to the long-term loans. The process of filing an application is simple, lucid and less time consuming. The lender offering this type of loan product is interested in knowing about your income, the nature of job, and the bank account. This type of financing is for the limited period, and therefore quickly repaid.

Insight # 5

Approval of short term loans does not need any credit check or any potential customer. The entire process of application will be over before you could ever think. The credit is available for the disbursal on the same day. The repayments are also gradual and quite objective in nature.

Short term loans or the long term loans; Making the right choice, always matters. The differentiation between financing is in the manner the available credit is put to use and the time frame for repayment. …

Quick Debt Relief – Debt Consolidation May Be Your Own Personal Financial "Bailout Package"

As the economic recession continues to worsen, the last thing you want to deal with is the burden of debt. If you are deeply in debt and looking for quick debt relief, then debt consolidation may the answer. It may very well be your own personal “financial bailout package”.

As the name implies, a debt consolidation agency consolidates your debt. In other words, the agency gathers all of the information about your income, who all of your creditors are, and how much you owe to all of your creditors. They then contact each of your creditors, acting in the capacity of an agent on your behalf. You no longer have to deal directly with your creditors. In fact, soon after you sign up for a debt consolidation plan, you can expect that the harassing phone calls will stop, and the collection notices will stop filling your mailbox. This is quick debt relief at its finest.

The agency will negotiate with your creditors for lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and even a lower payoff balance. You will then send one monthly payment to the agency for the total amount due, rather than sending a payment to each one of your individual creditors. The agency will then be responsible for disbursing the funds to each creditor, after taking a small percentage of your payment as a fee for providing this service.

Within a few short years, your debt will be paid off in full. One point to be noted, however, is that for the duration of the time that you are on the debt consolidation plan, your credit score is likely to take a hit. However, the upside is that your debts will be paid off sooner, and will show up on your credit report as paid in full, thus improving your credit score in the long term.…