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Day: August 22, 2018

Scam Busting – How to Avoid Scams and Make Money Online

The internet is a world of opportunities but also it is a world of scams. If you are going to be successful online, you'll need to know how to separate money making schemes from pocket emptying scams.

Here are some useful tips:

Use Search Engines

If you come across any program you are interested in, before committing your money to it. Type the website or the name of the program into a search engine [eg Google, Yahoo or MSN Search], you should get results form it if it is a popular program and you will be able to get a general feel of how people perceive the program or site.

One thing I usually do, which helps me get meaningful result is to put scam in front of the program. For example, if I want to verify if a program called "easy money maker" is a scam or not, I'll type "easy money maker scam", I will get a list of results where people are either complaining about the program being scam orraising it for not being a scam. Try it with and without the quotes to get the best results.

Note that this is to give you a general feel of people's perception of the program; some people are just plain lazy and anything requiring a bit of work before results they will quickly label scam.

Use Forums

To determine the authenticity of a program or money making scheme, join good forums where money making skills and programs are discussed. Money making forums, work at home forums etc will give you a good result. Ask around in the forums for anyone who has invested in the program or has second information about it.

Money making opportunities abound online but there are also many scams out there, that was why I started MoneyMakingOnline.org to help people tell the difference and make a wise and informed choice.
Follow the above tips and remember when something looks too good to be true, look hard before you take a leap. …

How to Know If You Are Attracting Or Repelling Money

If you do not have a clear understanding of the principles of the mind, it may be difficult to manifest money and wealth. However, if you know how the mind and reality work, appealing money and wealth are very simple. Then, manifesting money will be a joy and not a strain.

One does not realize the difficulty in manifesting money until he / she faces a financial difficulty. In such a situation all the fears go up into a peak state leading to feelings of helplessness and desperation.

In such a state of mind, you get disoriented and get out of sync with your desires. Instead, your mind starts to imbibe more of what you do not need. Your fears and desperation will take over mind and block the flow of positive cosmic energy.

The Mind Does It … If you learn the technique of activating your mind, you will start seeing the changes that it brings about instantly. You will start manifesting money and wealth and other things that come with having more money. If you have a clear understanding of the power of your mind, you will never have to worry about money and wealth. These will come to you automatically.

Do not wait … Most of us do not realize the true science of the mine until we are in a hardship. When the mind is a state of helplessness and desperation, it is not the right time to increase its powers. Fear and desperation make it difficult to become still and train the mind. During stress, it is difficult to concentrate on things other than the causes of the stress.

Realize at the right time … Realize and become aware of your mind's way of perceiving money and your ability to manifest it. You may be currently approaching good amounts of money but does that really mean that you are capable of manifesting money with ease? Improve your mind skills when you are doing well. It is more like a form of shielding yourself from bad times. …