There is a very common scenario that occurs in computing, people buy a new computer and it runs fine and dandy for the first few months, gradually it becomes slower and slower and eventually the speed is unbearable. Why does this happen? The most common cause is a build up of extra processes and software running in the background that consume all of your system resources, leaving very little free for programs that you want to use. Of course there are other reasons behind a computer running slow so let’s take a look at them and what you can do to speed it back up again.

System Resources – These are typically defined by your memory and processor. The available system resources are used when you load up a program. If the amount of available resources is low then this is when you will notice slow response times and even system crashes. If this happens you are going to need to free some up. Firstly go to add and remove programs and delete any old ones that you no longer use, a lot of the time programs will auto-load when Windows starts up and therefore consume system resources. If you never use the program then this is a waste.

A very handy tool is the task manager. If you right click in your windows taskbar and choose task manager you can use the processes and performance tabs to keep an eye on how much memory and CPU usage your system is using. By using the processes tab you can identify which programs are using the most system resources and consider removing or disabling them if you don’t use them.

Finally a great way of freeing up valuable resources is by using the msconfig tool (you can type msconfig in the search or run box in windows to load it). The startup tab will show you what programs will load when Windows starts up, you will usually be able to identity which ones are needed and which aren’t, disable the ones you don’t use. After doing this you should notice a definite increase in available resources when you next restart your computer.

Hard Drive Maintenance – Your hard drive is where all your data is stored so ensuring that it is running properly is key to fast loading data. Slow response times on your hard drive are a very common cause for slow loading programs and files. To ensure this doesn’t happen you should regularly perform a clean up on your drive. This means going through your files and removing old files and folders you no longer use. Also try to do a disk cleanup to remove old temporary files. Depending on how much usage your hard drive gets, a disk defragment can make a big difference in drive response times, so try to run one of these every few weeks.

Spyware and malware checks – Spyware, malware and adware can not only put your data and privacy at risk but …

You are reading this article because you want to make money from home. You either have a job that you hate and want to replace it with an online business or you need to earn more money each month to live the lifestyle you deserve … or just to make ends meet. Welcome to the club.

There are millions of people just like you who sit in front of their computer and search for the same things that you search for. They look over the same websites you do and pass up opportunity after opportunity looking for exactly the right fit just like you are.

This is not the first time that they've looked and it will not be the last because they love looking. They love dreaming about nice cars and big houses and telling their friends that work from home and do not need to take orders from an incompetent boss to keep a job they despise just to pay the bills.

The problem is they love dreaming so much that they never take any action. They endlessly search for just the right system or program and end up never giving any of them a try – or buying one and never actually putting the program to use. What they do not realize is that it's painfully simple to actually have the life in those dreams instead of just dreaming of that life.

That one secret to success eludes them. That one realization that takes them from just another dreamer surfing the internet to the person that no longer has to worry about how to fund their retirement, how to afford to send their children to a good college, or something as simple as where the money for the next mortgage payment will come from.

The secret is to (with my apologies to Nike) Just Do It!

Choose a decent program, any decent program and get off the sidelines and into the game. The cold hard reality is that you'll never earn a dime sitting and dreaming, surfing and jumping, reading stories of internet success stories and wishing that was your life … …

A Happy Pocket Full Of Money explains the very real relationship between science and spirituality in the most uncomplicated way. It’s the kind of inspirational book about why we are here that you always wish existed but thought it never did.

The book is written by David Cameron Gikandi.

The actual subtitle of the book is: “Your Quantum Leap Into The Understanding, Having And Enjoying Of Immense Wealth And Happiness.”

I believe that these teachings have been out there in one form or another since humanity began, many of which are referenced in the book, but you don’t really find them until you are seeking them.

Of course when you first start reading a book like A Happy Pocket Full Of Money, this kind of profound information can be hard to process right away. That’s why the author cautions readers to just read it through one time even if some of it doesn’t make sense. Just keep going because further chapters will make clear some things that you may not have understood in earlier chapters.

That was definitely my experience. There were plenty of “a-ha” and lightbulb moments throughout.

With some of the chapters, I would read them and my head would unconsciously be nodding in agreement and I’d catch a small smile coming over my face. It was coming from a “knowing” deep inside that this was actually The Truth about life. What made it so easy to hear and read was his style of communicating.

David Cameron Gikandi’s words are such a gift. It was like reading the words of a good friend or family member spoken with love, encouragement and most of all Truth.

Here’s a list of the subjects covered in the book:

* Money: An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else

* Quantum Physics: Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of

* Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does

* Images Of The Mind: The Blueprints Of Life

* Thinking And Speaking: The Instructions Of and For Life

* Goals: The Roadmap To And In Wealth

* Being: First Cause, The Beginning

* Acting: That Which Receives

* Certainty: The Most Powerful Force And Antidote To Failure

* Cause And Effect: The Most Prime Law Of The Universe

* Conditions: They Are Fantastic Illusions

* Success: You Can Never Fail

* Want Not: Desire, But Never Ever Want

* Purpose: Why You Are Here

* Giving: It’s What It’s All About

* Gratitude: Seals The Deal

* Consciousness: You Experience What You Are Awake To

* The Self: The Architect Of The Universe

* One: All That Is

* Abundance: You Have It All

* Happiness: Life Is Joy And Joy Is Life

* Money: How To Use The Symbol

I guarantee that you’ll want to re-read A Happy Pocket Full Of Money a second time right away with the new awareness that you’ll have.

The author, David Cameron Gikandi, also wrote a companion book called …

A mortgage broker is a person who acts as an intermediary person between money-lender and borrower. Mortgage brokers are different from the mortgage lenders. Mortgage lenders fund their loans to the borrower where mortgage brokers are simply a middle man, whose work is to bring borrower and lenders under the same roof.

The home loan will most likely be the largest expense in your life. Utilising the help of a professional mortgage broker can open your eyes to a range of different lenders and home loan products and ensure you take out the most suitable home loan available, saving you time, money and stress. Mortgage brokers can provide much more flexible deals compared to traditional lenders because they have vast reach through the market of independent money-lenders.

Why do you need to appoint a mortgage broker?

  • Experience Matters: A broker is a professional person who looks for better money-lenders only in the market. You might be applying for the loan for the first time or it can be your fourth time, however, a broker went through this process plenty of time already. Having an experienced market analyst is very important to find out what would be the best deal for you.
  • Chose Write product: Thinking of taking a personal loan? Then you need to have a clear understanding about the current loan offers by the lenders or else you will end up choosing a deal which will hurt your pocket. Today no one has the time to keep up to date information about the market situation. Mortgage broker’s profession is to follow-up every single deal offered by the lenders. Having mortgage broker besides you will help you to choose an idle deal that is perfect for you and you do not have to break a sweat for it.
  • Handy Assistance: A broker also reduces stress during home loan or any type of related financial process, as they will be with you every step of the way. Seat back and relax, if you appoint a mortgage broker he/she will do all tasks for you, from finding an ideal till the settlement of the loan. Following your successful home purchase mortgage broker will still be with to ensure that mortgage loan you took it still suits your requirements well into the future.
  • Free of charge: It may sound pretty surprising however it is true that if you appoint a broker you would not have to spend a buck for the service. The lender who approves your loan pays fees to the broker as a commission for the service. So you have the opportunity to test any mortgage broker you are willing to appoint as your personal financial advisor.
  • High chance of getting approved: Having financial issues in the past is quite natural for anyone. Traditional lenders before approving the loan check borrower’s credit ratings and if it’s not up to the mark they would not approve the loan or they will charge huge interest rate as a security to your bad credit

EBay has made it possible for many people in the nation to add a second income or be able to work from home with a basic income. In order to make eBay a success here are 4 must know secrets of the trade.

Secret 1: Products

The products that you choose to must be of the highest quality. If the product is flawed then make sure you tell people about its condition. Honesty and integrity is what will help build your reputation for repeat business.

Secret 2: Business

Customer service is important no matter if your business is in person or online. Make your site customer friendly with good policies. Always fulfill your commitments. Make return policies available with a full refund. This will always help build your credibility.

Secret 3: Your EBay page needs Promotion

Now is the time to spread the word. Let people know what you are doing. Send weekly emails with specials. Newsletters are a great way to let your customers know some of things that they can look forward to in the coming holiday seasons. Hit all the blogs and tell people about what you are doing. Marketing as with any business is extremely important to make your business grow.

Secret 4: Winning Bids

Always let your bidders know that they have won. You also need to thank them for their business and let them know that you will be glad to service them again. EBay success is due to repeat customers and your customers telling other people about your site.

Following these secret tips can help you make your business a very successful as well as profitable. While you may not become a millionaire with your eBay business you can make yourself more comfortable in life. There is nothing like being your own boss and working out of your home. …

Commitment – This is an attribute necessary in every employee and leader. A committed person sees to the end what they were involved with in the beginning. A committed person gives it their all. People sometimes may not show some commitment if the direction and vision of the organization are not clear. People will certainly not commit to something they are not sure of. Commitment is almost similar to loyalty. When people buy-in to the vision and goals of the organization, they are likely to set aside their personal comfort and commit to the success and overall progress of the organization. When team members are committed to their tasks, completion and success is inevitable.

Company – This is a registered organization with employees and leaders. A company is also called an organization or a business. General structure of a company has Managing Director at the top (Chief Executive Officer) and below him/her are the individual departmental heads e.g. Sales and Marketing Director, Human Resources, Finance and Admin, Operations etc. A company is broken down into individual business units which seem independent but are actually interdependent on other departments. Companies’ existence is usually governed by the Companies Act of the country where the business is registered. See Business under the B Series. A company is also referred to as a corporate entity

Communication – The way we communicate internally and with external stakeholders is what normally divides successful companies from mediocre ones. If you cannot communicate with your employees about vision, targets etc, you should not expect miracles from them. If you can not be in touch with your customers and suppliers out there, no wonder you seem to be on an island of stagnation. Communication uses a channel which varies from print media to electronic media. More and more communication is now electronic as it is faster, less expensive and reaching a larger audience. Companies that have gone bankrupt can actually mention that because they failed to listen to the needs being communicated by their customer, they eventually ran out of business. Communication is a key for success.

Competition – When you have another company or individual offering services like the ones you offer they are considered your competition. You compete to win the heart of the customer. You compete for space, orders, attention etc. It is healthy to have competition. Your competition is not your enemy. It helps to keep your services in check. In situations where companies are a monopoly there is a general tendency to slip back, relax and assume business will always be there. This is why the same company will suffer the day a competitor comes onto the same market because customers never forget those that look after the diverse needs.

Confidentiality – Information in the organization has levels of exposure. Information that is for public consumption will be found in the press or on company noticeboards. Sometimes a bulk email may be sent to the whole organization. However certain sensitive information is just for …

There is something you need to understand if you want to make a lot of money as an Internet marketer. Making money can be easier if you become a salesperson. In other words, you need to try to get your mind away from all the other things that are not as important to generating an income online. For example, dealing with customer service or dealing with technical issues relating to your website. Those are things that generally do not contribute to your overall profitability in a direct sense.

This is not to suggest that you ignore customer service or that you somehow allow your website to constantly be off-line because of technical problems. What we are talking about is just focusing your time and energy on what truly matters to bringing more money into your business. That is so important because very few people understand that you can not make money on the Internet without having a clearly defined goal of what you're hoping to achieve. Does that make sense? Therefore, your goal has to be sell things to people. Remember, there are buyers and then there are sellers. You need to figure out if you are primarily a buyer or seller.

In the final analysis, you really owe it to yourself to carefully evaluate whether or not it makes sense to be a salesperson in this business. If it does not sound like something you're capable of handling, then it is perhaps best you do not involve yourself. Otherwise, realize that making money can be easier if you become a salesperson. …

You can start your own business as an appliance installer, and be your own boss, and make good money in this field. Many homeowners buy brand new appliances all the time. Lots of them don’t know how to install them, themselves. When a new home owner, buys a brand new house, they usually like to get brand new refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, hoods, dishwashers, and more, installed.

Sometimes, an investor will buy a house, to fix it up, and then, resell it. Usually, they will buy brand new appliances from an appliance, electronic, or home improvement store. The store that sold the items might just only drop them off. They still need to be hooked up, and working properly, and you know if you have someone from the home improvement store come out to hook them up, you will pay the most amount of money.

That is where you come in. You can also pick up the appliances yourself, thus avoiding a delivery charge, that you can pocket yourself to make more money, by charging your customer, a pick up and delivery charge, but make it cheaper than the store will do it for, and you can’t lose.

You can make up a flier, saying that you install appliances for such and such a price. You could charge a certain price for each appliance, and if you hook up more than one, you can offer them a discount on hooking up more than one while you’re already there. You could network and send these fliers out to real estate agents, real estate investors, in your area. You could drive around, and for every house with a for sale sign in the front yard, you could leave one of your fliers, because whoever the new home owner will be, they might want to install brand new appliances.

You could also drive around to homes you see under construction, as pretty soon they will be having brand new appliances that need to be hooked up. You can also run a small ad in your local newspaper advertising that you hook up major appliances.…

FRIENDSHIP is the topic that I have been mulling about for some time. Some of you, my dear readers, who have been asking me to write on this topic where you wanted me to, address a Friendship from the platform of Personal Intimacy and Platonic Relationships. Whatever I have written here is just a representation of things that I gathered during my course of reading and research. This is bit complicated to articulate though. Let me try!

Can these TWO be part of a Friendship? Or Can any ONE be part of a Friendship? Or Can these TWO be independent of a Friendship?

In my experience, I have noticed that, post our school/college days, once we are into job and get going in life, most of the Friendships start as either “professional” or to certain extent “emotional” and are substantially “intellectual.”

But, many people to whom I have spoken on this topic have told me one thing in common – They did not find one which is more of “Intimate and Personal” as the ones that they enjoyed and experienced while they were in school/ college times.

Let me articulate – when I say “Professional”, you got it, Professional friends one meet at their company, at a networking function, or elsewhere in the industry one works. A professional friend knows specifically what one does during working hours and knows various key facts about ones career.

When I say “Emotional” – this undercurrent involves, Feelings, relationships, someone you’d call on a weekend when you’re extra happy or extra sad. Emotional connection usually requires significant amounts of time spent with the person. These can be from any walk of life!

When I say “Intellectual” – Philosophy, analytical disagreements, industry contacts, meet-up groups etc.,

But there is one another, that I want to mention, which is very special in my opinion and I am unable to find one beyond my college days – that is “Personal” – Personal friends tend to be childhood friends, school friends, family connections during childhood, childhood neighbors, or a friend with whom one has little in common career-wise but most in common as partners in all crimes.

Now, as we grow older, there are various dimensions that play out as an evolving human being and one tends to have more of personal and emotional friends. Let’s say 10 or 12 year-old isn’t debating marketing strategy with a colleague from work. But over a period of time, as one enter the workforce and mature, you develop specific intellectual interests (or not). You become intellectually curious. You take on professional/passion based interests and goals. For a broadly fulfilling friendship, one need more than pranks or playing sports together. One needs to be able to have a stimulating conversation.

So in my opinion, based on my own experience and of course, I have spoken to quite a few people in the age group of 20-30, to find an understanding – Can a personal & emotional friendship develop a meaningful intellectual

When you think about starting a home-based business, what is one of the first things that comes to mind – MONEY.

You wonder how you can create a business when you're money is already stretched as far as it can go. Sure, you can beg and borrow. You can use credit cards. You can have a garage sale or bake sale. You can even roll up all the change in your jar. But, why not make it easy on yourself and create a home-based business that can be started with no money?

I know you're thinking that there is no way to start a business without money. But, there is. All you have to do is develop a plan where you collect your money up front for your products or services.

One idea might be a home-based business that provides holiday characters for rent such as Santa or the Easter Bunny. You can call on businesses either in person or by phone, and book appointments for the character months in advance.

When the order is placed, you will collect one half of the fee up front. After you have scheduled multiple bookings, you will have enough to rent or buy a costume. Your character can meet and greet customers, give away balloons or candy, and have a picture made with children. Collect the other half of your fee and your done.

You can build your business by adding more bookings, costumes, and props each year. Other characters could be added that could be scheduled all year like at birthdays, meetings, festivals, sales events, or grand openings.

Before long you could find yourself as an entertainment mogul. And to think that it all started with absolutely no money. This is just one example. There are more ideas that can be turned into a profitable home-based business with little or no money.

Ian Leopold was a college student when he started his company Campus Concepts. He created student resource guides and sold advertising. The company was started with only $ 48 and is now worth millions.

You could design a local ad circular. If you have a computer and are familiar with desktop publishing, you would not need any startup funds. All you would need to do is make a mock circular so business owners would have some idea how the circular will look. Pay a visit to local small businesses to obtain advertising. Then collect payment for their ads up front.

Create a business doing something you enjoy. If you are doing something you really enjoy doing, you will put more effort into it and, it will not even seem like work at all. You can create a home-based business from something you like doing AND you can do it with little or no startup money. …