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Encourage Employees to Comply With Compliance Training

Compliance Training is a training to assist employees in understanding how they should be complying with all of the legal, and ethical as well as policy-related aspects that are mandated by organisations or businesses. In short, compliance training is a request from the place of business to the employees that they complete the training and it’s often non-negotiable.

Unfortunately, the term “compliance” brings with it many negative connotations with regards to previous compliance training modules or simply the fact that they “have to” complete the training in order to work there.

It’s vital to consider that compliance training is a must-have process in order to properly train up employees – in the proper compliance.

You Don’t Know as Much as You Think You Do

All too often, employee’s think that they know more than they actually do know. This compliance training can show them that they may not know as much as they think they do and everyone will take notice that they can learn something from the training regardless of who they are in the company.

A prime example is having ever considered how many licensed drivers for cars actually understand how to yield at a yield sign or go through a roundabout properly? Obviously, the rules aren’t as clear to some as they are to others. Even after doing a double-check on the laws regarding driving, I wasn’t as clear on the concept as I thought I was. Thus, you are not wasting your time as you may think that you are.

“It’s more than common sense, it’s imperative that you understand that there is something for everyone in this training and that you can learn even more than you think you know. Consider it a refresher course if you must but take the training,” says the course manager at GBS Corporate Training.

Training Scenarios Tied to Real Life

Whenever possible, it’s important to use real-life situations to solve the dilemmas regarding the training. Current situations that are able to show people how to not cross the line and how to explore their options and the consequences of wrong decisions. Give employee is a reason to evaluate such potential situations in a real-life atmosphere before it’s too late.

Dan Heath and cohort Chip Heath go over how to transform a team in their article, “How to Make Company Training Rock”. Here, they have a training binder that is a must-see. They recognise and acknowledge that when a company hired a filmmaker to design the 10 short episodes that show the concepts regarding such tender areas as bosses who hit subordinates, misrepresentation of teams and management acting inappropriate to clienteles, in short, it’s comedy gold.

In a new episode that is released every Monday, the employees can begin to track the episodes in advance. Thousands of employees’ watching these training videos on pre-release makes for knowledge that everyone begins to understand and recognise. These also increased conversations among employees regarding compliance and the episodes helped to break down the barriers and allow employee’s permission to discuss these tough to talk about topics without shame or embarrassment. In short, it is gold training.

Give Options

Give options for employee’s and the pressure and the reluctance are all relieved.

A good example is that online training for compliance offers employees a desktop as well as a mobile option for learning, they can select when, and where they are learning the skills that are required. This makes it more flexible and offers them a period for learning without any open-ended issues.

Checking the options from another angle, if you need employees to be 100 percent in compliance, you’ll need them to have a passing score and the training modules must all be accessible and usable for everyone. That’s the only way to achieve 100 percent compliance. You may also require some other languages for some of your employees.

Prove Compliance

You can use stats to prove compliance. Online stats can go far in showing you how many of your employees have reached the training. You can see how it’s paying off.

There are many great benefits to using online training programmes for your compliance training.

Some of these include the ability for them to learn in larger numbers, learn at their own convenience, and the ability for them to all learn and reuse the content as required. They will all have a period in which to learn and they can help improve the project by giving feedback.

There are different ways to measure the stats and report

  • They can offer instant results.
  • There is also the ability to generate a customised completion certificate at the end of the programme.
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Online courses can readily be adjusted as required.
  • Files can be content rich.