You have decided to sell your home, hired an estate agent and de-cluttered every room of the house. You have also commissioned professional pictures of the house to showcase it. This places you on the right track, but there is actually something that you are forgetting. If you are thinking about trying to sell your home without providing the floor plan, you will need to think again. Floor plans can make or break the sale and will be as important in marketing your property as the professional pictures and captivating textual description for a number of reasons. Floorplanz are specialists in creating  Floor plans.

Providing Perspective

The pictures of your home will be picturesque while the floor plans will be to the point. Floor plans will give any potential buyer a true sense of the space that your home has to offer in a way that pictures cannot do. A simple glance at these plans will help the buyer determine whether or not the house will suit their needs.

Painting A Picture

The imagination of the buyer does not have to be piqued by detailed pictures of the house filled with very stylish furniture. When floor plans are done correctly, they can communicate if the house is going to be right for the buyer now and in the future. The floor plans will tell them if there are spare rooms that will be perfect when they plan to expand their family in the future. The floor plan will be able to communicate a lot of information to the buyer without them having to inspect and view your home multiple times.

Providing A Reality Check

If you have a buyer that is very serious about your house, the floor plans will give them an idea of the belongings they will be able to bring with them and what they will have to get rid of. When faced with this situation, a good set of floor plans will work better than any pictures. The floor plans will give the buyer a good idea of whether that large Italian armchair they have will fit in the bay window. While this is not something that is important to you as the seller, it could be the crucial point for any potential buyer.

Floor Plans Do Not Lie

When viewing a property, it is common for the potential buyer to become distracted or fall into a daydream. They might become fixated on a certain piece of furniture or the fittings and trim of the house. This can lead to the physical features of the house being forgotten by the buyers and this will leave them open to interpretation.

This is where the floor plan will come in handy. They will act as a reminder of the physical features and what is part of the house. They will also tell the buyer what will be there and will not when they return or move into the house.

They Can Inspire Change

A buyer can fall in …

“Some folks, not having lived perhaps as much as you, endured as much, or loved as much, simply cannot see the truth of a situation, disagreement, or relationship as clearly as you.

And so, it’s wise to keep in mind, that it’s not their fault.

Can you see this?

The Universe”

Here is the scenario: You work your butt off, years after years, where you struggle, sacrifice, lose out on your social life, miss family events (I wouldn’t recommend that as family always comes first) and at the end, you make it big. However, during your difficult journey, you see your friends enjoying life, living paycheck by paycheck, without any worries about life. They make fun of you because of how dedicated you are to your success, some will even try to convince you that your idea might not be as great as you see it. Your mind is stronger to what your ears hear on a daily basis, which is mostly negative comments towards your dreams. No one really knows how much you endured throughout your challenges and obstacles. To be honest, it is not their fault and you can’t accuse them of not understanding you. You might see them come to you for financial help after you have reach ultimate success, and they might take you for granted for all the new found fortune you’ve been blessed with. They don’t realize what it took for you to get to where you are TODAY. For them, you are the new BANK that was just built in the corner of the street.

Because no one did what you did to accomplish your dreams, they will never know the value of hard work. They may be working very hard at the office, but not remotely close to what you did for your business. They are too afraid to do what you did and do not realize or comprehend how your hard work did all of what you see today. Sometimes, you can’t even realize it as it becomes so distant to you as well. We seem to forget how much work it required because time has passed, and even though you know everything in life requires work, time and patience, you tend to forget all of what was required for you to make it as big as you did. It’s important to help others as well, as you been blessed with not just material wealth, but mental wealth as well. You can redo all of what you see in a heartbeat, including all of the struggling to be successful again. No one can really know what you went though unless they lived with you 24/7. Do not even waste your time in trying to explain that to someone who needs financial help. The amount that you give is really up to you, but make sure you are clear with them that you are not their LOCAL bank where they can withdraw money whenever it’s needed. You need to help others help …

Everyone is making their own way to E-commerce. They haggle to make sure that they reach the top. And if you are one of those who also want to make a name in E-commerce, then you need to exert more effort. You need to be bold and make it big in this industry so that you will not be left out.

Here are tips that would eventually lead you to a successful and profitable e-commerce.

1. Learn how to optimize the search engine. SEO has been the solution for most online business. Just have a knowledge with targeting the most appropriate keywords and you can land on the top rankings for the search engines. You can also gather popular and quality links from other sites that have the same topic as yours.

2. Writing your own sales letter can also turn you into a successful business owner. Give your clients the reason to visit your site. Tickle their curiosity and let them do some action to your advantage. Let them face the fact that there is this need that they need to satisfy by buying your product.

3. You can also make use of these forums. While you are trying to be involved in a hot topic about your product, you can advertise your site on your signature. In that way, you are drawing more traffic to your site while exchanging ideas with other people.

As you can observe, there is not just one way to promote your site. So with so many more options to choose from, there is no reason why you can not make it big in e-commerce. …

With more mothers stepping out from the kitchen to the desk top workplace, the need to have an effective time management skills are ever increasing important.

Each and individual dad has to perform some tasks for their children, be it being their driver after school, a manager for them and sometimes being a provider for them all. You children have their pals whom their parents picked up for swimming lessons as well. Besides that, you have many chores such as housecleaning, scheduled appointments to take care of.

Your life are totally hectic, there are no shortcut about it. Thanks goodness, there is hope to this problem. You can use some personal time management ideas as one of the ways to effectively manage your day. You simply do not have much time for yourself if you are among one of the busy working moms I have just mentioned.

You might be thinking how you are going to be able to accomplish this. It seems that we know we cannot change the amount of time in a day. There is a good news you can simple start using free personal time management tips, to manage your day better and ending up being a much relaxed person while executing the same work during the working day. First, you have to take a step backward and watch your life. What do you feel is happening to the 24 hours you get everyday? Take a look at exact items on your daily listing that take up a lots of time and try to figure out how to cut down on that time.

Organising pickups and dropoffs point for your kids can really cut down your driving thus making your time well spent. This is in fact a good personal time management practice. There are many little ideas that can be done to help get your time in better perspective. You may have too many appointments. How about watching if you can get them close together or scheduling one day once a week just for appointments and nothing else. If you have kids that are old enough, maybe directing them some workload would reduce yours. This also falls under personal time management practice.

Have to draw a line somewhere

You have to take a stand against any hurdles, when making a change to your life. In the point of view of personal time management for mothers, this describe that you as a mom has to stop all those things that are not so important that prevent you from working towards your objectives. A fast check to dropping those tasks from your appointments is to ask yourself two questions – “will the World stop working if you did not do it right now?” and “does this assist me further my goals?” If the answer is no to both questions, you can safely drop that job from your list.

Take some extra time to perform the job that you would already wanted to do on another day, if …

If you are reading here today, you are wondering if the Maverick Money Making Club is just another scam or a legit online money making program.

It is important for you to understand that I am not here to sell or promote the Maverick Money Making Club, I am not going to "redirect" you to Mack Michaels' websites and I am not making one thin cent from this article.

I am here to give you an honest opinion based upon my own experience with Maverick Money Making Club and some basic research.

I am just an average guy on a fixed and low income who was trying to find a way out from under the brink of poverty and find the means to a better ability to provide for my children. I turned to the internet in hopes of finding relief from my situation and a successful method of income, probably just like you did.

There are so many "get rich" programs offered on the internet and it can be difficult to determine which ones are scams designed to take your money and which ones are honest and helpful in teaching you to make some money.

Did you research and notice that most all of these "get rich" opportunities seem to all have the same sales pitch of a "rags to riches" story? The author tells you how broke he / she was, then how he / she stumbled upon a practically unknown way to become rich that only very elite or few people know about and finally how they are now making thousands of dollars weekly or daily.

But do they actually tell you or give any useful clue as to what that "secret" or "practically unknown way" is? No, of course not! You have to get out your credit or debit card and pay some large fee to find out.

I found that a lot of times the information you are paying for is either outdated and useless or sold so many times that people will not make much money from it because too many people are trying to employ it.

In many instances, the information they sell you is information that is free to the public. For example, information that they are simply correlated from public sources which give you the information free upon request or information that you can research online free of charge.

Matthew Lesko, to name one, was notorious for this method in his books telling you how to get grants and where to apply for monies … all public knowledge gotten from the phone directories or simply calling the Government toll free hotlines.

On the surface, it appears Maverick Money Making Club does indeed work. But if you think you are going to sit there doing nothing but watching your bank account get fatter, you better face the realities of the program.

If you go to the Maverick Money Making Club site, before you buy into the club, give it a free try …

Are you looking for profitable work from home ideas? In this article we will go over to specific ways you can work from home and get started very easily.

1. Network marketing. This used to be an easy business model to get started with, but a difficult one to make money in.

Many people actually lost more money than they made when they joined an MLM company. Today that does not have to be the case if you do it correctly.

The way to stay profitable working from home in network marketing is to use the Internet to your advantage. You can sell all of your products on company provided websites.

You can also prospect and sort through leads using the Internet. This is a faster way to enroll new members into your downline. The larger your group becomes the more profitable it will be for you.

2. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are free to join so your only real investment will be the time it takes to promote them.

You can make money in several ways as an affiliate marketer. You can make money by the click, by the lead, or by the sale. You can even join a two-tier affiliate program and recruit members to make sales underath you.

The one real investment you will have with both of these work from home ideas is the time you must spend promoting them online. However, from an out of pocket checkout point of view you have no real exposure. This is why both of these are profitable work from home ideas that are easy to start. …

Many articles have been written about the subject of retirement planning and there are many books published by experts on this very important issue. I have just recently joined the fold of the retired group and I have been through the mill (so to speak) of planning and implementing my retirement plan in it's initial phase. It is this, the initial phase, which I would like to concentrate on in this article.

So, how do I plan my retirement date?

Most companies have contractual dates for retirement. For example, retirement ages could range from 55 years old for early retirement to 60 years old for Directors to 65 years old for operational staff. These dates are generally a guideline since companies do exercise some flexibility when applying these parameters. However, each individual should be using these parameters as a benchmark and then build a projected financial model to see if they are adequately provided for in retirement. Note: The use of a financial advisor is highly recommended in this planning process.

Since the above guidelines, your retirement date is in fact flexible provided that you can satisfy the golden formula which is expressed as: "Accrued income plus passive income must exceed your current cost of living plus an adjustment (up or down) for lifestyle choice in retirement plus inflation projections and sufficient liquid cash for emergencies ".

Let's face it, the thought of early retirement is in the minds of all of us but if you can not afford it, you are heading for suicide.

Let me expand the golden formula as follows:

  • Accrued income is the monthly pension or income that you can derive from your pension accumulation through your working life. This figure will be provided to you by your pension fund or your investment institution.
  • Passive income is income from investments that you made through your working life. Here you consider regular income from property investments, equity investments, dividends, savings interest, business partnerships and any other form of reliable income which you will derive on a monthly basis.
  • Current cost of living is the full annual cost of your current lifestyle. Be extravagant in estimating this figure and be sure to include everything that you incur as a cost.
  • Adjust your retirement requirements up or down depending on your circumstances and your intended lifestyle in retirement.
  • Make adequate provision for injury during your retirement years. Your financial advisor should project your retirement capital adequacy over your expected lifespan.
  • Ensure that you have a 'nestegg "of cash available for emergencies such as buying a new car, unexpected medical bills, renovating your house, helping your kids, taking some holidays and anything else which is relevant to your situation.

I spend many hours pondering the above elements and I suppose it is only natural to be very conservative about whether you can actually go ahead and retire. Assuming that the criteria for the golden formula are met and in order to make the decision a little easier, the following points …

What is a business structure?

A business structure relates to how the business is organised with regards to who makes the decisions and instructs which part of the business. Often drawn as a diagram, it shows the relationship between decision maker(s) and different departments within the business.

The entrepreneurial business structure

In the entrepreneurial business structure, any decision that needs to be made is made centrally, either by one person or at head office, the results of which are then communicated to workers. This is the most ‘rigid’ of organisational structures, as workers have little to no say or input in the decision-making process, instead having to just follow any orders that are issued.

The entrepreneurial business structure is most commonly found in sole traders with just a few employees, or in organisations which have to make decisions quickly such as publishing where there is often precious little time available to discuss things in meetings when there is a deadline that has to be met. In this instance, somebody has to make a decision quickly without having to discuss or justify it.

For a sole trader, they are often the only owner of the business, and so what they say goes. Because they own it, nobody has the authority to block or delay their decision. Whilst many may invite advice from the people they employ, they will often have an idea in their minds already about what they would like done, and so will probably just make the decision straight away themselves.

Advantages of the entrepreneurial business structure

The main advantage of the entrepreneurial business structure is the ability to make decisions quickly. Without lengthy meetings and discussions, or proposals sat waiting for approval, decisions can be made pretty much instantly and changes put into place. This allows businesses to quickly adapt to any change in market conditions. It is also a leadership style which is used by governments in emergencies, with virtually all countries having laws in place which allow legislation to bypass parliament or equivalent bodies and be enacted when speed and response time is top priority.

Another advantage is that it is one of the least expensive business structures available, and in most cases will be the cheapest option. This is because there are no layers of middle managers to pay or maintain (e.g. company cars).

Thirdly, everybody knows who is in charge and who they are accountable to, removing the chances of confusion being created if different department heads asked for different things from workers (e.g. the head of the production department asks workers to improve the quality of the product by spending more time on each, at the same time as the head of the finance department asks for increased output to generate more revenue).

Disadvantages of the entrepreneurial business structure

Despite its advantages, there are a number of disadvantages to the entrepreneurial business structure.

Because of its autocratic nature, with workers being told what to do with no input on the decision, there is …

A feasibility study way before laying down the foundation of a business, especially a small one, is a must. This is because a small business owner can not afford to make mistakes. A small folly can cost him a fortune, setting the business in doldrums even before it sets off.

To begin with, think what you want to gain from the business. If you intend to manufacture products of a particular category, you may wish to market it efficiently, so that the business generates profits. To market the products well, you need to position them in the right market. Remember just talking to a few people in the industry would not be enough. You may have to talk to thousands of people and obtain expert advice on whether your business plans will work.

After studying, the market you will have to set prices for your different product categories carefully. You can not price your products more than what the buying power of the public in the particular area that you have targeted. So, fix a price that the masses will be willing to pay. All these details must be a part of your feasibility report. Let us find out what a feasibility study is and how to go about it.

What is a Feasibility Study?

Feasibility study explains to the research that determines the competitiveness of one's business plan. It is market report reporting various details on the preferences of the consumers, consumer habits and their purchasing power, and the competition that the new business is likely to face in the targeted area.

Make a feasibility report:

You can hire the services of a consultant who can make a feasibility report for you. These companies use various methods like – Internet, surveys, industrial seminars and conference, and much literature is available on the subject to create the perfect feasibility report for you. If the industry you intend to get into is well defined such as toy manufacturing, you can use ready reports processed by the national professional organization. If not, you may also seek professional services of the consultants who can give you relevant advice on necessary business tactics after studying the market trends.

Importance of Feasibility Study:

It determines the potential of the market where a product is set to sell. A feasibility study gives a business planner insight into whether the product is required in the market, and if yes, then will the consumers afford to buy it at the price determined. This survey can prove significantly important in formulating pricing strategies for a company's products or services, which is a determinant of a business' success. …

Please be aware that there are employment scams out there. You might have already come across some scams in your own endeavors to make a few extra bucks. Most often, these “get rich quick” scams are advertised on telephone polls and in newspapers. We see them online or hear radio ads. They are even advertised in “infomercials” during late night television. Please try to avoid the following:

· Making money by pestering people with email spam

· Making money by stuffing envelopes

· Earning thousands with as a home typist or data entry

· Getting paid to take surveys

· Earning easy commissions with MLM

· Making millions from selling vitamins

I am sure there are a million other scams out there. A basic rule of thumb: you should not have to open up your pocket to “learn” industry secrets. If you pay money to go to conferences and seminars to learn guaranteed secrets from professionals, the only thing you can guarantee is that they will try to milk more money from you without offering you much in the way of helpful information.

At the root of each of these employment “opportunities” is a MLM structure. The money is made here not by producing a product necessarily, but by pulling in legions of “downline” workers who will do the work so those on top can build their pockets with cash. Also, the older an MLM is, the likelihood of the existence of true business opportunities dwindles.

For example, there is a popular “opportunity” that provides money while stuffing envelopes? Think about this! It literally takes machines pennies on the dollar to stuff thousands of envelopes each second! Do you think they will pay money for you to be able to stuff 100 envelopes an hour? Yep…me neither.…