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Small Business Marketing Tips – Marking the Most of Trade Shows Part 1

In a series of 2 articles we will give you tips on how to maximize your small business at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. This article will focus on when to use this marketing tactic, the main benefits of exhibiting your product or service and areas you should consider before you spend money and time participating.

There may be many reasons why you have considered exhibiting at shows, such as when you want to demonstrate a new product or service, communicate changes to your business or your products or services and when the trade show relates specifically to your industry and therefore you basically have a captive audience. Whatever the reasons, you need to estimate the cost in both time and money and determine what sales you will need to cover those costs.

Choosing the Right Trade Show
Trade publications, trade associations, your local council or the Chamber of Commerce should be able to provide you with a list of industry trade shows planned for the year. Choose the trade shows that are key to your industry and will attract your target market. It is also a good idea to ask your most valuable customers which trade shows they like to attend to determine where your target market will be.

If you planning to exhibit next year and before you commit any money, visit the trade shows this year to determine:

  • Which booth (s) stand out? Why?
  • Which booth (s) is drawing the most consumer attention? Why?
  • Where is the greatest traffic flow at the trade show?
  • What are your competitors' stands like? What do you think they are doing well and not so well? If your competitor knows you, get a friend to visit your competitors stands to gather information

Ring the trade show organizer and ask for details about the trade show including the costs associated with being involved eg. cost of booths, cost of sponsorship etc and attendance rates for previous shows. It is also well worth asking how they are going to promote the trade show and if it is a business trade show or conference, the organizer should be able to give you a list of businesses that have attended the trade show / conference in the past and who are expected to attend. Ask if you can use the registration list of delegates to conduct a mail out prior to the show to let the delegates know your business will be attending and where they can find you.

Choosing the Right Booth
Once you have decided on the show, you will need to decide on where you want to be located and what size booth you want to pay for. The larger the booth, the greater the cost although the larger booths are generally located where the highest traffic flow is ie near the entrance.

Ask the organizing committee to send you a map of the exhibition hall and where each booth is located. If you can not afford a large booth you may …

Making Easy Money With ClickBank

There is nothing cooler than logging onto one of my favorite affiliate websites to find out that I just made another sale. Not only did I make that sale, but I did not even do any work to make that sale! Now, that if you are trying to find out ways to make money while you are asleep, then ClickBank is one of the premier affiliate websites to belong to.

ClickBank is one of the largest websites that sells informational products. All products are things such as memberships to websites, e-books, downloadable audios and videos, etc. Every product listed is digital, meaning that you will not be able to purchase a tangible product from them. With informational products being one of the hottest selling products on the internet today, ClickBank opens up a wide-range of money making possibilities for the hungry affiliates out there looking to promote their products.

Do you own a website or a blog tailored to a specific niche that receives decent traffic? If so, search ClickBank for products that fall into your specific niche and promote them on your website or blog. This is one of the easiest ways to earn affiliate income. You simply search for related products, grab your links, place them on your site and that's it! If your sites visitors are loyal, there is a good chance they may peek at these products you are offering. It will take some work and some trial and error in placing these links and promoting them, but overall, it's a simple way to earn big bucks.

If you have any experience with AdWords and know some basic html, you can build a pick a particular product you would like to try to promote and build a simple landing page for it. Then, research hundreds of keywords related to that product and create text ads with AdWords. When people click on your ad, they will be directed to your landing page, which hopefully will be able to lead them to eventually purchasing the product your promoting. This method is tougher, but the rewards are much greater if you are able to tweak your marketing.

These are just a couple of ideas that you can use to promote products from ClickBank. Be creative. Promote products that you only have interest in or that you would buy yourself. The more you know about the product, the easier it will be to sell! …

Solar Roof Shingles – Save Money

Solar roof shingles are a great new way to harness to energy of the sun to generate electricity that can power your home. Almost everyone lives in a house where the rooftop shingles just sit there. That was fine for the past, but the future is now. It's time to put those shingles to work generating renewable energy for your household.

There is a new technology available, where thin photovoltaic cells are being used as roof shingles. This is a new building material that shows a lot of promise. Solar panels on a rooftop are bulky, and can be damaged in a storm. With solar roof shingles, you avoid these problems, but still get all the benefits of solar power in your home.

If you did not already know, photovoltaics are extremely clean and do not pollute the environment at all. They do not require any fuel, and they run quietly. All you need is sunshine to run these power generators. As long as you've got sunlight, this technology will keep generating renewable energy.

Believe it or not, solar roof shingles can save you nearly sixty percent on your home energy costs each month. If you've got a small business, this technology can work in this context as well. It will work wherever you've got a roof to install on.

There are a lot of advantages to using solar roof shingles. Of course, you get the same protection and durability as you would be standard asphalt shingles. Aside from this, they are aesthetically appealing. You can design your product to go with your roof and the rest of your house.

It's possible to completely replace the old roofing material on your home, and install photovoltaic cells that will start generating natural energy from solar power. If you are hesitant to consider doing this, do not worry. The costs to install such a system are surprisingly low, and the material is lightweight so there's no possibility of damage to your roof or the rest of your home.

If you have a roof that receives a decent amount of sunlight each day, then your property is ideal for solar roof shingles. Best of all, there are a bunch of options for financing such a project. The Department of Energy is willing to participate in offsetting the costs of solar power for homes in America.

There may be various incentives available to you if you decide to install solar shingle. Do more research online for further information or visit our website to learn more. …

How To Establish Your Very First Business?

Before starting a business afresh, you have to conduct an extensive study of all the fundamental aspects. A successful business depends upon the well set pillows and if those bills are feeble, the business suddenly falls seess to crumble. In the beginning, there is also some risk involved as a fresh entrepreneur, you are new in the market and you have to understand the behavior of the business surrounding, the market trends and the ups and downs in the business tradition. You can hire an SEO who can take care of all the keyword ranking and search engine ranking of your website, as this is important for the progress of your business web page.

Let us look into the insights of starting a business; this will help you understand the basics of establishing a business.

For starting any business, the first thing is to understand the market curve or the philosophy of the business setters. Once you have understood your competitor's role, you can easily place off the roots of your business. Make sure what type of business you are setting. Depending on your business, you will face three different stages including Initial stage, analytical stage and mature stage. Once you are expert in building up the stages, none of the competitors will dare to meet you on the business road. So here are some tips which will help you construct your three business stairs:

Initial Stage:

Planning is the key to give route to your business. A well set business plan can give an organization a strong execution. It gives the framework to establish your business with initial meager resources. So in the initial phase, your first target should be to construct a wide range business plan. Here are some questions which you should ask. What is our product? When are we going to launch it? What marketing strategy should we expect? What is the target market of our product? Once you and your team have answered these questions, the next thing is to shape the model plan into real executive form.

Develop your framework according to your constructed plan. Develop aims and objectives and division them according to each department. The objective of your business should float in all the multiple directions of your business hierarchy. By this everyone would be cleared with his or her responsibilities and activities to perform.

Analytical Stage:

This is the phase when your organization will go side by side with your opponents. You have covered one step of your business stairs. In this stage, all you have to do is to analyze the competitors and amend the planning structure if there is any adjustment required.

Mature Stage:

This is the stage when you have succeeded in bringing your business to the top. It is a very critical time because now your responsibility has increased manifolds. Many businesses collapse only as they start compromising their working standards when they hit the maternity stair. Try not to compromise your working standards as this is …

Money Management

Managing your Money

Is saving a dollar here and there really worth it? Does it significantly add up to anything worth while? Well that depends on who you are talking to. Saving $ 25 on any given occasion may not sound like that much but you do that over a year and you have yourself $ 300. Then take that $ 300 and invest it, and add the $ 25 each month and for arguments sake say you get 4{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} interest over 20 years and you have yourself over $ 9000. OK we all know how a compound calculator works, but seriously, money saved is money earned.

There are several ways to save, such as turning your thermostat a few degrees cooler, packing the odd lunch if your used to buying one each day. It is not hard to brainstorm ideas, but the main concept is to always be considering a way to save a few dollars when you are trying to fight the debt monster. Make money management a way of life and reap the benefits of a lessened debt load. Remember when your mom or dad would say to turn the lights out when you leave a room, simple actions like this all help.

There are endless resources to help you. One can check out several websites on how to save / budget etc. There are free computer programs that help you balance your check book, saving money on taxes, methods of smart investing and the list goes on. We also have several tips on this on our website. By taking simple steps each day to smarter money management, you will put yourself in a much more stress less situation when the bills come in each month.

If you are having a hard time with multiple bills and would find it helpful to have one bill per month, check out some of the valuable consolidation loan information we have to offer as well as Debt Consolidation and visit our Debt Calculator . …

In Sales, the Link is the Thing!

How has the Internet affected the global economy? Jeff Jarvis, author of "What Would Google Do" shares how a simple hyper link on a website has changed business forever.

A link now can connect you with an abundance of information via the Internet. With a simple link, you can connect with new people, groups, places, reports, videos, audios, pictures etc. Anything and everything that your heart desires, you can find it on the Internet. All within a few key strokes.

In the past, you relied on companies and sales people to share information about their product or service. Not any more. What was once a world based on scarcity, now offers an abundance of choices. Companies operating on the old media model created content and protected it. Moreover, they restricted access to it. They even demand that you paid for it. No more. People have greater access and more ways to find information that they seek. They have more choices then ever before.

Google has disrupted the "old school" model and expanded new possibilities. For companies that embrace the Internet, their are new opportunities. Unfortunately, for traditional companies who continue to cling to the status quo, the results will mean reduced sales, profitability and certain extinction. Companies that share their information freely, will realize very exposure and the possibility of generating more revenue and sales and profits.

What does it mean for sales? It means that a simple website will not provide you with the exposure that you need. Just because you build it does not mean that people will come to visit and buy from you. You must create content that will make people stop and pay attention and want to comment on and share with their friends and associates. Your content must be unique, different and memorable. It must be easy to share via the Internet.

Everything on the Internet has a link. Your company website has a link. Every web page has a link. Your podcast page has a link. Your published articles and comments have a link. Your press releases have a link. Your videos have a link. Social network have a link. Your business profile on your network has a link. Perhaps, you are getting the hint. With a link, you can attract new prospects and business. That is why a link is so important. The link connects your content to other people that are interested in the subject matter. The link offers you the opportunity for the world to discover you and your company. What would happen if 10,000, 100,000, or one million people visited one of your website pages. How would that affect your company? What would happen if you closed the sale on just one percent of those visitors? How many sales would you produce?

Are you creating good content or any content at all? If you are not producing content, if you are not searchable, then your prospects will never find you. If you can not be found, do not expect …

Ask and You Will Attract Money

When you have money in your life, you tend to have more freedom to do things. You can go on trips, you can purchase the wants, and the best part is you can share it with others around you. These are the people who attract money. The decisions they make and the things they do bring them more money. However, at the same time, many of these people are also filled with joy and are very grateful for the abundant prosperity.

You may wonder how you can achieve the same status and attract money in a similar fashion. If you desire the manifestation of money in life, you need to believe it is going to happen. You have to really imagine it in your bank account. Do you know what you will use it for? You should write down each of these things you would get. Then you need to make sure to work hard for it to happen, whenever it is looking for another job or trying another degree.

When you are filled with abundance, you also tend to have a better outlook on life. This in itself is attractive to others around you, which could be another way money is associated to you. When you are constantly negative, there is a good chance money and abundance that will be repelled by these thoughts and will stay way. This means you need to have a positive outlook on life. You want to invite money in, whether or not it looks possible.

If you want to attract money, you need to ask, receive, and allow it to happen. It does not matter how much you ask for, as it can seem like a ridiculous amount to others. You then want to use these same steps with whatever else you desire in life. …

How to Save Some Money on Video Games

If you love video games, you know how expensive that habit can get. So, here are some simple ways to save money on them. That way, you can keep feeding your habit.

First of all, if you buy games online, try to always buy from the same website. The reason for that is that websites will often reward frequent buyers with coupons and discounts. They may even have a reward card or reward credit card that you can use to get points towards future game purchases.

Another option is to buy games from local game stores or department stores. Department stores tend to be pretty expensive, though. They also just do not usually offer a level of understanding and service that you can get from a local video game specialty store.

If you do plan to buy games from a local video game store, get to know your sales people. They're likely to be avid video gamers, just like you. If you get friendly with them, they may let you in on information about upcoming releases and sales. They may tell you tips and tricks for whatever game you're buying. They might even tell you not to waste your money on titles that they feel do not fit your needs or style.

So, if you're a true gamer, the bottom line is that it's best to take advantage of sales and frequent buyer programs. It's also useful to get to know your video game salespeople. That way, you might get the first word on some great deals. …

Is XOWii a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

XOWii is another new marketing company. Almost every week someone seems to be launching a new network marketing product company and its hard to know the promising ones from the duds. After all the vast majority of these companies fail and take the business success of their distributors and associates down the drain as they go. This article attempts to address the relative possibilities of success by newcomer XOWii.

XOWii is entering the already crowded Nutritional Drink market with an energy drink. Energy drinks are the buzz, and if you do not know how popular they are, stop by a convenience store and check out their refrigerator shelves. But its hard to imagine a new company entering with something different enough to claim significant market share. Currently there are only two products. What XOWii Energy brings is an energy drink which includes a trademark KonaRed Coffee Cherry, a blend of acai, aronia, elderberry and concord grape and added glucosamine. Their Thin drink is based on the Brazillian Ch de Bruge flower, offering antioxidants and an appetite suppressant. The appetite suppressing abilities of both promise to distinguish XOWii, and the Thin product may really surprise some industry watchers.

It is important for XOWii to recruit top leaders from other companies if they're going to make a dent in the Nutritional Drink and Energy Drink markets. Early indications are that they are recruiting some fairly heavy hitters from competitors. Only time will tell.

Regardless of how well XOWii extremely fares, a lot of people will be joining the company as distributors. While XOWii is no doubt looking for experienced leadership at the top of their networks, average Joes and Janes are going to be registered to make the growth happen. That recruiting is almost certainly going to focus on how well this product sells itself.

I'm a businessman. I like to approach any new business like a business. I tell my clients to focus on learning the basics first. No product sells itself, YOU sell the product. And that means it is absolutely essential that you learn MARKETING and that you learn what it takes to succeed in a business, a business-owner mindset.

Many newcomers will join a company with plans to learn the skills later. I can tell you that learning marketing and acquiring a business-owner's mindset entails a learning curve. These skills do not come overnight, unlike the promises many companies' recruiters may promise. If you do not lay the foundation for business success, you might well be one of the "numbers" of people chewed up and spit out by a network marketing company on its way to the top. Quite simply, if you do not know how to build, you're going to have a tough time with XOWii or any other network marketing company. …

It’s Over

One of Barbara Streisand’s famous hits was the tune “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore” the lyrics of which imply that the romance is over.

People sent flowers for a number of reasons:

1. Special Occasions – Advertising has encouraged us to order delivery of a bouquet for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or other celebrations.

2. Tributes – When someone wins an award or has made a significant achievement, flowers are often sent in recognition.

3. Trouble – Illness or death can trigger people to send flowers when they want to show care and concern.

4. Romance – A common way to show someone that you are interested in developing or maintaining a relationship is to send a bouquet.

5. Habit – Some people routinely send a florist delivery or have their administrative assistant do it for them. This might be more to do with the giver wanting to look good than anything.

6. Memories – George Burns arranged for his wife to receive a rose every single day after his death so that she would be reminded that he had loved her.

7. Guilt – Flowers often are used as a way of saying “I’m sorry” or “Forgive me” when a transgression has occurred.

When you are not receiving flowers anymore there could be a number of reasons for this:

1. Finances – Perhaps there just isn’t enough money to pay for them at this time.

2. Memory – People forget or don’t understand how important you feel to be remembered.

3. Values – What is expected by one might not be expected by another.

4. Restrictions – Sometimes flowers are not allowed or welcomed. For example, the ICU will not allow flowers!

5. Fear – The other person might not order flowers because they are worried that you will think they are up to no good.

6. Change – The relationship may be in trouble or the passion might have died.

7. Misunderstandings – Perhaps you gave the impression that you have allergies or don’t like flowers.

If you have measured the health of your relationship by whether you do or do not receive flowers, you are in trouble. It is important to never assume that you know what is happening or that “it’s over” just because you didn’t get a delivery from the florist. The best thing to do is to always have clear and open communication so that you know what is truly happening.

You see it is talking and not the flowers that allow you to know the truth! (Oh, and if it really is over, make sure that you don’t confuse the issue either with silence or by continuing to send flowers because you don’t have the courage to be honest).…