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Converting Manual Bookkeeping to a Computerized System

If converting a manual bookkeeping system to a computerized system, the conversion will take a bit more time than just starting fresh because it needs to be sure the new system starts with information that matches the current books. The process for entering the initial data varies depending on the software chosen. To ensure that properly convert bookkeeping system, use the information that comes with the software; read through the manual, review the startup suggestions made to set up the system, and pick the methods that best match the style of operating.

The best time to convert is at the end of an accounting period. That way, don’t have to do a lot of extra work adding transactions that already occurred during a period. For example, if it decided to computerize the accounting system on March 15, it has to add all the transactions that occurred between March 1 and March 15 into the new system. It’s just easier to wait until April 1 to get started even if the software is bought on March 15. While converting to a computerized accounting system at the end of a month, the best time to do it is at the end of a calendar or fiscal year. Otherwise, we have to input data for all the months of the year that have passed.

Whenever you decide to start the computerized bookkeeping, use the data from the trial balance that used to close the books at the end of most recent accounting period. In the computerized system, enter the balances for each of the accounts in the trial balance. Asset, liability, and equity accounts should have carry-over balances, but Income and Expense accounts should have zero balances.

Of course, if starting a new business, it won’t have a previous trial balance. Then just enter any balances that might have in the cash accounts, any assets of the business may own as it starts up, and any liabilities that the business may already owe relating to startup expenses. Also add any contributions from owners that were made to get the business started in the Equity accounts.

After entering all the appropriate data, run a series of financial reports, such as an income statement and balance sheet, to be sure the data is entered and formatted the way liked. It’s a lot easier to change formatting when the system isn’t chock-full of data.

Need to be sure that entered the right numbers, so verify that the new accounting system’s financial reports match what was created manually. If the numbers are different, now’s the time to figure out why. Otherwise the reports done at the end of the accounting period will be wrong. If the numbers don’t match, don’t assume the only place an error could be is in the data entered. It may found that the error is in the reports developed manually. Of course, check the entries first, but if the income statement and balance sheet still don’t look right, double-check the trial balances …

Personal Loans 'Becoming More Expensive'

Consumers may find cheap UK loans are harder to come by, reports an industry expert.

Pointing towards research carried out by Moneyfacts, Michelle Slade, analyst for the personal finance publication, revealed that interest rates on unsecured personal loans have surged over the course of the last 12 months. It was claimed that loans are currently an average of 4.6 per cent more expensive than they were in the same month in 2007.

However, it is possible that those looking to take out loans of smaller amounts could be coming under more pressure. Moneyfacts revealed that in March of last year the cheapest rate available on a UK personal loan of 1,000 pounds stand at 14.4 per cent. In the space of 12 months, however, this has risen by 4.6 per cent to 18.9 per cent. Meanwhile, consumers borrowing 2,000 pounds will now pay an average of 17.9 per cent interest, up by 3.9 per cent from a year ago. Furthermore, it was indicated that the highest rate charged on loans of between 1,000 pounds and 2,999 pounds is at 27.9 per cent.

Ms Slade said: "Anyone looking to take out a loan in 2008 is going to find themselves faced with having to shell out more by way of monthly repayments than they would have done over the last couple of years. concentrating on getting money in the door and becoming more expensive and selective when lending money out. "

Loans for higher amounts were also shown to be more expensive, with the typical rate of interest on borrowing 20,000 pounds and 15,000 pounds going up by 1.2 and 1.3 per cent points respectively in the last 12 months. Such personal loans now attract interest of 8.1 and 8.2 per cent.

It was also disclosed that money lenders are continuously taking steps to tighten their borrowing criteria, with the vast majority (97 per cent) of loans on the market now having typical rates or a personal pricing policy. This, it was reported, will see people with "less than perfect" credit scores either refracted a loan or forced to borrow at a more expensive rate.

"With the effects of the credit crunch continuing to bite, it seems likely that rates for all types of borrowing will continue to increase," the Moneyfacts expert pointed out. However, she stated that secured loans may be incrementally taken out by homeowners to supplement their spending as the availability of 100 per cent loan-to-value mortgages diminishes and 125 per cent products are no longer accessible. After this, rates on UK secured loans have also been rising, with Picture Financial and Alliance & Leicester among those which have drawn such products in recent months.

As such, those looking to take out a cheap loan to help supplement their spending may be advised to act immediately. By selecting a loan it is possible that borrowers can meet numerous demands on their spending and be left with a single low-rate repayment to make. However before doing so, it is …

Business Analyst in Insurance Domain

The right balance of information and technical know how is needed for a Business Analyst to successfully complete his job in any sector. This dictum applies to the Insurance sector as well. A Business Analyst should be well versed with the information that is needed for any Insurance professional to work in the Insurance domain. Since he has to analyze the processes and then help in the development of essential software for the projects in the Insurance sector, he needs to have both – the information required of an Insurance professional and the technical knowledge required for the establishment of software designed for this sector.

Insurance as is known is generally divided into three major divisions: Life Insurance (dealing with safeguarding life and the risk of mortality and critical illnesses), General Insurance (dealing with the risk of damage to immovable property, motor, cargo, marine, household, and fire insurance), health insurance (dealing with risk of illness and disease, and thus covers reimbursements, medical claims, operation of panel doctors, cashless hospitalization, co payment etc.) The level of knowledge and range required is different in each stream and hence a Business Analyst has to have a certain demonstrable understanding of the workings of the particular streams in the sector and also desirably, adequate level of experience in the sector.

Functional Knowledge of Insurance applications is also essential, like new business, channel management, policy serving, claims management, underwriting, reinsurance and finance. Along with knowledge of the business processes of the particular client company, a brief and thorough understanding of the requirements given by the regulatory authority of the Insurance industry is also mandatory. The terminology is varied for the Insurance sector, with changes even within the sector, for the different streams of the sector. Knowledge of these unique terminologies will help the Business Analyst to understand the client who is the end user's expectations and he will be able to draft them better into requirements efficiently.

Once functional requirements are known, the technical knowhow is also essential for any good Business Analyst to communicate to his software developer's team about the client user's expectations from the project. The Business Analyst should be aware of the basic MS Office tools such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Project.) These help in collating data and presenting it in proper format. Then knowledge of relational databases is also important for understanding the technicalities of Querying and Support. Basic programming languages ​​that are used by software developers should also be known to the Business Analyst so that he can understand the developer's problems or point of view. These programming languages ​​could be ASP, Dot Net, JAVA, J2EE, XNL, HTML etc. In addition to these, knowledge and experience in insurance business applications, content management systems, portals, data warehousing tools can give any Business Analyst that extra edge over others standing next to him.

Thus, it's quite clear that a Business Analyst in the Insurance domain needs to know both sides of the coin – …

What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret

It is natural to hide one’s source of success. The tendency to make the source secret is even high(er) when it comes to money-making. That is why the rich would not like to disclose their financial-success secret. But the good news is that there is revelation of the whole secret in this text entitled “What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret”.

Brian Sher, the author of this text was born in South Africa, and moved to Australia in high school. Sher obtained a degree in Marketing from the University of New South Wales.

His subsequent business travels overseas aroused his interest in consultancy, and after spending two years in Los Angeles, he returned to Australia and formed his own company, specialising in marketing and business-growth strategies.

Working with businesses, one of his major clients offered to partner him in a new venture – Vision Publishing. Under Sher’s direction, Vision Publishing experienced phenomenal growth. His extensive network and strong reputation as one of Australia’s most-dynamic and exciting marketers made him an active and sought-after business coach.

According to the author, most people dream of being rich; they imagine what it would be like to have more money than they know what to do with. Sher adds that for a brief moment, they leave their reality by playing ‘make-believe’. He says for most people, this is as far as they will ever get with this dream, and they will quickly snap back to inaction, for fear of stretching their boundaries too far.

Sher submits that a relative few people set off on a different journey, a journey so challenging and demanding, yet so exciting that it brings new life and new meaning. He adds that in the end, unfortunately, many of these dreams are also shattered as a result of not knowing what rich people know.

This author thus shares with you in this book, the basic but powerful principles of success and takes you on a journey towards personal and financial riches. Sher reveals what the world’s richest people know that everyone else does not know, and offers you tips for enriching your life and enhancing your bottom line. According to him, businesses and people succeed because they do the basics well, and in most cases, not because of luck, clever finance, extreme technology, or running ahead of the pack.

This book has six parts of 44 chapters. Part one generically focuses on the basics of success, and contains four chapters. Chapter one is based on what riches are and what rich people do. Sher says almost everyone you meet wants to be rich momentarily. He educates that the truth, however, is that being truly rich in life is not just about having more money.

Sher expatiates that being truly rich in life means having many other things more important than money, such as more fulfilling and rewarding relationships, good friends, a satisfying career, etc.

On how the rich people make all their money, the author reveals that …

Secrets That You Should Know Before You Open A New Business From Home

Doing business is not every ones cup of tea. There are things you need to know before you open a new business from home. When things are done methodically then success is imminent. Well, mild hiccups are about to crop up and you can tide them over smoothly. Some things you need to know before you open a new business from home are:

* Select a product or niche you are comfortable with. This should have been your passion or profession.

* Learn thoroughly about the market before you open a new business from home. Once your buyer is ready then get in touch with your local administrators. You do not want to get into any legal issues right?

* If you are single and operating from your home then there is no permit required to open a new business from home. Still it is better to contact your local office for advice on permits and clearances. If you are starting a marketing business then your sales people may walk in and out of your concessions. Call your country's clerk office or local chamber of commerce to get information on the proper board or commission to contact for zoning laws.

* Contact your lender for any funds if need be to open your new business from home.

* Also know about federal tax laws to open a new business from home.

* If it is a product you are supplying then line up your suppliers and get them to make a commitment for purchase. Once that is done then getting finance is easy.

* If your business is ob web designing or Internet marketing then all you need to do is make an attractive website with search engine optimization. This will enable your website to appear on the first page on major search engines. Moreover you can also earn through Goggle pay per click program and Goggle AdSense.

* When you open your new business from home you can opt to use your social security number as the federal ID number for your business. However, if you want to present a more professional image, you can get a separate employer identification number (even if you do not have employees). You will need to file Form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service.

* If you wish to sell on E-bay or Craig's List your stuff get sold very easily and you can earn a cool amount of minimum $ 15,000 every once in a while just by selling your used stuff. Craig List is very efficient and things get sold like hot cakes out there. Go check it for yourself. …

Home Loans in the UK

Owning a home is the most important dream of any person. It is one of the basic necessities of life as stated by Maslow in his 'Theory of Hierarchy of Needs'. People generally desire to have a home which not only gives them shelter, but also should be the expression of their artistic tastes, and an object of pride. Owning a home is a matter of spending of life's savings. For some- related to the high e-learning group, it is not a problem; but for others arranging financing for their dream home is a very critical decision, they ever take in their life. To enable people to realize there dream, financial institutions and banks offer home loans to people.

Home loans play a very important role in the lives of UK nationals. Every year there are borrowings worth billions of pounds by the UK nationals for home loans. Now days, home loans have become a necessary part of life as it is not essential that one has the necessary amount of money to finance his immediate requirement for purchasing home. One can avail home loans, after signing a document with a financial institution on a specified amount of money to go with the purchase with that borrowed money. Lenders and financial institutions keep the house or any other residential property as collateral. In the UK, home loans are offered by innumerable financial institutions at various APR. The amount of loan approved usually depends on the income and assets of the borrower and his capacity to pay back the loan.

In the UK, home loans offered are of two types:

Fixed rate home loan

Variable rate home loan

Fixed rate home loans are offered to borrowers at a prefixed rate of interest for a specified time period. In case of upward fluctuations in interest rates in the market, customers enjoy the benefit of not paying any extra sum money on the increased rate of interest. Variable rate home loans, on the other hand are left to the mercy of lenders and government regulations. In case of upward trend, the borrowers have to tighten their budget.

With the ever increasing competition in the market, more and more financial institutions are offering home loans at lower APR along with customer oriented services. All companies claim to be the leading loan and other financial services provider with the best service. In order to tap the growing market companies and lending institutions are coming up with more innovative products to cater to the requirements of all the customers. With the advent of internet, the services offered have become more fast and efficient. Now one can compare the best rate offered in the market at the click of the mouse.

The complications in home owner loans fall when borrower defaults in the payment of the monthly installment. In many cases, it has been seen that lenders start charging more interest rate than the standard rate. Wise borrowers, in such situation, switch over to a new lender …

Using Google Docs to Create a Personal Finance Budget

Having a personal finance budget is essential- there’s no question about that. You need it. If you haven’t got

one, create one today; there’s no time to waste. Many of us do have a budget we use regularly. Some use programs like Quicken or MS Money; others use online programs like Mvelopes, Mint, or YNAB. The downside is that many of these programs offer too much and take the simplicity out of budgeting, not to mention the fact that they often cost money.

Why Using Google Docs Is Your Best Option

Google spreadsheets can give you the simplicity, customization, and affordability that you’re looking for in your budget. Following are a list of reasons why Google docs is your best option:

1. Customizable: Your budget can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. Knowing just a couple of simple formulas can help you create a system that is just as helpful as any top-notch program on the market. You can format the look how you want it- colors, sizes, structure, and format. Because all of us have different tastes, this is one of the best features that Google Docs offers.

2. Simple: Have you ever used budgeting software and couldn’t figure out how to do the simplest things? You’re excited after reading the back of the box when purchasing the software, but as soon you get home and get it installed on your computer, you can’t figure out how to use it. You can make your spreadsheet with Google Docs simple and easy to use.

3. Access From Anywhere: If you go on vacation and don’t bring your laptop, you can’t keep up on your budget. And that can be a huge problem, because receipts get lost, spending gets forgotten about, and subsequently budgets become inaccurate and useless. Google Docs is hosted on Google’s servers; therefore, you can access it from anywhere!…

Online Business Degrees For Success

American employers are increasingly turning to job candidates who have solid business training to help build profitability in a competitive landscape. Even government agencies are looking for candidates who hold business degrees. If you're looking to develop keen skills and instincts, online business degree programs can help you write your own ticket to a rewarding career.

The advantages of pursuing an online business degree are exceptional: you can dovetail your learning with your existing work and family life without compromising them. All you need is Internet access, the drive to succeed, and you're on your way. Some employers may even pay full or partial tuition for employees attending an online business school.

Business Degrees and Careers

For those just entering the professions, an undergraduate online business degree in finance, or accounting can help launch your career. Classes for two- and four-year programs are available 24/7 from your desktop. Gaining a general, thorough understanding of business practices, principles, and software can make you an attractive candidate in most every industry.

You may even choose to specialize in emerging fields of eCommerce, international trade, global management, entrepreneurship, consulting, and change management, pursuing a graduate degree or online MBA that prepares you for organizational leadership.

Management analyzes and personal financial advisors are among the fastest growing growing groups in the nation. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that new jobs for personal finance advisers should grow by an astounding 37 percent during the 2006-2016 decade, with positions for management analysts rising by 22 percent. Both positions have high earnings upsides, but do require post-graduate training.

Thriving in Sales or Marketing

You can also profit from online business school training if you're planning on entering the sales or marketing verticals. You can earn an online business degree with a concentration in sales. The BLS reports that sales managers who combine a degree with key experience took home a median salary of $ 94,910 in 2007.

Marketing managers should find a healthy 12 percent growth in jobs between 2006 and 2016, according to the BLS. Jobs for graduates can be found in finance, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and the tech sector. In 2007, marketing managers earned a median income of $ 104,000.

Business Degrees: Other Fields to Pursue

You can also pursue online specializations in human resource management, working as a recruiting or benefits as a specialist in the corporate or government sector – or work as an independent head-hunter and consultant. The BLS predicts a 17 percent increase in jobs for HR professionals between 2006 and 2016. You can get started in the field with as little as an associate's degree, although most companies are looking for bachelor's or MBA degrees.

Business training can improve your value in the workplace as well as prepare you for working as an independent, opening your own small business, or partnering with another entrepreneur. If you're already working in a niche career, adding online business training can help you advance within the company. …

Tampa Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Tampa is a densely populated state and witnesses more than its fair share of personal injury lawssuits. An injury caused to a person due to carelessness of another person or individual, is known as a personal injury. Personal injuries may include automotive accidents, defamation of character, defective goods or medical malpractice.

Personal injury laws in Tampa make it obligatory for persons accountable for the injury to pay for damages and expenses incurred by the victim. It is essential to prove negligence as well as excess of injury in the court of law to claim compensation. Personal injuries are looked upon seriously in Tampa, as they cause physical injury and mental agony due to disregard of another party.

Tampa personal injury attorneys concentrate on cases where injuries have occurred due to an automobile accident, a slip and fall incident, a dog bite or mental anguish. Negligence is a common ground under which victims may file for compensation. Individuals may also claim compensation for loss of social standing in society or loss of friendship, support and finance caused due to abuse by another person. There are personal injury attorneys in Tampa that deal exclusively with personal injuries occurring as a consequence of car accidents. In case of wrongful death, Tampa personal injury laws lend a hand to family members and relatives to file for compensation for their losses that may be damaged to the automobile, bodily harm or death.

Compensation amounts that Tampa personal injury attorneys can obtain depends on a number of issues. The most vital issue is the nature of the injury, which may be permanent or short-term. Costs incurred by the injured party are taken into consideration. In cases where personal injury victims have experienced any loss of salary or wages because of injury may claim that as well. Occidentally damage to assets is also compensated under personal injury. Consequences of personal injury, such as lack of ability to walk properly or to indulge in sports are also considered. Victims may also demand compensation for the pain and suffering experienced. …

Tips For Saving Money

Still living from pay to pay? Or envying those great wealth accumulators and wondering how they did it? Every month you make a resolution of saving some dollars from your paycheck, but only end up breaking it. Looking for some magic formula for saving money?

Well, there's no magic formula-only some simple rules to be followed with determination and persistence.

Have you ever taken consumer credit-the credit used for personal finance? If not, then that's where you're missing. Those wealth grabbers, who are the subject of your envy, have smartly used the borrowed money and became rich. They did not hesitate in taking credit, and considered it as a valuable financial asset.

Credit is not something bad. On the contrary, it makes your life convenient and prevails you from falling in a tight spot. Yes, I know that your goal is to be a financially secure individual. We all have the same goal, do not we? Despite harboring such strong goals, many of us are scrapping every month, with no money left to fall back up on at the end.

I do not intend to entangle you in the intricacies of finance, but want to present before you, some simple rules that would help in saving some dough. But promise me that you'll put them to practice regularly. Although it takes some time-years maybe-to get the full results, yet the trick lies in perseverance.

Spruce your knowledge-get smart!
I'm not telling you to glue your eyes to the television watching the stock market or enrolling for a finance degree. What I want you to do is arm yourself with the basics of the market so that you do not make wrong decisions that cost you money. Intelligent decisions are the key towards a flourishing business.

Patience pays!
Without you win a lottery, do not think of getting rich overnight. But with time you can certainly think of owning bundles of those crispy dollars. So start saving your money as soon as possible. Let compound interest bestow you with its benefits. I hope you know about compound interest-it is the reinvestment of your already invested earnings. However, do not lose heart when you find your first reinvested earnings to be a petty amount. Initially, they are small, but over the years you'll watch them magnify.

Set a flexible goal
Do not be a ship without anchor. Set some financial goals in life so that you know your target. This will boost your confidence and you'll be able to visualize yourself better in the future years. I would suggest having flexibility in your goals. This is because situations are never the same, they keep on changing and you'll have to change with them too. Here, you can not be rigid in your ways. Keep reviewing your goals and-better still-select a good financial advisor that would assist you in achieving your goals.

Get rid of large debts
Want to know a wise way? Start paying off all your debts that have double-digit interest …