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Why Floor Plans Are Important When Selling Your Home

You have decided to sell your home, hired an estate agent and de-cluttered every room of the house. You have also commissioned professional pictures of the house to showcase it. This places you on the right track, but there is actually something that you are forgetting. If you are thinking about trying to sell your home without providing the floor plan, you will need to think again. Floor plans can make or break the sale and will be as important in marketing your property as the professional pictures and captivating textual description for a number of reasons. Floorplanz are specialists in creating  Floor plans.

Providing Perspective

The pictures of your home will be picturesque while the floor plans will be to the point. Floor plans will give any potential buyer a true sense of the space that your home has to offer in a way that pictures cannot do. A simple glance at these plans will help the buyer determine whether or not the house will suit their needs.

Painting A Picture

The imagination of the buyer does not have to be piqued by detailed pictures of the house filled with very stylish furniture. When floor plans are done correctly, they can communicate if the house is going to be right for the buyer now and in the future. The floor plans will tell them if there are spare rooms that will be perfect when they plan to expand their family in the future. The floor plan will be able to communicate a lot of information to the buyer without them having to inspect and view your home multiple times.

Providing A Reality Check

If you have a buyer that is very serious about your house, the floor plans will give them an idea of the belongings they will be able to bring with them and what they will have to get rid of. When faced with this situation, a good set of floor plans will work better than any pictures. The floor plans will give the buyer a good idea of whether that large Italian armchair they have will fit in the bay window. While this is not something that is important to you as the seller, it could be the crucial point for any potential buyer.

Floor Plans Do Not Lie

When viewing a property, it is common for the potential buyer to become distracted or fall into a daydream. They might become fixated on a certain piece of furniture or the fittings and trim of the house. This can lead to the physical features of the house being forgotten by the buyers and this will leave them open to interpretation.

This is where the floor plan will come in handy. They will act as a reminder of the physical features and what is part of the house. They will also tell the buyer what will be there and will not when they return or move into the house.

They Can Inspire Change

A buyer can fall in love with your house for 2 reasons generally. The first is that they fall in love with everything as it is and the second is that they fall in love with the potential of the house. The floor plan will not only show the current makeup of your home, it will also inspire those who want to renovate. The simplicity of the floor plans will give an indication of what can be done to the home and what might be structurally unsafe. This will allow any potential buyer to envision what they can make your home into and will help them make a decision on buying.

When it comes to selling your home, floor plans are essential and need to be part of your marketing package. Clear and detailed floor plans can sell your home on their own. Additionally, research has found that 1 in 5 people who look at buying property will ignore listings that do not have a floor plan included.

Many buyers believe that this additional information is more important that summary text and pictures. If you have decided to go to market with your home, you should do yourself a favour and include a floor plan.