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How You Can Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names

There are several ways to make money online. One of the most well-known and traditional ways is the buying and selling of Internet domain names. Domain names are cheap, plentiful, and are very easy to buy and sell. Compared to other types of Internet investments, domain names are probably one of the safest. The most attractive aspect of buying domain names is that even if the absolute happens and you receive nothing back on your initial investment and lose everything on it, you are only losing out on about $ 5- $ 10. The small investment to get started in this is also a great way for Internet entrepreneurs to start out making money quickly, while slowly moving into more lucrative endeavors.

The key to making money with domain names is trial and error, luck and a little homework.

What makes a domain name profitable?

Domain name suffixes like .com, .net, and .org are the most common and are typically the most sought after. Its worth mentioning though 10 years ago, .net and .org were considered substandard to .com, today however some of the largest organizations in the world use a .net or .org domain name suffix. Newer endings such as .TV, .WS, and .FM may just be the newest versions of the .net's; so potential investors may want to keep an eye out for these less conventional endings.

The most successful domain name sales are typically larger businesses that need a specific domain name that may already be taken. There is usually a substantial offer made to the current owner to sell out. Other times domain name investors will find existing businesses that may not have purchased the .net, .org or other domain endings.

There are so many ways to profit from buying and selling domain names that learning everything you can about the business before investing is probably the best idea. The initial investment in your education will give you a competitive edge in this savvy industry.