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3 Power Tips To Increase Financial Success FA$T!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be

blessed with miraculous success while others are not?

Successful people don’t achieve their success by accident.

It takes much more than skills and talents to attain great

success in life. Even the most talented people can fail. It’s

the ones who recognize their power and use it to their

advantage that achieve the success they desire!

Jim Carey deliberately used his power to strategically

produce success at a time when things were challenging in

his life. In 1987, he was married with a new baby, living in a

single apartment in Los Angeles, and working in comedy

clubs at night. Afterwards, he would drive to the top of

Mulholland Drive and look out over the city where he

affirmed that he was the most sought after comedian in the

business. He experienced what it was like to be that

successful and didn’t come down from the mountain until

he felt like he was. He also wrote himself a check for $10

million dollars for acting services rendered. A path opened

up that eventually led him to that success. On the day that

his check was dated, Jim Carrey was worth 10 million

dollars. He later became one of the world’s highest paid

actors and able to command $20 million a movie.

You, too, have the power to achieve tremendous success. It

just takes understanding your power and then setting your

desires into motion!

Skyrocket your business to success by using just a few

simple techniques!



Your words are powerful! The words that you speak and the

thoughts that you think attract to you the exact conditions that

you focus upon the most consistently. If you want to be

successful, your words and your thoughts need to

consistently confirm your success!

* Affirm: “Enormous quantities of money are being drawn to

me from everywhere and I see myself becoming financially

independent immediately!”


Take advantage of the Power of your word!

Everyday write down:

* “I see my business skyrocketing and becoming an

immediate financial success! I consistently net over $

easily and effortlessly every single month!”


* “I see all of my investments doubling and tripling

consistently, which make me a multi-millionaire



Take a moment each day and experience what it feels like to

be the success you desire.

Example: While you are sitting at your desk, close your eyes

and experience yourself sitting in a location that you would

be in if your success were a reality now! Such as:

* Sitting at a desk in your new office:

Feel how comfortable your new leather chair is and imagine

yourself feeling how smooth the hardwood finish is on your

desktop. It feels so wonderful being in your brand new

office. It is so beautiful, and everything is so clean and

organized. You hear your phones continually ringing with

orders and a competent staff is taking all of the calls. Your

business has become so successful that everyone is

seeking you out and buying everything that you have for sale.

* Sitting on a chase lounge by your new swimming pool:

Feel how relaxing it is to be lying out on a comfortable chase

lounge next to your beautiful new pool. The air is clear and

smells so good, and the heat from the sun feels so

soothing on your body. You are so grateful that your

business has become such a tremendous financial

success that you can now take time off to consistently relax

and play with your family!

* Being on your own yacht on the ocean:

Feel how exhilarating it is to be cruising out on the turquoise

ocean on your own magnificent yacht. You love the smell of

the fresh ocean air and you can feel the sea breeze on your

face. You are so grateful that money is just pouring into your

life! Lucrative opportunities became available to you that

enabled you to immediately become a huge financial

success! Your business is now generating millions of

dollars in passive income and you have lots of time to do

what you love. You have fun traveling and relaxing…all year



* Being on stage being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey!:

Her producers sought you out because your product has

become one of her “Favorite Things”! You are now a world

renown success and the revenues have not only afforded

you a lavish lifestyle, your contributions to charities have

empowered everyone throughout the world.

Use your imagination! Whatever you impress your

subconscious with consistently, will soon be reproduced in

your life.

© 2005 Carole Dore, PowerVision Dynamics,


NOTE: Some excerpts within the above article are taken

from “The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!”