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Day: June 16, 2019

Biography Collection of Great Past Entrepreneurs – A Book Review

Andrew Carnegie has been noted for saying that if you want to be successful in business then you must do what successful people do. And to do that you must study how they lived, what they did and get some insight into their methods of operation. This is indeed good advice which no one can deny. Perhaps, this is why business students, professors, and future entrepreneurs study all the great business leaders of the past?

Since this is the case, I'd like to recommend a very good book to you about past great entrepreneurs, it is a collection of their biographies, shortened course, and it is still on my bookshelf after all these years. The book is:

"The Entrepreneurs – Twelve Who Took Risks and Succeeded" by Robert L. Shook; Harper and Row Publishers, New York, NY; 1980. ISBN: 0060140259.

There were numerous standout great quotes, one of them that I liked was by W. Clement Stone; "I do not care what field you are in, anyone who really wants to be successful must develop a plan to duplicate their success."

Another great thing the reader will take away from this book was the authors note that if you want to win in business you must have goals; "Write down your goal, give yourself a deadline, set high standards, aim high."

This book profiled such great past entrepreneurs as; John W. Galbreath, W. Clement Stone (insurance), Mary Hudson (oil), Dale W. Lang (media), S. Roger Horshow, William J Richards (farming), Mary Kay Ash, Joseph Sugarman, Richard Schultz, William McCowan, and John Delorean. And it explained their similarities, attitudes, methods, big business deals and drive. I know you will love this book as much as I did and hopefully like me you will keep it on your shelf for a reference, please consider this. …

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

If you have ever purchased a house through a realtor and with a mortgage, then you have seen a title commitment. This is a "bill of health" from a title insurance company, alerting you to those owners the property you are purchasing and to any liens, mortgages, or encumbrances on the property. It is essential that you get a title commitment and title insurance.

A typical sales agreement requires the seller to give the buyer a "warranty" deed. The word "warranty" means that the seller is guaranteed to the buyer that he / she owns the property, that it consist of the legal description set forth in the title commitment, and that the liens, encumbrances, and mortgages will have been discharged at the time of closing so that the property is transferred without any baggage. As an aside, if the sales agreement was signed by one person but the title commitment indicating that there are two owners of the property, both of the owners must sign the closing documents for the sale to be consummated. If the property is owned by an estate (because the owner died), the personal representative may need to get a court order to obtain the authority to sign a deed on behalf of the estate. If the property is owned by a corporation, then a majority of the shareholders must consent to the sale through a corporate resolution for the sale to be effective.

When there is no title insurance guaranteeing the legal description, the legal owner, and the absence of encumbrances at the time of closing, the buyer usually receives a mere "quit claim" deed. This means "buyer beware" -in spades. The buyer may later have a claim for fraud against the seller, but that means a lawsuit and potential problems with collecting on a judgment. If, on the other hand, you have title insurance and discover that legal description was wrong, the seller did not have the right to sell the property, and / or liens or other encumbrances were not disclosed or not discharged, you can file an insurance claim and hopefully be paid almost immediately.

When you buy property, especially if it has been foreclosed or you are buying it as a "short sale," be sure to get a title insurance commitment. The commitment provides direction for what needs to be done to remove liens, encumbrances, and mortgages from the public record. The commitment, however, can "expire." There is a date, usually at the top, that reflects the last date that title to the property was checked. You can request that the title commit be "updated" to the date of the sale. If it is not and you accept a commitment with a stale date, then you may not be able to complain if the IRS filed a lien against the property the day before the sale, and the title company did not discover it. Because title insurance companies are connected these days to the Register of Deeds office, it is …

The Keys to Effectively Managing Your Money

Are you the member of the family who is in charge of managing the money? In case you are married or living with someone, one of you should do the bills. At least that's how I see it. Managing the money need not be a painful chore. As`long as intelligence, combined with common sense is exercised. I would imagine that you would not want anything bouncing. I have my own phrase for that – intelligently managing your money. You should keep track of everything and stick to your budget.

It would be a bad idea to spend more than you can afford to. We all have different income levels but no matter how much it is, we should try to stick to it without charging. There might be exceptions to this rule but is a new toy, a television or a CD player one of them?

Capital is simply one of the things we never seem to have enough of. What I have found myself to be the key to this situation is to make the most of what I have. This means we should try to manage our own money as good as possible. Maybe you have set some money as for a wise investment. Making investments for the future is a good way to manage your money. But yet you should keep it to a limit.

My wife and I started managing our money a bit better recently. What made our budget weak was our wish to shop at that fancy grocery store. There are the products and meat are organic, corn fed, no antibiotics and pesticides. It is all good but it costs a lot. These grocery stores are quite expensive, so what is the deal with the food? It is worth eating well.

However, we spend too much of our budget on food each week. We just needed to change that and start spending our money more wisely. That's how we set a certain weekly amount of money for groceries and we stuck to it. Who said that managing your money can not be done has obviously made a big mistake.

Are you managing your money and not going into debt? Do not forget that one day retirement will come and you will then want to have money put aside. Those days of not working might come soon. Make sure you are ready when this happens. In case you do not know how to handle your own budget and need some help, it is a good idea to hop online and get some tips on managing your money properly. The Internet is the prime place to get free data which will aid you in managing your money for the future. …

How to Choose a Tattoo Design

Choosing a tattoo design is a huge decision and obviously one that has life long implications. Here are three principals to apply when choosing a tattoo design.

1. Passion. What do you have true passion for? You can seldom go wrong when choosing a tattoo design if you can answer this question. True passion means “lasting passion”. It’s not enough to just feel passionate about something that could potentially be fleeting. Feeling true passion for something means that it is not a fad or an ideal that rolled in with the tide and will roll out the same way. True passion is not only strong in the moment, but strong in the long run. It is true that even a seemingly long lasting passion can unexpectedly simmer down or altogether disappear, such as a marriage. Thus passion towards a generalized state of who you are, what your character is, or those whom you will always love no matter what are things to consider when applying passion for a strong tattoo image. And if a particular passion does fade, the tattoo design can serve as a reference as to what passion feels like. Then that particular tattoo design can be applied to greater endeavors in your life to come, and can still serve as an overall symbol for passion.

2. Symbolism. A tattoo design has long been known to serve as a symbol for something. Choosing symbolism as a means to find the right tattoo design can serve both the purpose of providing meaning to the tattoo, while also helping you greatly narrow down your decision. For instance sailors used to get a nautical star tattoo design as a symbol for guidance and protection. Here you have a simple star suddenly taking on a much stronger importance as a tattoo design with strong symbolism.

3. Individuality. Finally, a tattoo design is personal. It is not a car or piece of clothing you are going to buy, only to discard when the latest trends tell you it’s time to move on. No, this is going on there for good. So before getting a chain link around your bicep or a rose on your ankle, because your girlfriends or the guys at the gym got the same, think instead about implementing your own individuality into a tattoo design. But if it is a generic design and you do you feel a personal attachment to it, you truly enjoy the particular image, then do consider it. There is an old school black tiger tattoo design that many people take a personal liking to and have made the decision to have it inked. To test out your personal feelings towards a particular tattoo design, it’s always wise to wait six months to a year, and then see if the feeling still holds strong. A tattoo design absolutely does not have to be originally made for it to be personal. Most of the time, quite the contrary, since there are so many wonderful, beautiful, stunning, and …