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Month: June 2019

Give Your Opinion for Profit

Have you ever been asked by a company to complete a survey for them after they have provided a service to you? Organizations, corporations and even small companies take survey results very seriously and spend a lot of money having surveys taken. Many of us are perfectly willing to take time to answer a survey for the promise of a Whopper from Burger King or a Big Mac from McDonald's. Did you stop to think that those same answers you supply for peanuts could have turned into extra income at home?

Online market research studies have grown tremendously over the past decade. One of the easiest ways to earn extra income at home is by participating in online market research surveys. There are two simple keys to success with online surveys; The first is truth and the second volume.

To succeed and make a profit you will want to register with as many online survey and marketing research companies as you can locate. You want to register with all these companies for one simple reason; Volume. The more companies that register your with, the more survey invitations you will receive.

When you visit the first online marketing survey registration page for a company, answer all the questions on the registration form fully and truthfully. You want the marketing company to send you as many survey invitations as they can. The marketing research companies send surveys to those that have registered with them, based on specific criteria. They need the most accurate and complete information about you. The more accurate and complete the information, the more surveys the company is able to send you. Volume!

Once you have registered with the first company, it is normal for you to need to confirm the registration. Be sure to follow the instructions from each company for the confirmation process. Usually with online marketing research companies an email confirmation link is sent to you. You need to be checking your email inbox as soon as you have completed the registration and process the confirmation as soon as it is received. If you do not see your confirmation email coming in, check your junk folder, depending on your email spam settings it may have been sent there. If it was sent to spam you may need to white list the email address so that future emails do not end up in the junk folder. If you do not find and confirm the registration, the marketing research company will not be able to send you any surveys to take.

What do you do next? Repeat, repeat, repeat. Register with as many online research companies as you can find. The more online marketing research companies that you get registered with the more survey opportunities are likely to arrive in your email inbox.

When survey invitations start to roll in, choose and complete the offers that look the most interesting and have the most profit potential for you. You decide which surveys you can make time to take. …

Money Saving Tips For B & B Owners – 5 Top Tips

1. Get Some Chickens!

When you run a B & B you get through a lot of eggs, either in cooked breakfasts in the morning or when you are baking for your guests. If you have some land, buying a few hens will be a worthy investment and the guests will love to see where their eggs have come from. Your chickens will also recycle your leftovers into chicken manure which creates great fertilizer for the garden.

2. Freeze Your Bread

I only found out this year that bread freezes really well. I was always getting frustrated at having to throw away half loaves left over from breakfast. So when you buy a crusty loaf, cut it in half and put half in the freezer. It will defrost really well in the microwave and taste like fresh.

3. Freeze Your Sausages

Sausages do not last very long in the fridge. So as soon as you get them home, lay them out on a tray individually. Put the tray in the freezer and when they are frozen, put them in a plastic bag and put back into the freezer. You can then take them out as you need it – defrost in the microwave, overnight in the freezer or cook from frozen (do make sure they are well cooked in the middle).

4. Pick Blackberries

Blueberry muffins taste delicious and blueberries are very trendy in the UK at the moment. Unfortunately they are very expensive and nearly always imported. Instead, during blackberry season in the Autumn, pick masses of blackberries and store them in the freezer. They freeze beautifully and you can use them from frozen to put into your muffin mix.

5. Use EcoBalls instead of Washing Liquid

EcoBalls are used in the washing machine in place of detergent. Whilst being good for the environment, they also save money on detergent and water and electricity. Because you are not using detergent you do not need to run the clothes through a rinse cycle. They also naturally soften the clothes so you will not need fabric conditioner. …

Creating An Authority Site With Google AdSense On It

If you’re familiar with Google AdSense and you want to know the best way to start earning money with it, you should know that generating lots of traffic is the first step. After you’ve driven a lot of traffic to your site, you will want to focus on ad placement, and the best areas where you should place your ads on your site.

To keep the traffic going, you will need to create a lot of content for your site. Everyday you should be writing to update your site or blog with new information about your topic. And if you can write a few articles per day, this is even better. It’s pretty easy to write about 1 to 2 articles per day and add them to your site or blog. You just have to make up your mind about it.

The bottom line is that if you want to stay in business for the long haul, you will have to stay on top of your game. But it doesn’t take long to do this everyday. Update your site with new content day after day (even on the weekends). This should take you no more than 20 minutes to do – especially if you’re creating content that is around 300 to 400 words long.

And if you need inspiration about what new to write about, you may want to repurpose your articles. See if you can purchase some article templates that will allow you to add a new style and twist to your articles, so that you can place them on your site, make them original, and get relevant AdSense ads to show up on your site.

Like I said creating a content-rich site is relatively easy. If you want to make some good money with Google AdSense, create an authority site. An authority site is one main, big site where you focus on one topic, and one topic only. There’s no switching around and creating all kinds of different sites with AdSense ads on it.

With an authority site, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche. People will come to love your information, and will visit your site daily. Many will subscribe to your email newsletter and search around on your site to find more of the same good content. And this is definitely what you want to happen.

There is another option outside of the authority site model where people create 1-page “mini sites” that are strictly designed to generate the AdSense click. They have no relevance for the person visiting the site, and people go and create thousands of them. This is similar to the concept of auto blogs (or “spam” blogs).

You don’t want to go down this route. Stick with a proven authority site plan that works for a lot of people, and continue to offer more and more information to your readers.

Soon you will start to see trickles of daily income coming into your AdSense account, and over time, it …

Top 7 Do Nots To Be an Extraordinary Business Coach

Many people talk about what you need to do to become a great business coach where you are in the upper 10{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} learning more than $ 100,000 and not like most learning less than $ 20,000. There are a lot of good strategies, but sometimes it makes sense to list what you should not do. This way you may avoid critical mistakes than actually lengthen your learning curve.

  1. Do Not Market Yourself Many coaches as do most small business owners do not market themselves. They believe in the old adage Build it and they will come. Not! You must direct your message to your target demographics, psychographics and geographics.
  2. Do Not Have a Target Market Failure to have a clearly articulated target market within your strategic plan may result in you believing that everyone and anyone is your client. This could lead to disaster.
  3. Do Not Provide a Complimentary Session Would you buy a piece of jewelry or an expensive suit without first trying it on? Would you buy that new or pre-driven vehicle without a test drive? By trying it on or test driving it has the value been diminished? Coaching is a personal experience and demands a trial fit. This is for your protection as a coach as much as it is for your prospective client.
  4. Do Not Have a SEO Website Since coaching is personal and can be done via the telephone, your website can be your cyberspace handshake. However the website must be search engine optimized, reflective of your style and it must provide quality content and value for visitors.
  5. Do Not Have a Brag Book A brag book is a collection of testimonials, services or products available, a marketing executive summary and should also include your vision, values ​​and mission statement.
  6. Do Not Belong to a Coaching Mastermind Group Consider all the business groups or business associations that exist to help those within that industry. Coaching is no different. By joining with other coaches possibly in different geographic areas you can help each other grow your businesses through the masterminding process. This is a great strategy to shorten the learning curve within the coaching industry.
  7. Do not Have a Coach or Mentor If you are a coach, then find a coach preferably one who is far more successful than you. Years ago I read to be a millionaire you must find other millionaires. This is very true about coaches. Find another coach who is willing to coach you or even mentor you. The investment is well worth it.

There are some experts who are coaches and who work with other coaches. These individuals believe exactly the opposite than what was shared in these 7 Top Do Nots. However, if you truly wish to increase your sales and go where you have never gone before, then be honest with yourself. Look at these 7 Top Do Nots and determine what don'ts are keeping you from the cans in your coaching practice. …

International Shipping – Cargo Insurance

As with health, automobile, and life having good insurance coverage is important. The uncertainty involved with international shipping also requires that competent insurance coverage be contracted. Once “insurable interest” has been proven, meaning there is no question as to who the goods belong to and that financial loss will occur in a case where the goods were damaged or lost during transport, then the insurance policy is binding and valid.

The responsibility of the international shipping company in regards to the cargo they are transporting varies according to international conventions. The true value of the goods is not always covered by the policy. The actual value that is protected will end up varying from country to country. So it is prudent to thoroughly check what the laws are in the countries you are moving from and to.

Contracts of Sale and Insurance

The most common risks that occur in international shipping are damage, delays (which include customs and quarantines), and complete loss of the cargo. How these risks are settled between the buyer and the seller of the insurance policy should be explicitly detailed within the contract using what is called Incoterms. Incoterms are a internationally recognized set of trading terms which define exactly when costs and risks change from buyer to seller and vis-a-versa. In fact, the Incoterms detailed in the contract will have a direct impact on the cost of the policy since the more risks that are assigned to you, the more insurance coverage you will need to recoup your losses in case of an event.

For example in Ex-Works, or EXW contracts, the seller of the merchandise is recognized as having delivered the goods once they are made available for pick up at his factory. The responsibility for insuring the merchandise falls on the buyer from that point on. With Delivered-Duty-Paid, or DDP contracts, the exposure to risk remains on the seller until the merchandise has arrived at the location designated by the buyer free from all import duties and regulations. Therefore, the seller will need to contract an insurance policy until that point.

Although, there is no obligation to buy an insurance policy when executing a EXW and DDP contract. Only the Incoterms CIF, Cost Insurance Freight, and CIP, Cost Insurance Paid, require an insurance contract, and in both cases the obligation falls on the seller.…

New Road Safety Adverts Could Cause Increase in Personal Injury Claims

If you have turned on the television or the radio recently, you may well have seen a new advert that is sending shockwaves around Britain, and serves as a reminder of the dangers of speeding on Britain's roads. It draws particular attention to the victims of dangerous driving.

Some observers are expecting that the advert will result in those injured as a result of dangerous driving having fewer inhibitions when it comes to making personal injury claims, as they will understand that claiming for compensation will allow them a swifter recovery and function to alert those who regularly break the speed limit that endangering other peoples' lives through speeding is not acceptable.

The television advert depicts a driver who killed a child in a road accident and can no longer live his life normally without feeling guilty for their actions. It shows the driver seeing the body of the child he has killed in various places, including by the side of a road when sat on the bus, on the grass when walking in the park with his son, and by the side of his bed when trying to sleep.

The radio advert tells a similar story, in which children's voices take the role of narrating the life of the driver who killed them a number of years before by speeding. Similarly to the television advert, the driver can not participate in activities such as watch a football match, spend time with their own children, or even sleep. The message in both adverts is that there are no reasons that can possibly be good enough for speeding as you are endangering the lives of others, and it can even lead to killing someone. The drivers in the adverts are shown to be tormented for the rest of their lives by what they have done.

The adverts come as part of the THINK! campaign, launched by Jim Fitzpatrick, who is the Road Safety Minister. The advertising, upon which £ 3.2 million has been spent, is spread over various mediums, including the cinema and online advertising too. The tag line for the adverts is 'Kill your speed, or live with it.' It comes on the back of another THINK! campaign that highlighted the shocking difference between the chances of a child living after being hit by a car at 30mph and the chances of a child living after being hit by a car at 40mph.

The new adverts, however, are not simply aimed at those who drive dangerously by speeding. Some commentators have voided the opinion that the adverts will hopefully draw attention to the victims of road traffic accidents. Furthermore, it is hoped that more victims will acknowledge that, when an accident is not their fault, claiming for compensation will help to ensure that the driver at fault will be far less likely to drive dangerously again. Not only this, but, especially in relation to the adverts, they will realize it could have been much worse. Both these adverts and personal …

Is A Home Based Business Right For You?

If you are reading this article chances are you are looking for a work at home opportunity or thinking about joining some type of home based business. I am hear today, because I want to let you know what you are about to get involved with, and if a home based business is right for you.

First off before you join a home business there are a few things you need to know, and make sure you will be able to do. If you can not do these things then there is no point in joining something. You will just be throwing your money down the tubes like most people end up doing.

First can you afford to spend a good amount of money? Most if not all home based businesses will always require you to pay a up front fee to join. The price could range from as little as fifty dollars all the way up to a few thousand. So make sure you understand this before you even begin to think about working at home.

Secondly you will want to ask yourself do you have the time to invest into doing the things that are required to actually be semi successful? Most people who are making good money online are working their business full time and, are putting in a good twenty or more hours per week. If you lack the time to put in you may want to think twice about what you are getting yourself into.

The third thing you should know is if you have extra money to spend even after you already joined. As with any business you will need to advertise, and it takes money to do so. So ask yourself. Do you have extra money to put into advertising your business? If you do not have the extra money to advertise that is ok, because there are free methods of advertising out there however it makes it twice as hard to succeed.

The last and most important thing you will want to make sure of before you join any type of business is that they offer a good support and training system. Lets face it everyone needs help once in awhile, and some may need it more then others. So their needs to be a good reliable support system in place that actually answers your questions, and does not just look at you as a money sign.

If you can first follow these guide lines before you join a home business opportunity you can quickly find out if you really have what it takes, and in the end make the decision if you are the right person for the job.

For more information on working at home and starting a home business visit Roadmap To Riches …

How Can an Autoresponder Make My Business More Money?

The autoresponder is software that manages mailing lists. It is a tool you can use to keep a list of all your contacts and their emails so you can email them anytime, all at once, send them automated emails on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, when ever! All emails are automatically changed to include each recipient’s own personal details before it is sent out. It will seem as if you were emailing that one person and that one person alone. It may start out saying “Hallo John” if the recipient’s name was John for that matter.

What Do I Need To Have Before I Can Start Using An Autoresponder?

Nothing. Let me explain. For the autoresponder database to work you have to feed it – and it feeds on email addresses. The capturing of email addresses is done mostly in 2 ways. The one way is by adding the subscriber detail to the list yourself – or to import the subscriber details. The other way is where the person visits the web page where you have inserted the code for the web form. This code then displays the web form with all the fields for all the data you want the person to fill out. That means that if you don’t have a website you can still manually add subscribers. Some autoresponders may also let people sign up when they send a blank email to the email address of the list. Of course putting up a web form online is easy and it can save you the work of importing subscribers.

The Only Legal Way To Do Email Marketing:

Before the autoresponder will allow you to send emails to the subscriber, he or she needs to verify/confirm their subscription. This is to comply with the CAN-SPAM law against sending unsolicited emails. Unsolicited is just a big word meaning “not asked for” and we all know it is a.k.a. “SPAM”. To prevent spammers from adding your email address (and mine) illegally to their mailing lists, there is a system that has become the only legal way to obtain subscribers. The “Double Opt-in” subscription system is now the standard of mailing list verification and is the only way you may do email marketing legally today. This means that once a person subscribed or his/her contact details were added to a mailing list, a confirmation email is automatically sent out to that person’s email address. The subscriber then needs to click a link in that confirmation email in order to confirm that they gave you permission to send them marketing emails. This is why email marketing is sometimes referred to as permission marketing.

Once you have captured a person’s email address using a professional white listed autoresponder service, they will allow you to copy and move a person’s subscription between mailing lists without the need for them to subscribe or to confirm again. This is a absolutely great feature. When a person on your list of prospects buys your product or the …

How to Make Money Both Ways When Stocks Go Up Or Down!

By selling a covered call is most useful when the market is extremely volatile and if you are expecting a big movement in stock in either direction. This strategy is most useful when the market is extremely volatile and if you are expecting a big movement in stock in either direction.

Sell ​​a call at a strike price close to the trading price of the stock. Sell ​​double or more numbers of calls out of money at one strike price higher than the one which is sold. Make sure that the net result is a credit. Both the options should be expiring in the same month and they should be far off in time period. Since the net result of this strategy is that you have more number of calls which are longer than the ones which are short, your net result is positive if the stock moves strictly upwards. But if the stock does not move upwards and rather moves downwards, it is still OK so far it makes a strong downward movement. If the stock closes somewhere between the strikes prices of long call and short call, you tend to lose money.

The amount of the money lost shall be dependent upon the closing price of the stock. If the expected move in the stock price does not occur, both the positions can be closed by taking a small loss. One of the largest advantages of this strategy is that the time decreasing factor of long positions is eliminated to a good extent. The following example show as how this strategy can be used for call options. But if you are bearish, same strategy can be used for puts as a mirror image of the call spreads. …

Travel Insurance Quotes – Make Sure You Understand Your Choices

Before heading out to your next vacation, you need to stop and think about the consequences involved with traveling. While people normally tend to be excited over making vacation plans, they also need to realize that accidents can happen and illnesses may occur. Do not forget about the dangers and risks involved-make sure you get getting travel insurance quotes to your plans.

There are many different companies to choose from, and the internet is a great place to find out about these companies and to get travel insurance quotes from them. However, you should not just automatically go with the first cheap policy you come across. This is because there are some companies that exaggerate their worth.

Take the time to read all the package details, and make sure you understand exactly what each package offers when comparing travel insurance quotes. Check to see what all insurance agencies each company is affiliated with. Obviously, the most reliable and trustworthy companies are the ones associated with major insurance agencies.

When you're presented with travel insurance quotes that suit your preferences and needs, read reviews about the companies and packages to make sure that your investment will be sound. Sometimes other travelers will share horror stories about bad insurance policies as a way to warn others not to make the same mistakes they did. Read their reviews and take their advice into consideration.

All of this may seem like a hassle, and you may find yourself frustrated when evaluating different travel insurance quotes. The decision you make, though, could very well save your life. Your finances will also be protected, so you'll be able to travel at ease without having to worry so much about your luggage and money. …