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Day: May 1, 2019

Part Time Money Making Opportunities Are All Around You

For most people making ends meet is a constant battle caused by their wants over needs. If you find yourself always struggling financially you have one of two choices; Either lessen your expenses, or increase your income.

Lessen your expenses is not as difficult as many people think and can easily done simply by tracking your expenses and on a regular basis evaluating their necessity. Making extra money, while maintaining your current job, is also not difficult.

With some ingenuity, and a well thought out plan, you can enjoy the benefits of an extra income. Getting a part-time job is the most obvious way to make extra money. Retailers, fast food restaurants and call centers are always looking for evening and weekend part-time help. If you are looking for a way to earn extra money that is time flexible, enjoyable, with unlimited income potential, plus the benefits of tax write offs then give some serious thought to starting your own part-time business.

Starting your own business does not mean a large capital outlay, or requires long hours. Advertising / marketing your business can easily be done for little to no cost through flyers, a website (Internet), Craiglist, word of mouth. Think of your new side business as your hobby and you will find enjoyment while creating an additional income. Who knows, your side business may one day grow into a fulltime business.

How easy is it really to begin a new business that will not intrude on your current job? Keep your business simple, and most importantly in line with something you enjoy, and you can start the following businesses tomorrow:

1. Lawn care and snow removal. Remember when teenagers would mow the neighbor's lawn, or shovel their driveway and sidewalk, for a few bucks? You, like I was, may have been such a teenager. Whatever happened to such simple entrepreneurship? Mowing lawns hide me fit, cave me a great tan and money. Distribute flyers advertising your services to your immediate neighbors, or approach them directly (seniors and busy executables are your best bets). The best thing about a lawn care service is that you can mow lawns after work or on weekends. You will be getting exercise while earning money. Snow removal, on the other hand is not as flexible since your customers will want the driveway and sidewalk cleared immediately after a snowfall, which is something you will need to consider, especially if you are living in Minnesota or Buffalo, New York.

2. Collect and resell golf balls. Nobody knows with any semblance of accuracy how many golf balls are lost annually. Given the how the number of golfers has grown exponentially over the last decade estimating in the millions would be conservative. Purchase a good ball retriever, which should be solid, easy to use and light, then start taking strolls along your local golf courses. Typically balls are lost along fines where the grass is overgrown, in deep grass off fairways (the most common error is slicing …

12 Week Personal Training Programme – Introduction

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the days and nights are getting cooler, this is a great time for me because as a personal trainer it means I can get out there and exercise without losing a litre of water before I’ve barely left the house. It’s a great time for you to begin too and with my 12 week program I can show you how.

There is no better place to remain fit and healthy than on the Costa Blanca in Denia Javea, Spain. The weather here is always respectable and the copious amounts of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables make eating a healthy diet a real pleasure. With a minimal amount of equipment and some determination there is no reason why anybody can’t get into shape. Two of the most common reasons for avoiding exercise are the lack of motivation and insufficient knowledge, well with my 12 week plan you will receive both.

We all know that exercise is good for us but with as little as 20-30 minutes a day you can lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent the onset of adult diabetes, increase energy levels, improve your sex life, sleep better, regain your appetite, the list goes on….

This 12 week program will progress from a beginner to advanced level and be divided into the 4 main categories of fitness, offering you a step by step guide into improving your heart and lungs (Aerobic), gaining strength and stability (Resistance), improving your calorie intake and diet (Nutrition), finally stretching your muscles and improving your posture (Flexibility).

So here goes:

Week 1: Aerobic (Heart and lungs)

In order to improve our heart and lung function and to lose weight we must do some form of aerobic exercise at least 3 – 4 times per week for a minimum of 20 minutes. Depending on your current level of fitness this can include walking, running, swimming, cycling basically anything that gets the heart racing.

I would advise the beginner to dig out those training shoes, open the door and start walking. There is no better or more natural way to exercise than walking to build a basic foundation for your aerobic fitness. 20 minutes non stop walking is a good time to aim for that means 10 minutes one way and 10 minutes back. You should be aiming to improve on the distance walked each time, if your 10 minute halfway marker was a particular tree then try to make it to the next tree next time and so on.

In order to improve your aerobic fitness you need to elevate your heart rate so ensure that you walk at a brisk pace, swing your arms and return feeling slightly out of breath and tired. Using the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale is a good guide for all aerobic workouts. Basically the way you feel on a scale of 1 – 10 is your RPE. Try to maintain an RPE of 5-6 …