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Day: March 9, 2019

Mooching to Make Easy Money Online

"If we study the lives of great men and women carefully and unemotionally we find that, invariably, greatness was developed, tested and reflected through the darker periods of their lives." One of the largest tribunals of the river of greatness is always the stream of adversity. "
– Cavett Robert

Are you a MOOCH?

Strange word eh? But what is it?

In one of my earlier articles I had told you that there are a lot of scams on the internet. Mooch Marketing is the coined term given where online marketers take advantage of people trying to "get rich quick" … Mooches – people wanting to make easy money online.

Mooches look for the all elusive, easy ways to make money online

Mooches … suckers to the conmen and conwomen of the net. Mooches are ordinary people, looking to make money online easy and earn cash making money online and get rich from the comfort of their home – by trying to make easy money online.

Let me assure you here, that there is no quick route to success on the internet and you CAN NOT make money online fast. But for a newbie … that concept is alien.

Newbies quickly fall prey to all the slick websites filled with glamor and false promises of "make money today" AND "instant internet success" and becoming internet millionaires … overnight!

There is no magic wand which you can wave on the internet and hope to rake in a fortune online instantly. The only reliable thing to ever happen was instant coffee and nowdays, even that is not all that reliable.

There is no pot of gold to be discovered at the end of the rainbow and you just can not "Make Money Now" and the big reason for that is that there really is no rainbow on the internet.

You have to work hard if your goal is making money on the internet!

Unlike Mooches, who are always looking to take the easy road to success online and easy ways to make money online. Sadly, they discover, after they have sent, rather lost, a fortune online on dozens of internet scams, that there is no short cut to success online.

No way!

There is only one road to success. And it is long and hard and it takes a lot of dedication, patience and perseverance. And if you are not prepared to sweat it out to make money at home online my advice to you is give up!

Give up even before you start!

Because after you start, do not start cribbing and crying and expect that you can make money online easy and become rich overnight. It is just not going to happen! And one of the prime reasons for your failure online would be Mooch Marketers.

Mooch Marketers are just lurking like the big bad wolf, waiting for their red riding hood to get caught in their well laid trap. And one of the favorite techniques used by Mooch Marketers …

Make Money From AdWords – Ten Tips For Creating Profitable AdWords Campaigns

Are you trying to make money from AdWords by promoting a product or service, or considering doing so? AdWords is a fantastic way to quickly reach a targeted group of people with your advertisement, and can be very profitable if used correctly. However it's also a highly competitive advertising system with many pitfalls for the inexpereienced. It's easy (as I know from my early experiences) to quickly spend a lot of money on clicks but see few if any sales. It's extremely important to ensure that your campaigns are properly organized and optimized so you get the lowest possible cost-per-click and maximum return on investment (ROI). So how is this achieved? Here are my top tips on how to make money from AdWords.

1) Make sure your keywords are highly focused and relevant to the product or service you're promoting. If you want to actually make money from AdWords rather than lose it, this is vital. Failure to select highly highly targeted, relevant keywords is a common mistake and can be an expensive one! When I began using AdWords I was promoting an eBook on organic vegetable gardening. My keywords were far too general eg "organic gardening", "vegetable gardening". The result was lots of clicks, a large bill from Google but very few sales! A much better keyword phrase would be something like "buy organic gardening ebook."

2) If you're using the content network, choose significantly lower bids than on the search network, otherwise you'll eat up your advertising budget very quickly!

3) Use broad, phrase and exact match types, and negative match (eg "-free") if necessary. People search Google in different ways so by using all three options you should reach as many potential customers as possible and lower your cost-per-click (CPC).

4) What's the unique selling point of your product or service? What sets you apart from the competition and what specific benefits does your product or service offer the potential customer? Thinking about this will help you identify highly relevant search terms for your campaigns.

5) Optimize ad serving for your ads. Turning on "optimize ad serving" will ensure that the ads achieving the highest clickthrough rate (CTR) are being shown most often. This helps to increase the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns.

6) Ensure your keywords are in both the title and body of your ad – this will reassure the reader that your ad is highly relevant to their search term. This will increase the ad quality score, and should help to decrease your CPC.

7) Organize your campaigns and ad groups properly. If you've created three different ads for one product eg "petrol lawnmower", they all need to be in the ad group "petrol lawnmower" Use a separate ad group for each different product eg "garden shears." These ad groups may make a campaign called "Gardening Equipment". Structuring things in this way will make it easier to view reports and performance data for each campaign and ad group, which can be used to improve ad …