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Month: October 2018

Why You Must First Clear Your Blocks And Limits Before Embarking On Any Personal Development

You are probably at a point in your life or you probably will be where you want to improve every aspect of it – be it finances, relationships, emotions, mentality, health and fitness. Suddenly, you probably stop and ask yourself, "Where do I start?"

The answer to that question is definitely simpler than you think. You can immediately log on to the internet and search for numerous personal development sites out there that offer beneficial and comprehensive information. Alternately, if you prefer, you can check out your local bookstore or sign up for a seminar or course about personal development.

But wait and just stop there for a moment. Before you go on looking for resources on personal development, take a moment of your time to read and ponder over what I have to say in the next few paragraphs.

Many personal development sites or resources always focus on mainly the positive side of personal development such as creative visualization, goal setting, law of attraction and so on. However, what many of them fail to explain is how an individual should first clear his ruling beliefs, negative or self-destructive thoughts first before she embarks on any personal development program.

Let me use a simple analogy of a glass to illustrate my point. Let's say you have an empty glass that is shiny and bright on the outside and which you want to fill with water. However, the glass is filled with extreme dust and dirt in the inside which is rather out of view to a person looking from the outside. So, what would you do first? Would you immediately pour fresh, clean and clear water into the glass? Or would you clean the glass and rid it of all the impurities found on the inside? The obvious answer would be to first clean the dirty glass then fill it with clear water to prevent the water from getting contaminated.

This analogy can be likened to that of a person embarking on personal development. The person may seem fine on the outside but if the person is filled with so much negative or destructive beliefs or thoughts such as "I can not do this" or "I'm not worthy of success" and so forth, simply teaching her the positive aspects of personal development will not make her any better until she first clears the blocks, limits or negativity inside.

And this where the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes in – to first clear the negative aspect of yourself before you work on the positive aspects. EFT is a method of dealing and treating mental distress by tapping on the energy meridians of the body. It is a very simple process which can be transported out in as little as 30-60 seconds a day (or whenever you face a block) and most importantly, it's free, safe & very beneficial. Some of its benefits include providing rapid relief from physical or emotional issues such as trauma, phobias, grief, anger, guilt, addictions, fears and …

Shopping For Affordable Home Insurance – Savings Tips And Precautions That Will Help

Are you shopping for affordable home insurance? If you are then you need a lot of savings tips to help you save as much as possible. However, you also need to take certain precautions in order to ensure that you do NOT fall into the right hands while looking for the best deals. Let's take a deer looking into these …

1. You'll enjoy cheaper rates if you build with the right materials. Frame rooms are more resistant to earths while brick houses are more resistant to high winds. Therefore, if you stay in the East, you will attract lower rates if you buy a brick home. For those who live in the West, they'll pay more if they have a brick home. You will get a discount of at least 5{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} if you use the recommended material for your home.

2. Set up your account to pay your premiums automatically and you will enjoy lower premiums for that. If you do NOT know how to do this, ask your banker or agent. In addition to saving you in rates you will also save yourself a lot of time and avoidable stress.

3. A group policy will cost you less. You can check with associations you belong to because they may have group discounts for home insurance.

Although, before you apply this option, compare the rates you will get through such an association with what you will spend with another insurance company. You can find an insurer that your association has no form of affiliations with that gives your profile a far lower premium. Shopping extensively will enable you to get the most affordable rates.

4. Verify an insurance company's rating and do not be transported away by just cheap promotions. You do NOT intend to pay your rates faithfully just to discover later that your insurance provider can not keep its part for some of reasons. It does not take much time to find out from your state's department of insurance's website. Find out from them wherever your preferred insurer is licensed to sell home insurance and also their claims history.

You can also obtain information about an insurance company from independent bodies like BBB, AM Best Company, Phelps, Inc., Standard & Poor's Insurance Rating Services, Moody's Investor Services, Inc.

5. You can get lower quotes on home insurance today by visiting not less than five insurance quotes sites. Each quotes site will take you about 5 minutes or less to request quotes. (Some people give details that are not really correct about themselves. You'll have to pick the best home insurance quote for you from the list of quotes you've obtained. That's all there is to it. Neverheless you could easily save hundreds of dollars. …

Big Lies About Making Money on the Internet

You have been lied to. How many of these lies have you heard?

-Our website does all the work.
-It's easy, you just place a few ads and the money starts serving in.
-If you can open an email you can do this business.
-You can use free advertising and social media to generate all of your business.

Enough of these lies!

Here is the unpopular and untold truth. No website does all of the work for you. If it was that easy what would they need you for?

It's not as easy to make money placing all those ads as you might think. Many of those ads must be renewed every day or two and depending on the product you are offering, your ads may be rejected. If you're not an experienced copywriter, your ads probably will not accomplish much.

The skill level required to succeed in a home based or internet business is just like that in any other legitimate business, it greatly exceeds the skill level necessary to open email. If you are not focused, dedicated, organized and reasonably intelligent, you will not succeed in this business.

Social media and free advertising is free for a reason. It takes a lot of time and personal effort to generate any volume of traffic at all. Google makes billions because pay per click works.

One more little complication you were probably never told about is that if you try to use Google to direct traffic to some free, replicated or knock off website, Google will slap you down by your account. The folks at Google are very serious about protecting their customers and providing the best possible search results. Maybe that is why so many so-called Gurus are pushing social media and free traffic sources. That is the only kind of traffic they can get to a replicated site. But wait there's more!

Do not get depressed. There really is a way for you to make money online. It does require effort, intelligence and using methods that actually work. You will need a non-replicated original website with a unique domain name. You will need a Google campaign that is managed correctly, most likely by a professional. You will need a good, stand alone, high profit product to sell so that after you go to all the trouble of building a website and generating traffic, you can actually make some money.

What most Gurus want to do is sell you a course that they make money on, then sign you up for all of the affiliate programs that they make money on and then keep you enrolled in some ongoing program that they make money on. None of that pays you!

What you need to do is carefully select a product that you believe in, build a website designed around that one product and use Google to direct targeted traffic to your website. It is not easy being an internet millionaire, but it is not rocket science either. …

How Do You Approach Jobs, Career or Life in General?

I was chatting to a good friend this week, were talking about our careers and how we have arrived at where we are now. If you stopped a few people along the street and asked them the same question, I can not imagine that their responses would be the same?

Since then, I've given this some more thought and spoken to some of the people in my circle to find out their journey story. Bear in mind that the people I spoke to were from a real mix of backgrounds. For some, their career was a high flying city job, others it was being a parent. I quickly realized that even though people may have ended up in different vocations, we typically find ourselves driven and motivated by different things and this in turn determinates our approach to work (in whatever format!)

I've outlined what I think are the 3 main approaches (although there are many in between) and also included some activities for you to try at the end of the article.

Striving for a challenge?

This is the person who notices that over time the task is getting easier and more comfortable. They tend to start lose interest at this point if the activity loses its challenge – this could have been in a job or hobby, or other activity. For some people this is viewed in a different way. They 'get the hang' of something and then step it up a gear. They decide that it's time for a change or new challenge and take action to do something about it. This could be to take on extra responsibility, a promotion or looking for a new opportunity elsewhere.

Ticking along nicely?

There are some people who would think the above type of person above is driven, ambitious and frankly a bit too fast paced! For the person who is content to tick along nicely, their preferred approach is to coast along, comfortable and highly capable in whatever they work at.

This is a conscious decision – maintaining is not bad. This tend to be a favorite way for some because it's easy and can achieve a good work / life balance. They are competent and wont get stressed when faced with obstacles. They may only decide to make a change when their life circumstances force them, or they become angry or resentful towards their employer.

Always looking for something else?

Some people are never really sure what they want.

They'll go with the flow if partnered with someone who seeks challenge, enjoying the ride and the excitement that goes with it. They might think about pursuing different career paths frequently trying to find their dream job. They might even try two or three different options in quick success, hoping to get lucky and find the activity that is the right one for them.

So, why bother thinking about this? Surely we all have a different approach to life, careers and activities for enjoyment?

It got me thinking …

Government Grants For Debt Relief – Federal Hardship Grants

President Obama has dedicated billions of dollars to the government grants for debt relief. These programs are designed for federal hardship assistance. An American citizen that is at least 18 years old can be eligible for aid if they can prove that they are financially devastated.

The Obama administration understands that there can be many different kinds of personal liabilities. That is why the government has made numerous federal hardship programs in order to help a wide variety of financial difficulties. Individuals can apply for one or several programs to help with their specific financial situations.

Here are the basic types of government grants that are available to American citizens:

Housing – There are 6 housing programs available. Some help you negotiate for a loan modification.

Business – This area has 3 programs that address most of the areas of business debt.

Education – There are 6 kinds of programs available including help with burdensome student loans.

Personal – This area has 4 kinds of programs available.

Medical – There are 9 programs available for various types of medical expenses.

The government wants to help individuals that have the worst financial conditions. You should prepare a list of your liabilities, living expenses and income to prove that you are desperately in need of a government grant for debt relief. Make sure every number and description match the ones that you put on the application. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly without neglecting any requested information.

In addition, read each application carefully because every one will have its own unique requirements. For example, the deadline dates may be different between programs. Also, some applications might require several years of tax records. You might be asked for more proof of income and assets such as bank statements, stock certificates, property deeds and rental property contracts.

Typically, the government aid can range from $500 to $20,000. These programs may pay nearly 60{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc} of all your liabilities. The first thing that you should pay off is the credit card with the highest rate or the biggest balance. This will save you from paying anymore high interest costs. In addition, it is one of the fastest ways to give your credit rating a boost.

The federal hardship assistance programs can dramatically reduce the amount of money that you owe and allow you to get a fresh start. Do not wait too long because the funds will not last forever.…

A Simple Perspective To Make Money Online

As working professionals, there are times that we feel like we are in a rut. We are stuck in a nine hour job that we do not fully love and because of exhaustion, we swear that if there are other ways to earn money, we will go for it. Well, here it goes. People now make money online. And how do they do this? They work at home and perform jobs and tasks with the help of the Internet. This is the perfect time for people to earn money without leaving the comforts of your home. There are so many options provided and it is up to us to grab one of them.

The recession has been brutal since it started returning its' ugly head. But it does not have to be all doom and gloom for us. We have to take advantage of the options presented to us and those who are cautiously optimistic go to the Internet and make money online.

People are getting laid off left and right but the work-at-home jobs are gradually increasing. The demands for people to help online marketing is increasing and this good news for people who want to stay at home but still earn a living or for those people who want to earn extra money.

But be wary, though. Not all online jobs can lead to money. You have to be discerning of the information you read; a lot of scams are scattered all over the web and this is no different. One thing is for sure: If you are asked to pay or buy something upfront, it is usually a scam. So stay away from those. One downside of working at home to make money online is that you do not have the benefits of a regular job like a health card but this is no issue because for sure, before you take this route, you already know this bit of information.

So again, beware of scams. Do not put out money. If you are unsure of the information, research more or ask those people in the know especially the ones who are already working at home. They will provide you with information about this.

Making money online is usually centered on starting up a business. Occasionally you will learn how to sell products or render service and with this, you will get your clients. This is one of the ways in which you can make money online in a very honest manner. Do not take short cuts, this usually leads to failure.

There are qualities that will make an excellent person to work and make money online. The individual must be self-reliant, quick on the uptake, creative, organized and have good time management. With these attributes at hand, you will surely make a lot of money.

Again, the benefits of working online is the fact that you do not have to go out, dress up and face heavy traffic. You can just be in your pajamas, in your …

Trading Large Cap Stocks – Beginning

Like many stock market investors / traders, I too, lost my shirt in the nineties. High-tech stocks always seemed to offer such huge returns, and when you analyzed the charts they looked like can not miss opportunities. But as the decade wore on my stock portfolio value went on a steady nose dive. Until it actually became non-existent.

At the time I was looking for stocks to hold for a few months, and then sell. Stocks that were likely to increase in a short time. I read all the books, learned fundamental and technical analysis, created and back tested stock trading systems. Subscribed to all the newsletters, the services, the gurus, and jumped around in my opinions so much, that even when I was right, I did not allow my correctness time to pay off. Self-doubt, gut wrenching anxiety, not to mention unnecessary stress on an already dysfunctional marriage all added to my panicking. And the inevitable loss of my entire account.

Through it all I made right buys and short sells, but my convictions was never very strong, I could not stand the fluctuation of hi-tech stocks, and had no idea when to keep my position and when to dump it. Usually I would dump winners at the exact worst time, and keep losers for way too long. I tried system trading, but great weary of systems that worked when back testing but not in real time. In short, I went broke, lost my marriage, my house, and my confidence.

Around 2001, I began sniffing around the market again. Now, though I had no money to trade with. However I remembered a time right at the end of 1999. When I had traded GE, several times successfully, it was in a nice up trend, with sufficient timely dips that allowed buying opportunities, and timely spots to also sell. I began wondering if I could buy and sell large cap stocks, and make a profit. I began, again pouring over charts, it was easier now, with the Internet, you could do it for free. I studied household names, and not so household names but always stocks over 5 billion in capitalization. In 2002, I began paper trading, based on a few quick judgments I made about chart formations, and using a few basic indicators. I did this in real time

I had no money to trade, now going through an expensive divorce, that was to leave me actually broke for 3 years. I, still was fascinated with the idea of ​​using large cap stocks, and the fascination kept me paper trading. I found these advantages to large caps; One they had real value, not blue sky. So often, hi-tech and biotech's only had future earnings to offer. Large caps had real value, real property, real learning, etc. Information on them was readily available. I learned during the nineties, I will never have the latest information on stocks. But with large caps you do not really need it. Large caps charts …

Blue Shield Dental Insurance – An Honest Review

Health insurance is a hot topic these days but dental insurance can be just as complicated and as important. Oral health care has been linked to conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Traditional dental plans cover individuals or families. Buying into a dental plan generally reduces out-of-pocket expenses depending on which services are covered at 100{4917788a0bd7aa7369c2a945027b4fe6c9853cda4150a24fe1255b18ce3083dc}. Major services are generally covered at a certain percentage. The cost of these plans depends on the services within the scope of the dental plan. Blue Shield Dental Insurance offers different solutions for dental care through HMO, PPO and SmileNet.

Blue Shield Dental Insurance HMO and PPO offer hundreds to thousands of choices for the selection of a dentist in your location. HMO’s cover preventive services (cleanings and x-rays), basic services (fillings, extractions), and major surgical and restorative services (crowns, root canals), and orthodontics (braces). HMO’s have no claim forms that need to be sent in and has predictable out of pocket expenses. PPO’s offer much of the same as the HMO but you have the choice of going out-of-network for dental care, which may incur more out-of-pocket expenses, or staying in-network. PPO’s do not require a referral form if you need a specialist unlike an HMO. Dentist in HMO and PPO programs are contracted with the insurance company to accept a reduced fee.

SmileNet is a discount dental program by Blue Shield Dental Insurance. Currently it is only offered in California. Enrollment is easy and requires no waiting periods or health questionnaires. There is no disqualification for pre-existing conditions. There are also no claim forms or annual deductibles. Pre-approved dentists accept a discounted fee which is collected at the time of service. Individual policies are $80.00/year and family policies are $120.00/year. A one time $20.00 administrative fee is paid to the insurance company. The SmileNet policy is renewed once a year.…

How to Make Hair Grow Faster – FAQs

Ladies and Gentlemen, this article is relevant to both of you, so have a quick read. Are you having problems with thinning hair? Do you not have as much self confidence as a few years ago? Well why don’t you get off your backside and take some action? Within this article I will answer a few of the most common questions on how to make hair grow faster. After all, its a pretty widely discussed topic, with many unanswered questions.


1. Do the so called ‘experts’ know what they are talking about? – The answer is of course yes. Some of the methods they are using are revolutionary. But remember, all that research, expensive equipment costs and advertising has to be paid by someone. And it will be the consumer. The other thing you have to remember is that its not in these guys best interest to sell you a cheap product which works. They will want to sell you an expensive product which works, most likely with ongoing payments similar to Rogaine!

2. What should I do with Split Ends? – This mostly applies to women (and men with thinning long hair). These need to be removed, and the hair trimmed as much as possible within the first few weeks. The split ends will run all the way down to budding hair follicles and inhibit new growth. This will be your first step to help make hair grow faster.

3. I have heard of Mira Hair Oil, what is it, and how can it help? – Mira hair oil contains 15 herbs, two of which are Jaswand (Hibiscus) extract and fenugreek extract. These two alone have been proven to have very successful results. The oil will help banish split ends, protect and restore damaged hair and promote fast hair growth by nourishing you hair and scalp, just to name a few! Its a miracle oil to be honest. Very popular in this day and age.

4. What about diet and exercise? – Its a bit of a no brainer really. Of course a healthy diet and frequent exercise will help! Plus you will feel much better about yourself physically and mentally. Your diet will need to consist of plenty of keratinized protein, whilst popping an amino acid capsule each day will also help make hair grow faster.

5. I have heard some of the expensive products contain chemicals, is that true? – Due to the fact there is a massive demand for people wanting to to make hair grow fast, there has been a huge influx of prescription type drugs available to the average Joe Bloggs. Most use pretty harsh chemical to clean the scalp, which in turn helps promote blood circulation and hair growth. Personally, I think its a much better idea to use natural products to do the same thing, even if it takes a touch longer. Less risk of something going wrong and causing more harm than good!…

Online Accident Attorney And Personal Injury Lawyers

In the flash of a second, an auto accident can seriously alter your life. Know that if you have suffered an ill-fated auto accident with no fault of yours, by the law of the land, you have every right to receive compensation. Please read the following and find out the proper procedures you have to undertake to claim liability.

Some of the most common accidents happening on our roads today are:

  • caused by hit-and-run
  • between Car-Pedestrian
  • involving car-Motorcycle
  • caused by Car-Bicycle
  • involving buses
  • accidents caused by road debris

There are certain Do's and Don'ts that you have to follow:

Crucial do's to follow after an auto accident:

  • Call the cops: When the police arrive they will make a formal report and identify the guilty party.
  • Visit a doctor or hospital: Most of the time, we are unaware of certain injuries that are caused by auto accidents. The doctor will help create a report which states all the medical problems incurred by the accident. Doctor's records always win big points in court.
  • Find information: Make a list that includes contact details of all the people who were in the car / vehicle, eye-witnesses etc. Importantly, obtain license plate numbers, insurance knowledge, VIN details, etc.
  • Start Shooting: Always carry a decent disposable camera in your car so that you have a detailed and lucid account of the accident. Remember that the things you consider minor may end up being the most important. On many occasions, people do not make records and this is detrimental to receiving compensation.
  • Contact an auto personal injury attorney: A skilled car accident attorney will help you tackle the people from the insurance agencies, discuss the accident with the other drivers, and make a formal account of all the injuries caused due to the accident.

Crucial do's to avoid after an accident:

  • Never admit to being guilty: Auto accident procedures are complicated and lengthy and you should never give an admission of fault. After minute investigation, it may be diagnosed that it really was not your fault in the first place. Those who admit to being guilty may not be compensated.
  • Never runaway from the crime scene: Even if you were at fault, this reduces your chances of receiving compensation. Furthermore, it is illegal.
  • Do not wait for anyone: Do not lose time in calling up the insurance companies and hiring a lawyer. The more you delay the less your chances of achieving compensation. Remember that hiring a personal injury lawyer will only increase the chances of you getting compensated.
  • Do not sign any papers, at all: Do not sign anything that requires a signature unless you have consulted a skilled and completed lawyer.

Accidents are hard on those who have suffered and their family and friends. Keep your cool, and if you have done absolutely no harm, refrain from freaking out. Do maintain all records and mostly hire a profitable attorney. …