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Who Loves Money – Does Who Loves Money Need To Be Asked?

Kyle and Carson are asking the Internet marketing community this question. The name of their new product is Who Loves Money and it will be released on Tuesday May 1st. So, of course the question posed by these two of Wealthy Affiliate fame is rhetorical. Everyone knows you love money. It's up to Kyle and Carson to convince you it is their product that can help put more money in your pocket. Will it help you?

Who Loves Money is not out yet so no one knows for sure, but I am guessing it will. Why? because these two have a long history of promoting and creating successful, quality, products. Kyle & Carson have shown a sincere concern for their customers and for helping you, especially if you are an Internet marketing beginner, to use as little capital as possible to start making money online.

More so, they run The Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most successful and popular memberships on the web. Hundreds of people have followed a step by step process to generating online income with this membership. I have outgrown the focus of that group, but I am a former member, and think the training and information I received during my time there to be invaluable, and to be directly responsible for much of the profit I have made doing Internet marketing online.

Even better, these two have years of experience with zero capital Internet marketing. Also, Travis Sago, the pioneer of The Bum Marketing Method, has a good relationship with Kyle and Carson. In case you have not heard of it, Bum Marketing is the skill of making money online with no cost, or very little, cost. Travis is a Wealthy Affiliate member and a regular forum contributor. This is a massive amount of experience and I believe it when Kyle and Carson say Who Loves Money will blow the lid off the Internet marketing industry and expose unheard of opportunities to generate money online with little or no capital up front.