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Unique Ways to Change Your Relationship With Money

Thinking about money in terms of being in a relationship is not the way we normally think about it. Yet, we relate with everything in our life experience, be it a person, the earth, our car, and our money. We are in relationship with it all. Think of yourself as a relationship partner with everything you come in contact with to some degree or another.

So how do you know if you need to change as a relationship partner with money and how exactly do you do that? I have just the thing for you.

First of all, look at your bank balances, your debt balance (s), your paid and unpaid invoices, your income, your savings and investments. These are the aspects of money that you are in relationship with specifically. Rate the quality of each aspect from 1-10, 10 being great, 1 being just awful. Now, this is the quality of your relationship with this particular aspect of money. Each aspect means something a little differently. This is why I have broken it down this way. You have relationships with multiple aspects of money.

If your ratings are less than 8, it is time to admit that you and this particular aspect of money need to change. You need to become much better friends, in fact, you need to be the best of friends! Some people like to think of their relationship as two lovers in love.

It only takes one person to change in a relationship for the whole relationship to change! That is good news for you since you never really have control over other people, places, things, or even money.

Let's take income as the particular aspect of money that you would like to become best friends with. If your income is not flowing to you in a consistent way, if you experience feast or famine, or if money only comes to you when you are in trouble and you're about to lose everything, these situations will reveal to you what you believe about your ability to receive and / or how much value you believe that you have, particularly in the business world.

How do you react to the inconsistent flow of income in your life, and how does it make you feel? Chances are, you may feel very stressed out and triggered to react in a fight / flight / freeze survival pattern. This could be a response similar to your conflict response in other relationships. You become a responsive partner when things get tough.

Do you become a victim to your income and blame other people for not seeing your value or do you blame circumstances (economy) for it not showing up? Perhaps you expect money to show up because you demanded that it would because, after all, you worked so hard for it, therefore, it should reward you. You could be sabotaging yourself by not reaching out and asking for what you want and need from a place of knowing it is there for you.

Tap into that part of yourself that can respond to stress from a position of peace and strength, not conflict. You must realize that it is your reaction to your current circumstance with money, which is who you are being, that creates your next experience.

Appreciate and know that the energy of money flows to where it is appreciated, paid attention to, and wanted. This seems rather than simple, yet, so many of my clients have discovered that this is where they have blocked their income from coming to them.

All significant change must first begin as an inside job, the job of becoming a loving and appreciative relationship partner, just as you would in any relationship. Just as you would like to be grateful yourself!