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Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is specifically designed to protect you and family from unexpected medical adversities and much more in a foreign land. An appropriate travel health insurance policy also covers evacuation expenses incidental to a medical emergency or flying back for treatment.

Cover You can custom build a cover as will be suitable to you. You can combine monthly or daily periods, which is convenient for your budget. However, covers are available from 10 days upto 2 years. Coverage end on following points- whiche occurs earlier:

  1. Your return to your Home Country
  2. The date shown on the ID Card, for which plan cost has been paid
  3. The date you are no longer eligible under this plan

In addition, you will also want assistance in case of robbery or lost cash and arranging an evacuation

Plans You have your plate full in planning your trip. But you can not ignore selecting a plan that makes available the right coverage. Each visa has certain requirements for most eligible travel health insurance plans which can be a starting point to build over. Available plans range from basic to comprehensive policies accommodating trips of up to 35 days. Plans are packaged for individuals, groups, businesses and by definition include coverages such as terrorism, hazardous sport, emergency medical evacuation and more. Unfortunately, employer sponsored plans often do not go beyond emergency care and often they are burdened with the responsibility of provising it's an emergency. Organized groups can choose from our wide range of group plans. Beyond this, there are certain plans that are far more comprehensive that carry higher levels of coverage.

Travel health insurance premiums are predetermined in agreement with regulations, so it is more or less the same across the spectrum of companies and there is no point in wasting your time searching around in the last minute. Clarify the technical terms, jargons and conditions that concern eligibility benefits, limitations and exclusions.

Expenses It is obvious that heath care expenses in an abroad country can be significantly higher and not to mention the cost medical transportation and countless travelers pay the price because their domestic health care plan provides hardly any coverage for medical expenses outside their country. But with an appropriate travel health insurance plan under your belt, you hardly need to worry about unexpected expenses such as hospital treatment, medical expenses, and sudden illness. If anything, it is your deductible, coinsurance amounts and non-eligible expenses that you need to pay up. But keep in mind that charges which exceed 'reasonable and customary charges' or investigational surgeries & treatments are out of the scope of most travel health insurance plans.