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Time Management of Your Business And Personal Life

Time Management of business and private life is like dancing on a rope just under the roof in the circus. The most important, giving and supportive part of our lives is time with the life we ​​fully enjoy, money or no money. That will normally be our private lives while business and work life is a different matter, another kind of passion.

Where Did The Hours Go To?

Having started a business, can be internet business or offline no matter which one, does change daily routines and can make us forget how to smartly and effectively divide the limited hours available for work, business and personal life.

It is so easy time-wise to overwhelm the business-part of life. I have seen many business peoples life suffer because they are so absorbed in their business that they do not even realize that they are forgetting their personal life.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

I know business people who still do not understand when they find themselves increasingly alone and, even when a good friend dares the friendship and suggests some different ways to manage time, their comment is:

"Oh, I do not need managing my time better, I already manage my time perfectly well."

Actually so well that their personal life is getting destroyed.

The day they realize this is when they sit by themselves in a big mess thinking: "What Happened? Where did it go wrong?"

I do not want this to happen to you.

Best Way

I think there is a best way for everyone to exercise time management when organizing business and personal hours.

First remember the reason we work hard to get the business better, to get more freedom and time for all the things we dream about.

But without thinking about exactly how and where every days 24 hours are spent you risk jeopardizing everything including all dreams for yourself and the ones close to you.

I do not mean you have to say like: From 8.45 to 9.00 am I am doing so and so but it is important to take the time to nourish the two areas business and personal life.

Easy Ways To Learn Basic Time Management

Today it is not at all difficult to find free super tools to help manage your time the way you want it, and It will save you unnecessary confrontations that are not supporting your efforts for an improved lifestyle.

I am not a super technical person so as a principle I always choose tools and applications that are easy to handle. These tools make it possible for you to really get a realistic picture of how you now spend your time. Doing this is quite revealing and you might get surprised. I know I did and I certainly had not expected that.

Get That Precious Picture of YOUR Time

Here are a few basic areas where you can start out evaluating per day, week or month how much time you in reality spend where:

  • how much time it takes you to get ready in the morning
  • transport time every day
  • time spent on email accounts, business and private
  • phone time, calls, texting, business and private
  • how long time do you use doing actual business related work
  • watching TV or just having the TV running and distracting you from other things
  • shopping for necessities / non-necessities
  • time spent exercising, jogging, walking or some other kind of physical effort
  • time spent on interruptions and breaks
  • time spent with closest family and friends
  • sleeping time

and so much more I am sure you can detail.

So make life easier for yourself and choose the shorter road on your journey to the lifestyle you want.

Pia Balling


Women's Online Business