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The Twin Forces of Making Money Online – Writing Simple eBooks and Short Articles

Content is king online and the more you have of it, the better. But all content is not created equal and articles and ebooks rule supreme.

Why? Because articles are a free way of sharing your expertise with your readers. Since they can find your articles online for free, think of articles as a free sample for your prospects.

You get to share your expertise with them and they can decide whether they want to hear more from you by clicking on the link in your resource box. Articles really are a great way to get free traffic to your website.

eBooks are the optimal way to make money online. They are simple to understand, create and sell online. All you need is the software you already have on your computer and some free services you can find online to produce your products and create your simple website.

You will have to invest $ 49 as a one-time fee at Clickbank.com so they can handle your order processing, but that is a small price to pay for the service. They give you access to over 150,000 affiliates who will gladly promote your website in exchange for a commission. Truly, it is a win / win situation.

"I am Not That Good At Writing"
This is a phrase I hear often. Many people falsely believe that you have to be some kind of journalist or have a degree to write ebooks – nothing could be further from the truth.

While you need a certain level of professionalism, writing ebooks and articles comes down to having a conversation with your readers. Here is how you can quickly create articles and ebooks without any hassles.

Writing an Article – Keeping it Simple
Think about the topic you want to write about, the area of ​​your expertise. What are some of the biggest problems people face? Write them down. Now, pick one of the problems and write down 5 or 7 things that can do to solve their problem or achieve success.

Under each of these items or steps, you are going to write 2 to 3 sentences explaining what they need to do. Add an introduction at the beginning where you talk about the problem and how you are going to help them solve it and add a concluding few sentences and you have just written an article.

Ready to write an eBook fast?

Writing an eBook – Keeping it Simple
Now you can spend a lot of time, effort and money researching, writing and editing your first draft, but I have a better way to do it.

Take that article you just wrote and add a few sub-topics under each of the 5 or 7 steps. Then expand on each of the sub-topics by writing 3 to 4 more sentences about the sub-topic.

Throw in a few personal examples of how you followed the 7 steps and share the results you achieved. You might even want to add a few links to websites where they can get more information or provide a story about someone else who has had success overcoming the problem.

Add in a one page introduction and end with a one page conclusion that includes a call to action and you just created your first ebook. It can be that simple. Even making the Table of Contents is automated thanks to Word.

Creating Profitable Content – Yes You Can!
My point is that it is simple to become an author and create profitable content in a few easy steps. Start today because your future as a rich published author awaits you.

Imagine the amount of traffic you could drive to your site from free articles. Imagine if you could sell just one or two ebooks a week, how would your life change?

What if you were able to sell it for $ 27 and you sell only one per day – how would your life change? Dramatically, right?

What are you waiting for? Start writing articles and ebooks today!