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The Secret to Attracting Money With Wealth Affirmations

Many people these days are searching to understand the secret to attracting money.

Wealth affirmations are probably the best place to start.

What are affirmations for wealth?

Wealth affirmations are positive sentences written in present tense that are used methodically to change the a persons negative habits of thought towards money, into abundant easy flowing ones.

Once you can change the way you think about money, your financial status must shift.

The sentence “you are what you think” is true and in the heart of everything.

The only reason some earn more than others is because of the way they conceive and understand money.

That is the secret to attracting money

Law of attraction:

Law of attraction means that all particles have attraction power that draws others of the same nature to each other. That is simply the way our universe works.

To understand more about this concept simply watch the movie “The secret” and you will get a good basic idea of how law of attraction works.

If you learn to change the way you observe money using wealth affirmations, law of attraction must bring you more abundance.

Now that you understand the basics of the secret to attracting money, here is a simple process you can use with your wealth affirmations.

1. Write down three affirmations for wealth you want to work on (if you want to learn how to create an affirmations simply follow the link written below)

2. Sit every morning for around 30 minutes in a quite room where you will not be disturbed

3. Clear you mind with meditation or any other form of relaxation technique you know (listening to happy music is also a great way).

4.Read you first wealth affirmation and visualize yourself already achieving the goal that is written. See yourself enjoying abundance and wealth and find how it feels to you.

Do this as if you were actually acting out the scenes and focus on the emotions behind them.

These emotions are anchors that hold allot of pulling power.

5.Do this process for about 10 minutes then move on to the next one.

6.Once you have finished all three simply let it all go and continue with your day.

If you you use this simple wealth affirmations process for at least four weeks, you will start seeing positive changes in your experience. At first, you will feel more relaxed towards money and later positive things will start manifesting all around you.