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The Lowest Term Life Insurance Rates – Your Down and Dirty Guide to Rock Bottom Term Insurance Rates

Finding the lowest term life insurance rates does not have to be a stressful situation. Especially if you've taken the time to familiarize yourself with the down and dirty ways to effectively lower your insurance costs. If you know the how to lower your rates then finding the best deal is as easy as making a phone call or logging onto the Internet.

But if you want to make the big savings then you will probably need to make some lifestyle changes to get your rates rock bottom.

Let's look at the top factors that term life insurance companies use to decide rates:

Smoking – A huge factor that you can change by being smoke free for a minimum of 13 months prior to applying for your insurance.

Height Weight Ratio – The Insurance companies use relatively simple formulas to determine what is obese, check your height and weight ratios to see where you need to be to considered healthy and make every effort to achieve those stats.

High Risk Activities – If you are a thrill seeker then it will have an effect on your pocket book. Insurance companies do not like high-risk individuals. So consider trading out BASE Jumping for a more "normal" sport.

On-The-Job Risks – If you have a high-risk occupation, due either to high stress levels or safety risks then this too will reflect in your monthly promotions. Consider changing careers or getting a raise to cover the increased monthly expenses.

How To Find The Lowest Term Life Insurance Rates Fast.