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Term Life Insurance for a Person with Spina Bifida

If you, a loved one or a child suffer from the birth defect of Spina Bifida you may already know that obtaining term life insurance can be difficult and expensive. With recent advances in medical technology and procedures, however, many people with this defect are living longer, more productive lives and insurance companies are taking notice by beginning to offer more choices for such policies at rates that are typically lower than have been seen in the past.

When seeking out an insurer for such term life policies it is important to look at the insurer ratings given to the company by not only such companies as A.M. Best but by other consumers who have purchased policies from them. The last thing you want to have to deal with when you have to file a claim against the company is the insurer’s refusal or inability to pay.

Many organizations and support groups for this particular defect have lists of preferred companies to deal with who not only understand your unique situation, but also offer policies that are fairly priced and spell out clearly under what conditions they will pay. With any type of disease or defect that could ultimately lead to an untimely death you will find that insurers usually include clauses in the policy itself that specify that for a certain period of time from issuance the company will only pay a reduced amount. This is to protect them from issuing policies that might be claimed immediately because of the disease and seriously impacting their financial stability.

Your best bet for this type, and indeed all types, of life policies is to talk with your agent directly who can help you create a policy that meets your family needs as well as protect for the future. Agents are there to help you and are the direct liaison between you and your insurance company.