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Success = Feeling Good About Your Actions

One of the most challenging words to define easily is success. This is because it means so many different things to various individuals. There is no one blanketing or all – encompassing definition, but rather, meaningful success is personal in nature, and we each need to determine for ourselves what it means to us. All too often, people confuse success with merely having more financial well being, money, etc., or achievements in one’s field of endeavors. While certainly these are significant factors, many people have lots of money, recognition, achievements, etc, but are not truly successful. The questions that must be answered, by each of us individually, are: 1. How do you feel about what you do?; 2. Do you to bed at night with a clear conscience, and the realization that there is no success without absolute integrity, having a positive influence, etc?

1. Do you consistently do right by others? Is your heart actually pure, selfless and caring, or are you predominantly motivated by personal gain, or recognition, etc? Remember that while recognition and financial gain are nice, unless they are accompanied by your positive and helpful attitude, a willingness and emphasis on being fair, exhibiting empathy, fairness, and getting something meaningful to others done! Do your actions provide real value to society, others, etc? What will be your lasting legacy? In other words, what do you really stand for? Many individuals earn great financial success, but only those that do so in a way where they are helping not only themselves are truly successful!

2. How about your integrity? Is it absolute, and do you not only go through the motions of doing the right thing, but also live up to your loft words and rhetoric? What is your overall contribution to society? Are you consistently valuable to society, others, and do your actions contribute in a positive and meaningful manner? How would you describe yourself if you needed to do so under the influence of truth serum?

The greatest indicator than anyone can have of his personal success is whether he truly and consistently is able to feel good about what he does. Do your actions consistently make you feel good? Are you proud of what you do, what you represent, and the value and values you provide and represent? Do you lead by example, or do you follow the concept of do as I say, not as I do? When you go to sleep at night, is your conscience clear? Examine your priorities, motivations, and overall contributions, factor those in with the other considerations such as financial security and achievement, and only then, do you begin to understand what it really means to be a success!