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Stick Out and Stick With Your Most Valuable Business Insurance Leads

OK, as an insurance agent you know the importance of selling to other businesses. A business owner can be a valuable referral source of insurance leads to any agent; so it's a source you definitely should pursue. But the real trick is getting your message to stick in the mind of that other business prospect.

If you are like many agents, you no doubt attend various social functions designed to introduce you to potential prospects in other businesses. Most cities or regions have organizations like the Chamber or Commerce that exist to promote business. These organizations are valuable to join for several reasons. For one, membership in them gives you increased legitimacy in the eyes of your current clients. In addition, almost all these organizations regularly hold events designed to get business people introduced to each other in a semi-formal setting.

Events like "Business After Hours" or "Networking at Noon" can put you in contact with other business people, but it's vital for you to follow-up with the Most Valuable Prospects (MVPs) you meet at these events. Here are some quick tips:

1. Enter the MVP's business card into your database.

This seems basic yet many insurance agents are purely toss the business card in a file somewhere. You need it accessible via your database so you can look them up instantly whenever you need to. Also, make sure you enter at least a ten to twenty word "note" about that person. These little "memory-joggers" are extremely handy.

2. Write a follow-up letter within two days.

This follow-up is not an email, it is a follow-up letter. Old-fashioned, post office mail. Write it on your company letterhead. If you have a formal "thank-you card" you use that's great, too; just make sure it has your company logo and contact info on it. The letter does not need to be long, just polite. And, make sure you enter one relevant fact about that person in the letter (pull it from the note you entered in the database, if need be).

3. Enclose a promotional item to reinforce your agency in the mind of this insurance lead.

The letter makes you "stick out" in the MVP's mind. Not one in ten people they met at the event will send a follow-up through the mail. The promotional item will help you "stick with" this business insurance lead . A fridge magnet is a solid choice because it hangs around for months or even years.

Remember, joining and attending networking functions are great, but you must Stick Out and Stick With your prospects to get them to either refer you or do business with you.