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Revealed Little Known Secrets to Uncover Your Unclaimed Money

We are revealing the governments secret. There is over $ 35 BILLION in unclaimed cash in the United States owed to people nationwide! Chances are you have on idea how likely it is that some of the unclaimed funds are owed to you and your family. Oprah Winfrey stated as many as 8 out of 9 Americans are owed unclaimed cash. This article will tell you how to find and claim your unclaimed cash and get a check in your mail box!


You may think there is no way you have lost money. Unclaimed cash may be money you never knew exhausted, like an inheritance or child savings account. It may come from accounts you lost track of over the years like stocks or dividends.

The most common types of Unclaimed Cash are:

o Savings and checking accounts and safe deposit box contents

o Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends

o Uncashed cashier's checks or money orders

o IRS refunds

o Wages, child support payments

o Matured or terminated insurance policies

o Estates

o Mineral interests and royalty payments, trust funds, and escrow accounts

o The list goes on and on …

Unclaimed cash is deposited by the institutions where the money was held after they had not had contact from you for about 3 years and were unable to reach you with the contact information listed on the account.

The money is then turned over to the state or federal government for holding until it is claimed. Since you are not aware your money is being turned over as "unclaimed cash" most people never even think to look for it. And if you did think to look for it, where would you need to look?


Unclaimed cash can be searched through state databases, using your name, but often these searches will not find accounts that are owed to you. This is because they only search the database in one state and even if you have only lived in one state your whole life you may have money that is in another state or federal database. Searching one state database will not find that money.

To avoid have to search 50 state and multiple federal databases you should utilize an all-in-one database that searches all state and federal databases with one simple search.

Bill McIntosh, Founder of Cashunclaimed.com and all-in-one database, states, "It is important to search your name and the names of your relatives and friends." Most sites, like Bill's, allow unlimited free name searches that will tell you if the name you searched has an account that is owed money. Bill also stated, "good sites will also search name variations to ensure your money is found even if it is listed under a variation of your legal name."


TIP: Remember to search variations of your legal name. For example, William Ford may be listed as Bill Ford, W. Ford, etc.


Once you have found your unclaimed cash the claims process is relatively simple. You fill out a claim form and submit it to the state or federal agency holding the funds. Usually you are required to submit proof of identification. This may be a drivers license and / or birth certificate. On occasion, you are also required to submit proof of ownership or entitlement to an account, as is the case with inheritances claims.

The checks are usually processed within 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the speed of the organization.

So now the secrets out! It is really that simple to get a check from unclaimed cash in your mailbox!