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Personal Review About The Latest WinZip

WinZip 11.1 is the latest version that supports Windows Vista. We often download large numbers of files such as video / audio files, games, E-journal, Flash animations, applications and so on from websites which provide download free. But we will find that the space of our hard disk does not big enough to store so many files and data sooner or later. That makes our computer running more and more slowly and astatically. We usually compress the files in order to saving enough space to store more data and files. So one excellent software that create compressed archives is very important for us. Which one do you use commonly, such as WINARJ, UC, LHA, ACE32, WinRAR etc? WinZip is my favorite archive in numerous of compression tools. Did you use WinZip before? I think it is an ideal solution for us to create and manage compressed archives. If you are looking for a archive I recommend WinZip to you and I can insure that you will love it soon.

The latest WinZip is the original Zip file utility for Windows, and by far the most popular. It allows us to quickly and easily compress and decompress files, folders, and entire folder trees to save storage space, reduce e-mail transmission time, and efficiently archive documents and more. The program offers a classic (advance) interface, as well as a wizard which will guide new users through the archiving / decompression progress. Features include zip / unzip, one-click Zip and E-mail, Favorite Zip Folders and more. In addition to .ZIP files, WinZip can also decode several popular Internet file formats, including MIME, UUEncode, XXEncode, TAR, BinHex, and others.

The main features and specifications of the latest WinZip include: Burn new and existing zip files directly to CD or DVD; FTP upload new and existing zip files; Email zip file and logs on WinZip job completion; Run WinZip jobs from a history list of recent jobs; View full-size compressed images directly from our zip file; Predefined data backup jobs; Create custom, automated zipping tasks (WinZip jobs); Scheduling capabilities for running zip jobs; Command line support (separate download); Display Thumbnails in WinZip explorer style view; Best compression changes compression method based on file type; Improved compression for audio files (wav); Extract from .bz2 and .rar files; Attachment management support; Quick file selection; Automatic update checking; Flexible interface; wizard and classic; Tight integration with Windows; Large zip file support; 128- and 256-Bit AES encryption; E-mail support (including one click zip & e-mail); Split zip file capability; Create self-extracting archives and so on.

The additional features include: WinZip supports the 64-bit extended format eliminates existing restrictions on Zip file size and capacity, and supports enhanced deflate compression for even greater compression of many types of files. WinZip 11.1 is the latest version that supports Windows Vista. Supports Vista-style toolbar and program icons. Support for 64-bit Windows Vista and XP as well as 32-bit Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. MSI Packed for Easy, Customizable Installation WinZip 11.1 offers a thumbnail image view and automatic compression selection ) and the ability to open .BZ2 and .RAR files. WinZip 11.1 Pro adds expanded data backup functionality and includes a new internal image viewer that allows us to browse through multiple images within the Zip file.

In a word, the developer of WinZip wanted to ensure ease of use for the average home user with its simple, clean, great looking interface, but included features for even the most demanding, high user internet users.