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Personal Branding – The Foundation Of Massive Success

The concept of using personal branding to spread the word or market a product is one that can be traced back many centuries. During ancient Roman times, leaders were known for decorating money with their faces plastered across the outside of coins. Today, where would KFC be without the Colonel or Wendy's without Dave Thomas' freckle-faced girl? Personal branding has without a doubt become an easily recognizable approach towards marketing a business, product, or service.

Throughout history, the technique has garnered widespread recognition and respect that has been used to capture the attention of the public. Successful individuals are able to also get what they want out of life and any business pursuits they may approach. Personal branding may also be used to boost the sales of a product, especially when their name becomes associated with a particular approach or system. This is seen with concepts, such as Pilates or the Atkins Diet. This same technique has also been used through history as a way to spread and develop religion, including Buddhism.

In the world of business, extreme success comes when an individual becomes connected to a particular career where as soon as their name is mentioned, the majority of people across the nation (and even sometimes the world) take notice or can identify. This is seen in noticeable personalities, such as Mozart, Einstein, and even more recently – Oprah, Madonna, and Bill Gates.

All of the above have been able to take an aspect of their life and share it with the world to the point that they have become a trusted representation of their trade. Oprah is known as such a successful media personality and entrepreneur that people purchase her pick for Book of the Month. Madonna can do no wrong in the entertainment business, as she has built a solid career spanning numerous decades. When news of computers and the advancement of technology hit the headlines, it is Bill Gates that tends to find his way into most software-related conversations.

To start on the path towards successful personal branding, there are plenty of seminars, books, and marketed techniques. An individual must also learn how to self-package their image for the world to accept. These efforts should be approached as a way to manage a profession, where the public can easily identify and communicate with an image that appears unique or compelling enough to create a response.