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Money Saving Tips For B & B Owners – 5 Top Tips

1. Get Some Chickens!

When you run a B & B you get through a lot of eggs, either in cooked breakfasts in the morning or when you are baking for your guests. If you have some land, buying a few hens will be a worthy investment and the guests will love to see where their eggs have come from. Your chickens will also recycle your leftovers into chicken manure which creates great fertilizer for the garden.

2. Freeze Your Bread

I only found out this year that bread freezes really well. I was always getting frustrated at having to throw away half loaves left over from breakfast. So when you buy a crusty loaf, cut it in half and put half in the freezer. It will defrost really well in the microwave and taste like fresh.

3. Freeze Your Sausages

Sausages do not last very long in the fridge. So as soon as you get them home, lay them out on a tray individually. Put the tray in the freezer and when they are frozen, put them in a plastic bag and put back into the freezer. You can then take them out as you need it – defrost in the microwave, overnight in the freezer or cook from frozen (do make sure they are well cooked in the middle).

4. Pick Blackberries

Blueberry muffins taste delicious and blueberries are very trendy in the UK at the moment. Unfortunately they are very expensive and nearly always imported. Instead, during blackberry season in the Autumn, pick masses of blackberries and store them in the freezer. They freeze beautifully and you can use them from frozen to put into your muffin mix.

5. Use EcoBalls instead of Washing Liquid

EcoBalls are used in the washing machine in place of detergent. Whilst being good for the environment, they also save money on detergent and water and electricity. Because you are not using detergent you do not need to run the clothes through a rinse cycle. They also naturally soften the clothes so you will not need fabric conditioner.