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Money Is a Good Servant, But a Bad Master

Money is the second God – goes the saying. In a sense, that is true. The wheel of the whole universe of activities centers around one point-money. Money buys wealth, happiness, even love sometimes. Mankind all over the world kneels down to it. Truly speaking, there is hardly any job on earth that money can not accomplish.

True, money is very powerful. But what is the nature of its power? Being a part and parcel of our daily life, does it deserve the honor we give it?

As a matter of fact, money is a good servant but a bad master. It serves you best- with anything, in any way. But if you worship it, it conquers you wholly. Then you cease to be yourself. Not only that, you can not be a good servant as well.

In this regard, one thing we must remember: we earn money to live, and we do not live to earn money. Those who earn money to live earn it and spend it and enjoy their lives. They change money into happiness, prosperity, development, and well-being; But money can not change them. They can enjoy the gift of life. But, on the other hand, those who live to earn money live like slaves to it. It is those people who are the root of all evil- chaos, destruction, murder, robbery, bribery and so on. Not only they can not control themselves, but they are controlled by money. We must run after money, but must not run toward hell.

Money can also buy power.

"Power is difficult to define but easy to identify". When we see something done or some achievement, we can easily infer that there was some power behind it. In simple term we can say that power is the ability to do something or make other to do something. This implores that no great deed can be done without power, but unfortunately, the reverse is also true that all the hards and damages done to the world are due mainly to power. That is, money can buy power but power has some bad sides too.

Power does not exist without a person or system. So, it is best to analyze it in terms of its relation with its holder. When, for example, a person is in power he or she can not but use it. That person may be just or unjust or selfish, and the exercise of power by him or her will go accordingly. Most of all, power tendencies to instigate and toxicate the ill-wills of a person. Most of the time the power-holder becomes selfish and dominating. Virtually, even the closest friend, when in power, looks down upon a person as his or her enemy. "A friend in power is a friend lost" is a truism.

So, money can buy power or everything we want to attain but it can never be our God-even the second; For "You must have one God only. Who will be at the expense of two?"