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Money Affirmations – How to Live in a Pool of Abundance

When we talk about money flowing into or out of our lives, what do we really mean?

When you stop to think about it, you realize there must be some sort of unspoken boundary that separates “your life” from everything else going on around you.

And once something flows beyond that boundary, it is officially out of your life. Which doesn’t sound very positive. And so, a new thought emerges:

How can I get more money to flow into my life?

There is another way to think about the whole matter of cash moving around, however. Best of all, thinking this way is far better suited to experiencing financial peace.

 Trade the River for a Pool

“I am now living in an abundant pool of money.”

Try saying that affirmation to yourself every morning for a month or so.

And while you’re letting that affirmation go to work on your thoughts, upgrade the mental picture you have of your life as well.

Instead of “your life” being a well-defined territory that money flows into and out of, picture yourself (i.e., “your life”) as floating in the middle of an endless ocean…of cash.

That’s right. If your life consists of floating in the middle of an inexhaustible supply of cash, then it doesn’t flow into or out of your life. Instead, it just moves around…

There’s No Escaping It

First there’s some money in your pocket. And then you trade it for a nice meal at your favorite restaurant. True, it is now in the restaurant’s pocket and not yours, but it’s still in the ocean — and that’s exactly where you are.

In other words, picture yourself living a life where you’re always surrounded by cash at all times. You can never get away from it because there’s nowhere you can go that it isn’t.

Which could lead to another affirmation:

“I am now existing where money exists.”

And at any moment, you are capable of doing work or providing a service or value that will initiate some of that cash floating into your pocket.

Heck, someone might even just float some of their cash your way out of generosity (especially if you’re in the habit of doing the same for others).

Is the “River” Concept Bad?

No. Thinking of cash like a river flowing into and out of your life isn’t bad. Or wrong. And if it’s never caused you to feel worry or concern, then just forget about it.

On the other hand, if the thought of cash flowing out of your life does cause you worry or concern, try trading in the “river” concept for a “pool” concept or “ocean” concept for a while by using the affirmations mentioned above.

And once you feel a new level of peace and security regarding money and your life, then try returning to the picture of the river to see if it too can serve you in certain circumstances.

Now get out there, use those affirmations, and float in some money!