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Misconceptions And Misinformation About Financial Aid Costing Americans Millions

Every year more than $135 million in scholarships goes unclaimed because of lack of knowledge and awareness. There are financial aid specialists who can track down free money for students and ease the debt of attending college.

A recent Bloomberg News report finds that college tuition in the U.S. has increased 538 percent since 1985, leaving students with an average bill of $26,500 for a Bachelors degree. HEFAR Group, an Arizona-based, federally funded 501 (c)(3) non-profit is now coming to the aid of Valley students by offering their expertise in applying for financial aid and attaining the greatest possible awards package for individuals at no cost to them. They provide additional assistance to locate scholarships, tax credits and endowments which is beyond the capability of schools financial aid counselors. There are other local for-profit agencies that achieve similar results, but charge upwards of $1,000 for their services.

Most Americans are oblivious to the $140 billion allocated by the government for student grants and funding each year, as well as millions more in private scholarships offered by generous companies and organizations. With so much money set aside to ease the burden of ever-rising tuition and fees, students should strive to receive a handsome financial aid package.

Common Myths About Financial Aid Debunked:

Myth #1: Universities are too expensive, so why bother applying for financial aid when it is still so unattainable?

FACT: That is not true. Many of the more expensive private schools have enormous endowments to work with, Ordway claims. HEFARs expertise is finding these funds that families would probably never know about if they are working on their own.

Myth #2: I wont qualify for student aid because my family makes too much money. [Or] I am too old to apply. [Or] I didnt receive good grades and a high G.P.A. in high school.

FACT: All U.S. citizens can qualify for financial aid regardless of income, age or past grades. There is money within reach for anyone interested in seeking higher education, despite all other circumstances.

Myth #3: As long as I get my FAFSA turned in by the 6/30 deadline I will receive the same financial aid package as I would have if I hadnt procrastinated.

FACT: Federal Aid from Pell Grants and loans do not run out, but the $46 billion in scholarships from the Department of Education, plus the $35 million in privately donated scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis. The sooner a student seeks financial assistance the better the results will be.

“By 2025, about 40 percent of Arizonans will hold a degree but more than 60 percent of jobs will require one, according to 2011 census data.” For those who are wanting to to fill these job openings and make decent livings for themselves and their families, a degree is the surefire way to go. Anyone interested in higher education should seek the counsel and expertise, such as Cashlendupfast. There are secrets, loop-holes and other tricks that will lessen the cost of higher education, if not make it free altogether.

The Cashlendupfast that offers families and individuals the opportunity to speak with highly trained financial aid experts who can find substantial aid through scholarships, grants in planning financially for college. HEFAR is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ located at at 740 N. 52nd St. #100, Phoenix, Ariz.. To speak with an advisor in Phoenix call (602) 396-7840. Visit the Cashlendupfast Group at cashlendupfast.com