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Making Money on eBay – FAQs You Must Read Before You Sell Anything

Making money on eBay is really simple, but like everything else, you should do your research thoroughly before you venture into anything. So here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, put together just for you!

Making money on eBay is something that just about anyone can do, so do not be scared of it. In fact, it is often the first step that people take when they want to make a steady stream of income from the internet, so it's right at the bottom rung of the ladder; so really if you have not tried making money on eBay, then you're missing something!

Question One: Should I participate in auctions? I end up losing money!

Answer: of course you should! Participating in an auction is like being in the limelight in eBay! The more you participate in auctions, the better for you because you'll be getting free publicity! More people will notice you!

You may lose some money, but think about it this way, you'll have a whole lot of customers who's new to you and they'll make up for any money you lose! Think of it as your only opportunity to convert thousands of customers who shop on eBay to proper buyers!

Question Two: Should I set up questions and answers?

You could certainly try doing so. It will help your business lots because you'll have automatically generated answers for your buyers which will ensure that there is not any delay in answering the questions. Making money on eBay is just like a real business, so why not go for it?

You could also just have buyers contact you directly, that works too and it works better for some people, who are able to market their products well; they adopt a more people friendly approach, so making money on eBay becomes that much easier.

Question Three: Should I wait for the payment before shipping?

Never sell any item on eBay without receiving your payment first. Making money on eBay requires you to be shrewd, what if your buyer promises to pay you and then does not? You'll just end up making a huge loss which is definitely not desirable. Cashing in on eBay is simple no doubt, but do exercise some caution.

Question Four: Can I only make money on eBay if I have items to sell?

This is a commonly asked question and each time someone asks me this I give the same answer. NO! There are a variety of things you can do apart from selling which will lead to you making money on eBay!