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Locate People Without Paying Any Money

I can show you hundreds of way to locate people without paying any money; however I will pick only one effective method and elaborate on it. Take a few minutes to read through quickly and you will find this page more useful than you imagined.

Before I show you the free method let me highlight some few points on why you should consider paying some money when trying to locate someone.

Most of the websites or services that offer paid people locator services have millions of profiles from people who willingly provide and update them regularly. These companies pay these people for maintaining their profiles on the sites. Essentially this means then that you are most likely to get up to date information and probably even more elaborate info that you can use to your heart’s content.

On the flip side, these tend to have limited profile when compared to those sites that collect information the search engine way i.e. by crawling the web.

Now you probably realize where I am taking this. My recommendation is free people search finders or search engines. I can mention a few here but I do not mean to endorse them or anything – just to give you an example of some few sites to consider. These include, Zabasearch, Whitepages, Wink to name a few.

Some of these sites will ask you to sign up before you access their database. I say go ahead and do it – you have nothing to lose. Actually this will help you later on, say for example, the person you are looking for is also looking for you. So leaving a digital trail is always a good idea when looking for a way to locate people without paying any money.