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Learning Magic Tricks – Why Money Tricks?

Do you want to learn a few good magic tricks? Are you looking to make magic your hobby? Maybe you would like to be able to just freak someone out at the spur of the moment? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then doing magic with money is a great way to go.

Face it, everybody carries money around with them. With rare exception, most people have coins and bill in their pockets, wallets or purses. Maybe even stuffed in their socks or shoes, however I don’t recommend using money from those places to do tricks. That would be a bit disgusting. Other than that and maybe a few other exceptions, money magic is a great way to mystify people. It is available pretty much all the time, everybody knows what it is and has handled money so this can get rid of a lot of suspicion right off the bat.

For the youngsters, a dollar bill and a couple paper clips can provide some fun. Even just folding a bill a certain way can provide a bit of mystery. A quick search can usually turn up instructions for simple tricks. If you are a little older, a coin and a pencil can be used to create some fun. In this one, you announce you are going to vanish the coin but the pencil ends up missing. This is fun and easy to find the “how to” online.

Money magic is great because everyone is familiar with money, it doesn’t scream “gimmick” or “trick”, money is always available and there are lots of quick, easy, yet awesome money tricks around. Check you library first and do some online searches for freebies. But if you want the better tricks and how they should be presented, you will eventually have to spend some money. Shop carefully and it will be worth it.