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Learn the 3 Steps to Attracting Money

What separates the top income earners from the rest?

Listed are 3 distinctions that you must have in order to be capable of achieving high financial success.

1. Attitude: It all starts with your thoughts. If you continually have thoughts of lack and scarcity, then that’s all you will continue to receive. Your thoughts lead to having the right attitude. An attitude of abundance and that there’s plenty to go around is the universal truth. However, that’s not all, you also must understand that you are worthy of attracting money and that it provides the ability to do good in the world.

2. Inspired Action: No, money isn’t going to magically appear just because you have the right thoughts and attitude. You have to listen to your gut and take inspired action to whatever comes along. If you get a nudge or have an instinct then go with it. Follow it and see where it leads you. Don’t let fear or doubt stand in your way. Sometimes taking that leap of faith is all you need to help you get to where you need to go. Your action may lead you to an opportunity you never imagined or a contact who that will open a door for you.

3. Subconscious beliefs: This is probably the most powerful and important of the three. Without it you are limited in what you will earn regardless of the your attitude and how much inspired action you take. Don’t get me wrong, you will be better off by embracing first two but you need this step to really make a quantum leap.

What your subconscious mind believes is what you will attract. It works just like a magnet, attracting whatever beliefs are under the surface of your mind. Your conscious mind is what you are aware of while your subconscious is what you really should be focused on. If you find yourself going through patterns in life over and over it is most likely due to any subconscious beliefs you have towards those pattern of events.