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Is Making Money Online As Easy As People Say?

Can you really make money online? That's a question I asked myself a few months ago while using internet job search sites after being made redundant. While searching these sites, I occasionally came across adverts for making money online doing simple things like taking surveys. Sounded simple enough really, so I signed up for a few survey sites to see what I needed to do and wait for the cash to roll in! Er … well it didnt quite work like that! Some sites offered small amounts of cash to complete a 30 minute survey (maybe £ .50 or $ 1), some offered you points which you had to accrue to cash in later for items such as vouchers or goods. After doing a few of these surveys, my boredom threshold became very low and I just stopped! They were doing my head in. Big time.

After scrapping the surveys idea, I came across several articles, emails and web sites with the obvious titles. You know the ones: "Want to make umpteen thousands a day online just by watching TV and glancing at your computer now and again? Well now you can! Just send $ 37 to me now!" Yep. I laughed at them too!

Then I got wind of writing articles for money which led me on to writing ads then affiliate marketing. Do people make money from affiliate programs? Well, I thought I would give it a try. Mainly because you can set yourself up without it costing you a penny, or needing a website! What harm could it do?

I joined a free classifieds site, wrote a quick free advert and linked to an affiliate product for free. If someone bought something through my advert, I would receive a commission from that sale! Easy right? Well in theory!

I then thought about the fact that people had to see the advert to then buy the product! Hmm, ok, I decided to join other free ad sites to increase the amount of views. Then I thought about a website. Are there any out there for free that a complete idiot like me can set up? Well yes there are! Just do a quick search and you will find them!

That's the stage I'm at now. The ads are out there, some affiliate links and banners are on the site, and I'm signed up to sites that say they will submit my website to lots of search engines. In theory anyway!

In no way am I expecting to make a single penny using the methods described above, but it would be nice if I did! And in no way am I ever going to pay upfront for any kind of get rich scheme, so I will continue to use anything that's free. You never know, there might be a way to get something from nothing !!