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How to Shave Your Penis

So, you want to know how to shave your penis? Well, you won’t have any regrets when you are done. Shaving your penis can be done the difficult way, or the easy way. Let us look at how to shave your penis the easy way;

The first thing you need to know is that razor blades are out, and special electric shavers known as “personal shavers and trimmers” are in. Why? Well, because personal shavers are a lot easier, less messy, painless and safest method of the two.

So, let’s take a look at how to shave your penis;

You can start by pulling out your personal trimmer and personal shaver. Remember, a high quality personal shaver and trimmer makes all the difference between a smooth shave and a “I wish I bought a good quality personal shaver and trimmer” shave ;-).

Before you begin the shaving process, make sure that your penis and surrounding area is completely dry. It is best to shave before you shower or at least 1 hour after your have had a shower. A great way to get maximum results is by applying some baby powder on the penis and surrounding areas just before shaving. This helps to absorb any oils your skin has produced in that area.

The first thing you need to is trim your long pubic hair down until you are only left with stubble around and on your penis. This is where the personal trimmer comes in handy. Most personal trimmers have the shape of a toothbrush. However, instead of brushes, there are little teeth that are so close together, it would be almost impossible to cut or bite your penis in anyway. So, go ahead and hold the personal trimmer at a 45 degree angle and start trimming away.

The best way for your personal trimmer and shaver to effectively shave loose skin is by using your other hand to pull the skin tight.

Once you have trimmed all your pubic hair down to stubble, you can start up the personal shaver. Most decent personal shavers have a rotary blade and thin foil. When using this combination the right way, you will be left with a smooth shave and no bumps or razor burns.

In order to get the best result from your personal shaver, you need to hold it at a light angle (anything but 90 degrees), pull the skin tight in the area you are about to shave, and move the personal shaver in small circular motions on the stubble you wish to shave. Continue this process until you have a smooth shaven penis.