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How to Save Money Without Even Knowing

Perhaps you're out and about and a shiny new item catches your eye. Of course, it's kind of out of your price range at the moment. You have some options.

· You could use your credit cards but that's not really a good idea. It could just mean more debt!

· You could borrow the money from family but you hate to do that. No one likes a moocher.

· There is one option available to you though. It is kind of a revolutionary thought in our day and age. You can save up your money, come back, and buy it! What a concept.

I will give you a few tips on how to save money. They're simple and easy. Here we go.

The Dreaded "B" Word

First thing you want to do is make a budget. Yes, that's right a budget. Budgets are important. They help you to see where and how you are spending your money. Once you have your budget figured out, you will be surprised how keeping an eye on your money will help you have more of it!

It will be an enlightening experience to see just how irresponsible our spending can be when not aware of just how we are spending.

Tips for Saving Money

Ok, now some simple tips on saving money.

· Instead of buying brand new buy used. For example, I buy used books when I can instead of new. It was really helpful when I was in college as far as textbooks were concerned.

· Instead of taking the car, use the bus. I use the bus whenever I can here in Hawaii. It's the best!

· Eat breakfast at the house instead of going to a fast food restaurant.

· Take a sack lunch instead of eating out.

– When you think about it, eating out is really a big hit to the pocket book for most Americans.

– Of course, it would be! It's convenient and it's fast.

– The problems is it costs, and the cost adds up over a week's time.

– It really is not good for health either.

· How could I forget the most famous way of saving money – coupons!

– If you must eat fast food, spend some time and find some coupons. Most fast food chains offer coupons, so take advantage of them.

· Collect your change.

– This works so well, that a bank has recently jumped on this. It is very simple. Only spend paper money. When you receive change, DO NOT spend it.

– I actually saved $ 2,000 one year using this method.

When it comes down to saving money, it really takes some discipline. Just make a decision to start and anyone can do it! There are tons of ways to save and a lot of guides that are helpful. I hope this one helped a little bit.