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How to Make Money Online With Little Or No Traffic Using Twitter

If you have read one or two articles or publications about making money online, I am quite sure you will agree with me that TRAFFIC is said to be the KEY. However, by the end of this article, you will discover how to make money on twitter even with zero traffic.

What is Twitter in the first place?

Twitter is a micro-blogging website originally meant to simply tell your friends what you are currently doing by writing a short message of 140 words. It later on grew to be one of the main marketing sites on the Internet today. If you do not have an account yet, go to twitter.com. It's free

There are two words you need to know to be able to quickly understand the site:

Followers: These are twitter users who have access to your post or short message you write
Tweets: These are the short message you write

Your twitter followers are your potential clients. They form your marketplace. The larger and more targeted they are, the more the potentials to make money from Twitter. First, let me point out that you will have no need for Article Marketing, PPC, Forum Marketing, Email Marketing, Adsense, CPA, Clickbank sales, blogging and above all, no need for TRAFFIC. I want to show you a simple method that functions and has put so much money into the bags of many users

The simple idea is that while you concentrate on having many followers, advertisers pay you good sums of money to advertise to your followers in two ways:

Per Tweet: You are paid an amount of money per tweet posted to your profile
Per click: Here, you do not get paid per tweet. You get paid per click. This means a tweet is made to your profile with a link that contains some tracking script. This is a more strict method in that you may have 50clicks without any earnings as advertisers only pay for clicks from specific geographical regions.

Where do you get these advertisers?

There are many advertising networks today but I'm going to give you the main three I use that pay so well:

  1. SponsoredTweets.com
  2. Assertise.com
  3. Ad.ly

As more and more advertising networks come up everyday, you can always search the net to find them.