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How to Make Money From Home by Becoming A Virtual Tutor

I love teaching. I have been a teacher from the time I started teaching my kid sister the alphabets. The pleasure and satisfaction I derived from the simple act of sharing knowledge was tremendous. So it surprised no one when after my college I took a teaching degree and joined a prestigious school.

But life has a way of handing out surprises. Family responsibilities took their toll and teaching suddenly became a chore. And one fine day I quit. That day I started wondering how to make money from home as I did not want to give up my financial freedom.

I tried my hand at different work at home job opportunities. I utilized my computer skills and made some effort to find a work at home computer job. I tried writing, proof reading and even translation to make money at home. But my heart was not willing and frustration soon set in.

I knew that the only job that would bring a smile to my face was teaching. But I did not have the time to devote to it. And ultimately the question was not how to make money from home. I wanted a work at home job that would satisfy me monetarily and emotionally.

Tutoring Is a Viable Work at Home Job Option

It was then that I chanced to see some part time tutoring opportunities. I took the idea a step further and started offering tutoring sessions in my house for a small group of students. With one single stroke I had a work at home job that I liked and was making money at home.

True, the amount was far less than what I earned as a teacher, but it was an opportunity to make money at home. I was finding satisfaction in my work at home job as a tutor and my timings were flexible enough to attend to my family responsibilities.

At last I was doing a work at home job that I liked and the smile was back on my face. The question, how to make money from home no longer haunted me.

Virtual Tutor Makes Teaching A Work At Home Computer Job

Then one day I saw an advertisement for a work at home computer job that required teaching skills and promised that it was a novel way to make money at home. Curious, I decide to follow up. What I found was a wonderful opportunity to make money at home combining my teaching skills and Internet savvies, which resulted in a work at home computer job.

Yes, it was an advertisement for online tutoring services, that wonderful web of opportunity for people like me who wanted to turn their passion for teaching into a well paying work at home job, or rather work at home computer job.

Their strategy was simple. They had online classrooms where students could join. They wanted teachers who could ‘virtually’ teach them. The computer took the place of the blackboard and the classroom became a virtual one. This provided me an excellent opportunity to market my tutoring services to students and parents.

The necessary training on how to use the real-time, state-of-the-art e-learning platform was provided and within days, I was comfortable in my work at home computer job. I could choose the classes and times I wanted.

The work from home computer job as a virtual tutor was more flexible as I could opt for timings when I did not have to worry about the dinner or my daughter’s homework. I was now working for more than 5 hours a day on this work at home computer job as I had the option of even volunteering for late night sessions when my household was asleep.

It was an excellent way to make money at home. I was really making a good sum and I was complete deriving satisfaction from my work at home job.

Look for A Work At Home Job That You Enjoy

My sincere advice to any one on the look out for a work at home job they are passionate about is to keep your eyes and ears open. There are a host opportunities out there that promises you material and emotional satisfaction. Do not just concentrate on how to make money from home.

Try to develop profitable online business ideas, find ways to make money at home, and enjoy every minute of this work at home job.