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How to Make Huge Money Online With Affiliate Programs – Free Traffic Secrets

Hey guys! If you're reading this article you probably want to make more money online with affiliate programs. All of my advertising is done for free and it is highly effective. I am going to show you all of my marketing methods as well as review the best affiliate programs. So let's get started. The first way to advertise your business or website for free is by making videos. I make videos every 2 or 3 days and it helps me get huge amounts of traffic to my website. Now one video is probably not enough to make you a ton of money.

I generally make around 50-150 in a week's time period. Although this may seem like a lot, it generates me most of my income and really only takes a few minutes! Do a bunch of keyword research as well as as title research and you will be successful at video marketing. The second way to get free traffic is by submitting articles. You can submit them to places like Ezine Articles like I am doing now or any other article website. This helps you get traffic because of the high volume of visitors that will read your article.

Many article websites rank high in search engines so you will probably be on the first page. Simply write about your niche and you will get visitors and sign ups in affiliate programs. Now, I'd just like to review my favorite affiliate program. It is called Global Domains International.You get paid $ 1 every month for everyone you refer in. On top of that, you get paid $ 1 for the people they refer in. This goes down 5 levels! You also get bonuses for every 5 people you refer into GDI within a week. So if you refer 5 people in a week, you get $ 100. If you refer in 10 people, you get $ 200 for that week. So I hope that you've enjoyed this article on how to get free traffic and make money with affiliate programs.