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How To Get A Man To Spend Money On You? 3 Ways To Make A Man Want To Spend His Money On You!

Believe it or not, most men blow their hard earned money on things they care about; but more important on people they love and care for. So you may find a man eagerly blowing all his cash on his mom, sister, friends etc…. but not you.

But before you think he’s a complete jerk, you should know that he does want to treat you, but he has some reservations. All you have to do, is help remove those reservations and doubts about you, and he’ll be completely open to spending money on you. Here’s how to get a man to spend money on you:

Show You Can Take Care Of Yourself

Chances are, if he is avoiding helping you or giving you money; it’s because he doesn’t want you to be completely reliant on him. He doesn’t want to father you or treat you like a baby. He wants to treat you like a grown woman who can take care of herself. Only when he sees this is true, will he feel that he can lavish you by spending money on you.

Remember that men are afraid of being locked into a problematic situation. A girl who needs a man always to take care of her-self, in his mind, can be problematic; because she will always be on his case about what she needs and how she needs it. Thus he looks for a more independent woman who will value him for more than just a “fatherly” role.

Earn What You Are Asking For

If you want him to take you out to dinners more often, if you want him to buy you gifts more often, and if you simply want him to spend his money on you; you have to EARN it. Men love a challenge, and they dislike anything easy. It’s easy for him to give money, but it’s not easy for a woman to actually deserve and earn it.

He is trying to see what you truly care about here. Do you care about him, or just the money? IF you truly care about him, you’ll do what it takes to earn his trust and heart, which in turn makes him want to spend money on you.

Be Willing To Give

Men who spend money on women do such, because they feel that woman is giving him everything he needs. Now he clearly doesn’t need money, but what men do need, is emotional and mental support; understanding, and intimacy, for a start. They need a woman who would accept and understand him, before she would criticize and argue with him.

In essence, if you fulfill his deepest desires to be understood, cared for, loved, trusted etc…. then he will easily open up his world to you, in all aspects, including the financial one.