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How Do I Know Which Personal Trainer Is Right For Me?

First you need to decide what your main goals are. Is it to lose weight? Train for a body building show? Sport specific training? To gain balance and stability? Kettlebell training? Once you've worked this out, decide if you want to train in a studio, if you want the trainer to come to you, or if you want to train outdoors.

I always conduct a health and fitness profile of each client, discuss their goals, and usually take body measurements and run a fitness test in the first session. You need to feel comfortable with your trainer as they will be up close and personal with you so you really need to do your research to can find someone you are happy with.

These days all trainers have a website so you can search for them online. Research trainers that have a specific interest or background that relates to your goals. For example, if you want to train for a body building show, seek out body building trainers. If you are seeking sport specific training, search for a trainer who has experience in your chosen sport. Training for fat loss and muscle tone is very common and I think all trainers can help with this. If this is something you are after, browse the trainers' websites to see if you can relate to them and their background.

Contact the trainer and have a few questions handy to find out more about them, their training philosophy and to get a feel for their personality. Most will be happy to meet you in person for more of a chat and some will even offer a free trial session if you ask.

When you are training, your trainer should have all attention on you and tailor each workout to suit your level and needs. The workouts should progress so you improve and the trainer should regularly assess you so that you can see where you are at in relation to your goals.

If your trainer does not do any of this then they are not working as a personal trainer. Most of the outdoor bootcamps do not do this and the workouts are generic and designed as a one size fits all for large groups. Personal training is personal. It costs more because it is specifically designed for you. Because of this, you need to find a great trainer you are happy with.

Once you have found a trainer who is a good fit for you, you will enjoy your training sessions and find yourself improving and getting closer to your goals.