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Get Your Car and Caravan Insurance Quotes Together

If you get your car and caravan insurance quotes together then you could make the best savings on both types of insurance. Whether looking for car or caravan insurance you would be able to choose between third party and fully comprehensive insurance depending on your needs. Third party is the cheapest form of protection but provides little insurance for your caravan and car. Fully comprehensive on the other hand comes with many more features and benefits for your vehicles than third party. Fully comprehensive would need to be taken if your car and caravan were brand new or cost over a certain amount of money.

Fully comprehensive insurance would provide cover for such legal and medical costs if you were involved in an accident and it was your fault. You would also be protected against fire, theft, incidental damage and your belongings in the caravan would be insured. When obtaining any car and caravan insurance quotes you would have to remember to check the small print of any policy you were considering as the terms and conditions can differ with providers as can the limitations.

When considering caravan insurance check to find out if the policy would take wear and tear into account or if they would provide you with new for old if you should have to make a claim on the policy. A policy that pays out new for old is the dearest type of protection but as the name suggests you would be given new for old replacements. When insuring your belongings you would have to take an inventory of all items in your caravan and check to find out if items that were particularly valuable would be protected.

If you plan on traveling around Europe then you would need to have European protection included in the policy. The provider would normally set a limit as to the amount of day's protection you would have so this would need to be checked. If you were then to have an accident or your caravan was to become damaged while in Europe you would be eligible to make a claim on your insurance. The cost of towing and repairing your caravan could be awesome and if you were not protected this money would have to come out of your own pocket in a lump sum.

You can keep down the cost of car and caravan insurance quotes by ensuring your vehicles are as secure as possible. Installing a tracking device and steering lock on your car can help to save on the premiums for the insurance. If your caravan is parked in a garage when not in use or is on a secure static site then the insurance premiums can work out cheaper. You can also offer to pay a higher amount in excess than what the insurance company requests for; all will set a minimum amount that would have to come out of your own pocket but you can offer to pay more. While you can keep the cost of your insurance down by doing so you would have to remember that your chosen amount would have to come out of your own pocket and in a lump sum.