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From Keyboard Beginner to Expert – A Personal Story

When I first came into contact with the keyboard, I was absolutely clueless about how I should start learning. I had a little bit of music training when I was youngger, but I could barely remember what I was forced to learn in those lessons back then.

Just as I thought I have wasted yet more money buying a keyboard that I will never use, I decided to give it one last try to see if my love for music has died completely. Just like most keyboard beginner, I began searching around for simple music sheets that I can play on. I went on the internet and downloaded some classical scores, but they were too complicated for a keyboard beginner like me.

I started to get a little bored until I decided to invest in a cheap home study keyboard course. The course came with work books to practice with and detailed videos lessons. The best part about it, however, was the game that came as an add-on bonus. The objective of the game is actually to familiarize you with the sounds of the chords, so basically I had to listen, recognize and come up with the correct answers. This was something that I have never been exposed before and it got me highly involved.

In fact, my obsession with that game was almost bordering on insanity as I started to listen to the radio to try out figure out the chords used in the composition of the current pop tunes. As a result, I became extremely good a recognizing chords in a matter of days of buying the home study course and I was tremendously proud of my achievements.

With the ability to recognize notes through listening, I began to learn the basics of playing the keyboard in the hope that I will soon be able to play the melody from my favorite songs as I listen to them. While things did not go as easily as I thought, I learned and enjoyed myself so much that I was able to finally play the keyboard entirely by ear within 6 months of purchasing the home study course, spending less than an hour a day.

In retrospect now, I am extremely thankful that I allowed myself the opportunity to learn to play the keyboard as it was actually an unintentional decision. After I learnt to play the keyboard, I find myself being able to use the music to take my mind off some of my worries. Never much of a believer for the new age healing methods, I will, however, gladly spread the Gospel of musical healings as it has certainly changed my life, for the better.