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Free Auto Insurance Quotes Sites – Why They Are Really Free

Free auto insurance quotes sites defy the saying that nothing good comes easy or free. The truth is that good things sometimes do come free and easy – at someone else's expense, of course. This is quite true of the most important resource for those shopping for the best price / value in car insurance. Someone spent the time and money to set them up. But like everything free, what's in it for the sponsors of such sites? Will not their interests hurt you? Here are reasons why you should make an exception of this particular group of free resources …

First, I'll make you realize what they stand to gain (Yes, they stand to gain something too). Here is why they give such a useful resource for free …

If you run a business you definitely know that you spend quite a lot in getting customers. This is also true if you're an insurer. The old method was that an agent called you and tried to sell you insurance. That cost them a lot of money.

On the other hand, quotes sites attract just the right kind of people: Folks searching for what they sell. They attract them 24/7 without phone calls and additional staff. Their details are captured immediately into a database without the need for human intervention. This makes the process of managing data easier and also ensures that only authorized persons have access to them. The cost of customer acquisition and running their insurance business therefore drops sharply.

Now that you understand why they may be giving you such a great tool for free, you may want to know what's in it for you. Here they are …

1. The competition in the insurance industry is fierce. Savings like this help insurers compete better by lowering their rates. The lowest rates are online, period. It saves them much money and they pass on part of the savings to you in lower rates.

2. Getting five or more quotes per request is very normal especially if you get quotes from free quotes sites that are owned by insurance brokers. And, all it takes is just about five minutes. You raise your chances of making considerable savings when you have many more quotes to pick from.

3. It's a lot more convenient to get your quotes online from these sites. You can get and compare quotes at your own time and pace. Can you find time only by 1.00am? That's fine. All you'll have to do is just log on and get your quotes – So easy!

4. If you have ever tried to obtain your quotes directly from an agent you'll agree that you're less likely to get the best quotes but those that will serve the agent better. And what if the agent does not cover an insurance company, they'll give you what they have and not what's the best deal. Using quotes sites, you make your decision without any external pressure.

These leave you with no reason to keep wasting your hard-earned dollars on an auto policy you could pay far less for. You could easily save $ 200, $ 500, $ 1,000 or even much more just by getting and comparing quotes from up to five or more online sites.