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Five Actions To Achieve Personal Success

So what are the five actions you can take today to achieve personal success?

Action 1. ASK! I've been reading a book called The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. The largest part of it deals with asking for what we want – in life – in business – in relationships. Read it – it will change how you look at independence, as opposed to interdependence. Covey, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People talks about the three stages of development – dependence, independence and interdependence. I do not know about you, but I was brought up to believe independence is the highest stage of development. It is not. Interdependence, working with others in so many ways, gives us leverage in our lives. If we can not ask for the sale, for help, for advice, for checking our handshake – if we can not do that, we can not reach that highest level of development. Read this book – do the exercises – ask. It will change your life. Do it today!

Action 2. Check your handshake and eye contact. Yesterday, I met a person who I will describe as impressive, until we look hands. Left me cold with the fish grip and no eye contact. What a first impression! It's amazing how many people, male and female, give the limp shake. The limp shake gives the impression of low energy, of lack of interest, of lack of confidence. At the same time you're checking your grip, check out how you make eye contact. A limp shake with little eye contact is a sure turnoff to successful people. They may respect your technical talents, they may respect your accomplishments, but I guarantee they will not want you to represent their organization to other organizations, to "A" player candidates, or to any other important person or organization. Use a mirror to practice your eye contact and your words of introduction – and make a habit of repeating the name of the person you are shaking hands with. Practice your handshake with a friend – preferably someone with a good, strong, non-finger – breaking grip, and make a firm, brief, full hand shake a habit. And use it with both men and women. Do it today!

Action 3. Be a "Fast Walker." Stride with purpose. Be in a hurry to get everywhere. Check your pace today. If you find yourself walking slowly, speed up. Nothing says low energy like a "Slow Walker" Nothing communicates energy and purpose more than a fast pace.

Action 4. Speak with conviction. Have you ever noticed how people will listen to and believe people who speak with conviction and with a direct manner. Are they necessarily correct, or the most expert person on the subject? No! But most people find comfort in conviction – they want to believe they are listening to an expert. So if you're always looking for more knowledge before speaking out – or speaking speaking out and qualifying what you say, you're not getting heard. Listen to yourself – change – you've got a lot to say – speak up, speak out, let people know what you think! Do it today!

Action 5. Give yourself a face lift. Smile! It's amazing what a smile does to relationships. It transforms people – it makes them more accessible – it makes them appear successful – it says "I'm doing good." People want to identify and associate with people who feel good about themselves. Check your image and your manner. Ask people how you look to them. If your "Force Field" screams "Stay Back" then change it- smile. I do not mean walking around with an insane grin on your face, but making a smile as much a part of your persona as other emotions. It's amazing how little effort it takes, and the return is tremendous! Do it today!

Ask, a good handshake and eye contact, be a fast walker, speak with conviction, smile – what a combination !! Do it today – does not cost a dime. Huge benefits – no cost – what a combination.